Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Socio sometimes give me headache

On 13th of September 2009, I had exam on LIB 101 which is Sociology. Around 2.30 pm the exam started. We had to sit apart from each other even in a big hall. We had to leave a chair beside us.

The paper consits on 20 objectives, 20 true or false and choose 10 out of 15 short essay like giving definitions.

Before that, I went to the library with Lola to study Socio. It was frustrating learning Socio because I had to really understand it. It mostly on Society and things happen around us. Mostly is about logic but still, I had to write the key words if I'm using my own words for the definitions.

The exam lasted for one hour only. We combine four classes in that hall and another four classes on the next hall. All together, MassComm have 8 classes, remember?

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