Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Fasting!

Afternoon everybody!

I didn't sleep for one night yesterday because I just couldn't sleep. So, I filled my times watching the TV with varieties of channel. I watched House, musics clip video, and some DVD movies.

Then, I ate fried rice for my sahur with my family and my cousins. Yes, I'm at my grandparents' house. I slept after that and woke up again with the sound of my mother's voice saying that we need to go to Giant t buy things for house and UiTM.

I woke up and took my bath and got dressed. After bought so many thing at th eGiant, we went back home and I say, I missed my family so much. I missed my bed, the foods and the TV.


p/s : 2 more days till Merdeka!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22nd of August 2009

Yes! First day of fasting with family. We had our ‘sahur’ at around 4.30 am and we had rice with soups and fried chicken. With a glass of hot tea each. After that, I watched TV with my sister and my maid. As I wanted to close my eyes, Ganu texted me asking about ‘sahur’. I said it was ok. He said that he had to eat maggi for his ‘sahur’ and he really miss eating rice for ‘sahur’. Pity him.

Then, I decided to sleep at the couch because I was too sleepy to watch TV. I woke up about 8.45 because my dad wanted to bring me to a Celcom shop to buy a broadband for me to make me easier to surf the internet. We went to section 9 for buying the broadband. After that, I said thank you to my dad and we went back home.

Say hello to my new partner ; Mr. Broadband :)

I watched TV until it was time to break the fast. We ate rice with ‘Ayam Masak Lemak’ with orange juice. It was very delicious :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Owh yes, I forgot about the last day of July's pictures. We played badminton and snapped some pictures. This was the day where I first spoke with Ganu :)

Mind you own bussiness

I woke up with the sound of my mum's voice. I took my bath and had fried rice for breakfast. I had a chat with my maid and we watched TV together.

But, I'm so frustrated with the TV because there were no channel that were fun enough or interesting enough for me to watch. -_-'

I decided to go to sleep in my room. I miss my room so much. Just as my eyes started to close, a message woke me up. It's from Ganu :) He always makes me smile.

Then, I went to the park after I pick up my sister. I had a fight with my friend at the park and I am very frustrated with that person. Curse you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19th of August 2009

I woke up with a call from my dad asking whether I will come come back this weekend. I said yes with a sleepy voice and he ( with a loud voice ) asked me to wake up instantly!

I took my bath and got dressed because I promised a friend that I will accompany him for breakfast. I reached Temeggong's hall and waited for him more than half an ahour. I am sooo frustrated with him. I hate waiting for people. Then, he came and he said sorry. He was having his bath at the time I reached the dining hall.

We ate 'Nasi Lemak' and talked. Then, I went for my CSC class while he's going to his CTU class. Now, I'm in CSC class with my classmates.

18th of August 2009

Woke up around 8.00 am and I am surely late for class. I took my bath and got dresses for class. My first class will be ‘Agama’ with Ustazah Noor Azlina. We started her class with ‘doa’ and then, she started teaching. Today, there will be two groups that have to present their presentations. First group was CSC’s group and the next will be MC. Unfortunatey, it was Alif’s group and they didn’t aware that their group supposed to present today. Ustazah got very mad and upset with his group. And she said, don’t blame her if their final marks are not good.

Then, we head to LL1 for BBM 111 with Madam Zuridah. Today we learnt about ‘Retorik’. There were so many types of ‘Retorik’ that we had to learn becaue this topic will come out in exam. We ended her class at 12.30 pm. Then, I went for my lunch with my friends at the Syahbandar’s dining hall. Afterwards, I went for my english class.

In the evening, I had my cocuriculum activity at the marching field. Afterwards, I went to the night market to buy foods for dinner. I went back to my room, had my dinner, took my bath and went to bed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

17th of August 2009

I woke up with a heavy head because of yesterday’s AGM. I seriously need my sleep. I had a box of milk instead of hot Milo because I still haven’t bought the Milo. I went for my Sociology class and we had quizzes today. The quizzes covered up chapter 1 until 3. I have read it but still I couldn’t answer some of the questions because, some questions were written in a different way that makes me confused. The quizzes started at 9.15 am and ended about half an hour later. All of us were a little bit nervous because this will be our only quizzes in one semester. That’s why, Madam Ash asked us to prepare really hard so that we can score the paper.

Then, I went to the library to finish up Mr. Fazlul’s assignments on “Experience on Writing”. Luckily, I managed to finish it in time before his class started. About 12.30 pm, I went for my English class and we did learn how to express our agreement and disagreements in the proper way. For example, “I agree with you” or “I disagree with you”. Before the class ended, me and my friend, Bubu, asked Madam Lela if our class can organized a singing contest for Independent’s Day. Madam said that we have to ask permission from the Campus Manager and she said that, if we organized the events, it will really cost a fortune. So, we just leave it all to Madam Lela for her to think first. After the class, I went back to my college for lunch. I am totally hungry at that time and I could eat a horse. I went to the dining and bought ‘Cili Api’ Fried Rice. I had to wait for about half an hour for just a box of rice! Man, there were too many people ordering at the stall. Some had to cancel their orders just because they have waited for so long. I waited and waited until mine is already cooked. I ate and I went to Mr. Fazlul’s class.

While waiting, I bumped into my friend, Hafizudin, we talked and he left because his next class will be at night around 8.00 pm. About 10 minutes later, Mr. Fazlul came. We did learn on common mistakes and grammatical errors on writing. Some mistakes were very funny like ‘and’ can be misspelled as ‘dan’. Following BM much. The, he gave us an assignments on ‘Articles on Critical Thinking’. We have to do it in groups. I’m with Bubu, Adi and Alif. We have to submit it by next week including a 10 minutes presentation on our assignments on the same day.

Then, when it was time to go, as Mr. Fazlul walked out of the door, Alif made a loud screaming voice like imitating a girls’ voice. I was exactly at the back of Mr. Fazlul, when suddenly he turned and walked back inside the class and started to yell and nagged about the stupid screaming voice. He was totally upset and angry about it. I say, Alif was totally stupid at that time. He was like challenging the lecturer’s mood. Then, Mr. Fazlul went out of the class and said the word ‘Setan’. I know it was kind a rough, but if you guys were him, you totally understand why he said that.

Then, I decided to go to the library to update my journals and my blog. It’s been 4 days since I last blogging.

16th of August 2009

I went to Tanjung Bidara's beach today with my friends. We departed early about 7.00 am and reached there about 8.00 am ++. We did snap some pictures and played in the water, but only until our knee high because we didn’t bring any extra attire to swim in the sea. Then, we sat at the beach to enjoy the morning shine and the hotness of the sea. The weather was like so hot that made my skin oily. While my friends were sitting, I did some murals on the beach. I did draw a crab running and a scribble here and there. Then, I drew a big fish and a bubble like wanting to eat us. My friends were sitting together and I drew a big cloud so that it really makes the fish wanted to eat us.

Then, when the sun was like above us, we decided to go back to UiTM for rest. We head to McD at Dataran Pahlawan for breakfast. I am so hungry and luckily there were not much people around so, we didn’t have to queue up. I had Big Breakfast while others had McMuffin.

At night, the students from Komed (stands for Komunikasi dan Media ) had an Annual Grand Meeting for the new YDP and NYDP 09/10 for Komed. All of the MassComm students had to participate at the meeting. The theme was ‘Men in Black, Girls in Red’. I walked with Tini, Amy, Qiss and Fatin. We had to walked to Bendahara’s Hall for the meeting. I wore a knee high red dress with black tube, a skinny jeans and a cardigan because my dress was way too sexy. Tini and Qiss wore a beautiful red 'Kebaya'. Amy wore a simple and cute red dress with red skinnies.

When we walked inside the hall, there were so many people in different styles of clothes! There were girls wearing long dresses, short dresses with leggings, and some did wear simple t-shirts and jeans. The guys were so hot! They wore slacks with coats, vests and sunglasses. The bodyguards for Mr. Ralph were heart-melting. They were so smart and stylish.

Then, the time to announce the winner for YDP and NYDP of 90/10 was finally here. The most outstanding part was, they did a video similar like James Bond where the envelope containing the winner’s name was stolen. So, they reported to the James Bond also known as Jamal Bond. He was cute enough that everybody took pictures with him by the end of the night. The video was totally creative and I’m proud to be a MassCommers.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

13th of August 2009

Today, I would like to start my assignment on 'Experince on Writing' where I have to submit it on next Monday. I went to the library early in the morning to use the computer where at that time, there will be not much people using the computers. I always had the computers that are located way at the back, because, there it has a lot of privacy. There were not many people studying at the back of the library. All of them like to study in front where people can SEE them study. It shows that they are hardworking even if they are not.

Now, I'm in the library and still doing my assignments. I did have this writer's block once in a while, where I am out of idea and I just stood still, looked out of the window wondering if I can get any idea while doing that. I'm hungry and I just had a box of cold Milo since my own packet Milo has been out of stock starting yesterday. I really need to go to the supermarket bacause I need to buy many things -_-'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12th of August 2009.


Yup! I woke up about 8.00 am because I will be having breakfast with my friend at 9.oo am. I took my bath and got dressed. I waited for him to be done. While waiting for him, I had a cup of hot Milo and listened to my favorite songs such as Bounce by Timbaland and Oh Baby by Cinta Laura.

Then, he texted me saying that he will wait for me at the Temenggong dining hall. So, I got out off my room and walked to the dining hall. There, he was, waiting for me. We decided, yesterday, to eat 'Nasi Lemak' there because some says that the foods there were very delicious.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached the counter, there were no 'Nasi Lemak' left because the Campus Manager wanted all of the 'Nasi Lemak' to be placed on the meeting table by 10.00 am. So, we ate Fried Mee instead with a cup of cold Sarsi. We ate and talked on so many things. I like talking with him.

Then, about 10.15 am, he walked me to my class and we separated. I went to my computer class while he went to his 'Agama' class. Now, I'm in CSC class.

11th of August 2009

I woke up about 7.30 am and took my bath. Then, I had a cup of Milo and got dressed.

I had 'Agama' class for my first class with 'Ustazah Azlina' on CTU 101. We had presentation again and my group will be on next week and we still haven't prepare anything. While waiting for the presentation group to be over, I played games on Anna's phone. I played a car game and I'm very good in it. I got the best time and the best lap on all races!

Then, supposedly, we had BBM 111 class, but, our Madam was sick so the class had to be cancelled. So, I went back to my room and took my bath and a short nap while waiting for Ganu ( not the real name ) to finish his class. I would like him to accompany me to the Dobi outside to take my laundry. Since, all my friends were quite busy.

We went outside under the hot Sun to the laundry shop. We were sweating like pig! It was really uncomfortable for me and him. Then, after we had took the kaundry, we went back inside the UiTM and took a rest at the classes' stairs. Luckily, there was wind blowing from the lake. It was a relief after a long walk.

Then, he sent me to the nearest dining hall at my college and I put my laundry in my room. Afterwards, I went to my English class with Anna. About 2 hours, then, we went back to our room to change to our cocuriculum attire. I was very late and because of that, I had been in the wrong place but the right time. Supposedly, my Kesatris group would be at the parkin lot but, instead of ogoing there, I went to the marching field. I was totally unaware of the situation.

So, I asked one of the seniors and the conversation went like this,

Me : "Akak?"
Senior : "Apa akak-akak?!" ( with an angry voice and fierce lookin face )
Me : "Sorry, Komander. Kesatria W dekat mane?"
Senior : "Dekat parking lot. Asal? Salah tempat ker?"
Me : "Ha'a."
Senior : "Kenape tak dengar pengumuman hari tu?" ( her face was like asking me to step on her )
Me : "Memang tak berapa dengar sebab mic tak ok."

And then, she just left. I was like hanging over there. Then, she came back and asked me to go to the parking lot. I had to run to that place because I'm extremely LATE! I reached the place and we started the marching.

Then, we head off to the night market after the marching was over. I bought Katira water and went back to my college. I took my bath and we had level meeting that night. Thepoints wereabout slipers and small things. Then, all of us went to bed.

9th of August 2009

These were some pictures during PPKP ( I can't remember what it stands for ) and after PPKP.

I love my picture saying that "As Strong As One". It was really a coincidence. I never intend on signing at that banner. I just did :)

These were the pictures of rubbish and just post it just cause.

Monday, August 10, 2009

8th of August 2009

Today I supposed to wake up at 6.30 am but I was too tired because of yesterday, I ended up waking at 7.30 am. Half an hour before the Module 1 started. I rushed to the toilet for my bath and got dresses up. I was very late and also my roommates.

Then, we walked to the Bendahara hall and went in through the back door to prevent from being asked why we were late. Then, we sat at the back side of the hall. We listened to what the presenter trying to present. Then, we had a light breakfast on Fried Bihun and a cup of hot tea. Then, we continued back listening to the presentation.

I was talking with Sarah, when suddenly the presenter called us to sit in front! All five of us! We were stunned and didn’t know what to do. We walked to the stage with the face full of questions. We sat and just watched the audience laugh at us. We sat for how long, I couldn’t know. Then, we were asked to go down and sat back in our own place.

After the presentation was over, we have to take the attendance from our CR. As I reached there, my CR screamed and said, “Hey! You embarrassed my class man!!”. He said it very loudly and I was totally pissed off with him. Like he didn’t embarrass us with his attitude. For example, can’t he just stop talking about his brother? Everyone already knows. There was no need to make a big fuss about it. So, what if he’s brother is a singer? Does that make him feel good? Make him better than others? I didn’t like his attitude.

But never mind, all of my classmates thought that I was brave enough to sit on the stage. That cooled me down. I love my friends. I went back to my college and had my lunch on Fried Rice with Tini, Fatin and Qiss. Then, I went up to my room and pray for my Zohor prayer. I heard that I have to submit my assignments by next Monday.

I still haven’t had a laptop and it is quite difficult for me to do my assignments since the library only opened until 2.45 pm on weekends. So, I had to call my friend, Hafizudin, asking whether I can borrow his laptop and he said yes. I went to Temenggong hall to wait for him. Then, he came and he gave me his laptop. I said thank you and went back to my college. Then, I continued my back my journals until it as bed time.

7th of August 2009.

I woke up at 9.30 am and took my bath. Then, I had a cup of hot Milo and went off to the library to update my blog and my assignments. I went there after a long walk from college. I reached there and asked for a computer so that I can do some typing. Suddenly, I bumped into Iki, my classmate. We shared a computer to find articles on ‘One Malaysia’. It was very hard finding the articles because; this ‘One Malaysia’ is quite new. I searched about one and a half hour and Iki decided that we stopped for a while and went for breakfast.

We ate at a cafĂ© near E-Point. The foods were delicious and cheap. It supposed to be expensive than our dining but it isn’t. Our dining does has really high price on the foods. Then, I continued back my assignments by going back to library, alone.

I asked for a computer, but I have to wait for a while because at that time, all of the computer were been used. I waited about 10 minutes, then, I got a computer near the Photostat machine. I used about one hour, when suddenly the computer shut down! I was frustrated because I still haven’t saved my work. I went to the computer centre and said about my problem and asked the Madam to re-open my computer. After my computer had been opened, I continued back my work.

Then, I stopped at about 3.00 pm and head back to my college. As I reached my room, Chut called me and asked whether I could bring her clothes to the Bendahara Hall. I asked her why she needed the clothes. She replied that she was having a dance practice for tonight ceremony. I asked her whether I could join her and her class and she said yes. I went there as fast as I could. Then, I saw her class lecture and I just joined in. We did some practices and I was selected to come up with dances for Michael Bubble – Sway. I did what was told and by tonight it still wasn’t perfect because it was a last minute work.

After all the practices, I had a big problem on what to wear. I didn’t have any dresses. So, I tried asking my roommates and my friends. Luckily, there was this one black dress from room which is in front of me. I asked her could I borrow for tonight and she said yes. I wore and it fit nicely. I borrowed Chut’s cardigan and skinny jeans, Aida’s flats and Anis’ make up. About 8.15 pm, we departed to Bendahara Hall. We reached there and waited for our turn. All of the presentations by the students were very entertaining and hilarious. After two performances had done, it was time for us to dance. First, it started with dances form ‘Bunyi Gitar’ by Late P. Ramlee then, it was Sway by Michael Bubble. I was so nervous when I danced at the stage. There were so many audiences! It was a relief when it was over.

The most embaressing part was, most of my friends were stunned when they saw me dancing because they had never seen me dance. They all were like this, "Asilah! You can Dance?! Wow!" , I was blushing at that time.

Then, all of us went for a bite at Syahbandar’s dining. We ate and then we went back to our own college. I took my bath and went to bed. It was a tiring day.

Friday, August 07, 2009

6th of August 2009

I woke up late because my class started at 12.30 pm on Sociology. Then I took my bath and had my breakfast on Nestum, prepared by Chut. Thanks dear. Then, I asked Anna whether we have to attend the class since we had submitted our proposal to Madam Ash. She said that we didn't have to see her. So, I decided to go to the library instead, to continue my journal and update my blog. I walked and walked until I reached the library. Then, as I started to use the computer, Anna texted me saying that I had to see Madam Ash for attendance. I was so frustrated because I just sat at the chair for like 5 minutes. I didn't manage to start my journal yet. I have to be there.

So, there was I walking under the heat of the Sun. When I reached there, everybody was standing outside Madam Ash's office waiting for her to come back from her meeting. When, she came, the students who haven't sent their proposal had to be sent by today. Anna and I waited outside for her to finish checking other group's proposal. Then, after waiting for 10 minutes, Anna went in for the attendance and surprisingly, what shocked me and Anna was, Madam Ash told us to sign our attendance next week! I was like, " What?!". I have to walked and climb the stairs and waited just to hear that? I was really frustrated and my group too.

<--- This is Ani Azureen :)

Then, we all went for our computer class after that until 4.30 pm. We learnt new topics today on 'Input and Output devices'. After the class had finished, all of us went to see Public Speaking Competition at DK 1. There were 3 participants from my class which were, Adi, Megan and Alif. They all choose topic on LOVE and MUSIC but Adi choose HERO of UNITY. He told stories about late Yasmin Ahmad. The interesting part was when Alif told his stories. He sang on the opening and then he started his text. We all watched until the last participant of the competition. Lastly, the judge announced the top 3 of the winner. And my CR, Alif won second place. Congrats Alif!

Then, I went to 'Pasar Malam' for chicken burger paid by Fatin because at that time, I didn't have enough money to buy. After that, I went to the volleyball court to see Chut playing volleyball. Then, I accompanied her back to 'Pasar Malam' for her dinner.

Then,after having the dinner with my roommates, all of us went to bed.