Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baking Class with Gula Cakery

Baking Class with Gula Cakery | This is my first ever class for baking. For the past three years, all that I've known was all learnt from my mum, YouTube and the internet. Thus last august, when I saw a post on Gula Cakery's Instagram having a baking class of Raspberry Pistachio cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter cake and Congo Bars, with a dash of flash, I grab my phone and text for details. The main reason of joining this class was, I really wanted to eat and taste the Raspberry Pistachio Cake.

Some people might just say, "Why don't you just buy a slice?" and I might just answered with, "Why buy when you can make?" and enjoy every single slice of it. Haha. The class is located at the ground floor of the cafe in Kota Kemuning. It is very easy to find, you can just waze it.

A clean and bright, not to mention cold to, is where the class was handled. Nanie is our Gula Guru, a teacher, for the class. She had opened Gula Cakery for one year already, and it make me think, I might just have my own kitchen soon. Insyallah.

The class started at 8.30 in the morning and lasted till around three in the afternoon. We started with the Raspberry Pistachio cake. I think by far, this recipe is the most expensive cake judge by the ingredients given - Pistachio and Fresh Raspberries. The recipe and method was really not that complicated, but for my business, I in need for some minor alterations to cater for my market.

Next, we move on the easiest recipe of all - Congo Bars. I can hear the bongo banging. Haha. Whatever. All it takes was merely 15 minutes to combine all the ingredients and pour on the cake pan and bake. Taraa like magic trick. Poof!

Lastly, its the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake. Its a lil bit similar to my chocolate cake where Nanie added some coffee into it to given some enhance flavour in the chocolate cake. I did learn on how to make the chocolate drip though. Been trying over and over and still couldn't get the right consistency of dripping it. Alhamdulillah, now I know.

After all the cakes is finished being frosted, all of us, 8 participants, were brought upstairs for a complimentary lunch served by Gula Cakery. We had Nasi Kerabu for lunch and IT WAS DELICIOUS! IT TASTE ALMOST THE SAME AS YATI AYAM PERCIK IN KELANTAN!

Ehem, you might just think, why do I need to scream or capslock it, let me explain here. When I was having my intership during my degree years, I managed to follow a trip to Kelantan and one of the places that I went was Yati Ayam Percik and trust me the chicken was so damn good ! So if you want to taste a littl ebit of the Kelantanese food, come by to Gula Cakery for lunch. I think Nasi Kerabu is on Tuesday.

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