Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When you just don't know what to eat

It was a mistake coming to Midvalley at this day as I forgot that Malaysians have already on holiday today because tomorrow is our 59th Independence Day. Looking for parking took me half an hour and a mouthful of cursing. Haha.

Well if its not for meeting Cik Atul, I wouldn't be here. I'm going for a quick holiday with some friends and intended to borrow her babycam (what I call Gopro/SjCam/Xiomi). Cathcing up sesh lasted about 10 mins till her boss called her back for work.

Owh btw, starting in Friday there will be a wedding convention at Midvalley Exhibition Centre and do look out for 9Kedondong booth ya !

Okay back to the 'when u just dont know what to eat' moment - I bet all of us have felt this and my mind was wondering on all the food junction/restaurants/kiosk in Midvalley and decided to go to their foodcourt and ate Rice with Dried Chilli Chicken. After done eating, then I've realised like there was Auntie Anne's, McDonalds, Mickey's Pizza, some mexican foods, and much more. Haha. When you just that hungry and you can't think 😝