Saturday, September 26, 2009

5th of Raya

On 24th of September 2009,

I woke up early around 8.30 am and suddenly decided to have a jog in the park behind my house. Even my maid was surprised about it. We jogged about one hour++ and then we went to have our breakfast at the nearest Nasi Lemak stall. The Kakak was glad to see me after the last time I went there. Ate the foods and went back home.

Took my bath and had some lunch. Then I took a quick nap because around 1:00 pm, me and my maid decided to go to the mall to buy some stuffs. We took a cab and reached our destination. I bought some shawl, body wash, facial wash and etc.

Then, we went to Noodle Me ( I think ), to have the tastiest mee curry. I say, it was the first time, I finished the whole mee in that big bowl! I was satisfied about it.

Then, after the long walked aroung here and there, we took a cab and went back home.

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