Saturday, September 27, 2008

raya is coming :)

ahaks :p
raya is just around the corner! owh,the day i've been waiting for so long.
it's finally here. i will be celebrating my raya at terengganu.
anybody want to come? he2 raya is a day where everybody will be wearing nice baju kurung n baju melayu. the girls will be like omg! so beautiful. And how about the boys? mayb this is the time to see how really cute they r. haha. it's also the time for rendang n nasi impit n also the ketupat. come let's us celebrate this raya with a great smile :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

mia friends <3

I have so many friends. But the best friends I have ever had are ; Shila,Leeya,Lily,Aina. They are the best! They love to laugh like they owned the world :D Gossipping about anyting like almost everyday! Almost about everybody. Haha. They are beautiful and sweet. Yup! Thats right. But sometimes they can be a little bit moody. So what? Humans do have feelings.

Shila ; What can i say? She is genius,smart n brilliant. Leyaa ; Let say if i do not know her,she must be a quiet girl. But after knowing her. Omg! She is talkative and funny. Aina ; She is nice,cute and friendly. She love to indulge herself in english activities and society. Lily ; She's also talkative. She's the kind girl who knows everything before everybody knows. She loves gossipping.

condition after trial :)

Today it was my first day of blogging after thinking it for so long,I decided to do it today. Firstly,this was not my idea. It was Leyaa's. A school friend of mine. And thanks to her for introducing me to the world of blogging.

There's nothing happened today. Just my trial exams was finally over. Thanked God it was over. I was sssoooooo happy and full of joy. But i should consider to study more because SPM is just around the corner :)