Saturday, September 19, 2009

ops! the money is climbing up my pocket :)

Morning!! Everybody, get your butt of the bed!

It's Saturday people and what does it means? It means it's holiday, bebeh!

Can't wait for Raya tomorrow ( maybe, let's wait for the news. ) Wait, was the moon news released yesterday? I didn't watch news last night. Quite forgot about it. -_-'

Woke up for 'Sahur' a little bit late because my maid woke up late. Both of us quickly went downstairs to prepare foods. Quite funny though. We were running, put the plates and mugs on the table, washed the dishes, reheat leftovers because there was no time to cook new meal.

We reheat, spagethi, chinese fried rice and fried spagethi. We drank hot Lipton tea. Afterwards, I packed my things and I say, I pack quite a lot. I'm not an organize person, eventhough, I list all of the things to bring. Still, there were a number of bags.

p/s : kaching! The money is calling :)

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