Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st day of Raya

My first day of Raya was a blast!

All of us were wearing the same kind of 'baju kurung' ; a plain top and a checkered bottom. Seriously, we didn't plan about this. It was a concidence. By the way, all of us were very beautiful. Nice shades of colours and combinations.

Of course, early in the morning, me and my siblings asked for forgiveness from our parents. Same goes to others. Then, kaching! The money just slip inside my pocket. He3. Thanks to my parents and relatives for the 'duit raya'.
Had brakfast on rice, rendang daging, rendang ayam cili api, sambal goreng jawa and nasi impit. It was very delicious and was cooked by my mum with the help of my maid.

Then, I followed my cousins to the graveyard to read yassin to her late mother, our late grandfather and our great grandmother.

Some pictures,

*more will be uploading soon :)

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