Tuesday, July 08, 2014

First attempt - Kuih Tepung Pelita

Salam Ramdhan. Stories on travelling will be postponed for a while as my laptop is not functioning very well, thus all the pictures cannot be post. So here I am, writing on other things that might just be interesting. I don't know.

When it comes to fasting month, every year my mission will be - losing weigh. Well, for 23 years of living, this mission RARELY happened. Why? Because I just love to eat and my mindset is not yet strong enough. Haha.

This post was actually to share on my first attempt of making Kuih Tepung Pelita which is a dessert, a MUST EAT dessert during Ramadhan.Ye lahhh time puasa je terliur tengok kuih ni. Hari biasa tak dapek lewww.

Suddenly I wanted to make it rather than buying it. So here goes -

For the lower part @ the Green part

1 cup of Tepung Beras
1 cup of sugar
5 cups of water
4 streaks of Pandan leaves

For the upper part @ the White part

4 tablespoon of Tepung Beras
1 small box of Coconut Milk
2 cups of water
A pinch of salt
2 tablespoon sugar

1. Mix all the mixture of the Green part and mix it well. Afterwards put it on a medium heat and stir until it is thicken and shiny. Pour into the desire casing.

2. Mix all the mixture of White part and mix it well. Again, put on medium heat and stir it until thickens and looks shiny. Pour on top of the Green mixture in the desire casing.

3. Let it cool and storage in the fridge. Best served cool.

The thicken and shiny mixture of the Green part.

On the way of thicken and shiny of the White part.

The casing that I have made using the Pandan leaves.

The final product. Happy Ramadhan !