Sunday, April 15, 2012

How art can calm the mind.

Hello pimples ;)

I love art.
Basically something related to making cards.
Birthday cards. Wedding cards. or any occasional cards.
But, sometimes I do love to paint the wall.
Doing some not-so-perfect-murals. Hehe.

Sometimes, due to stress, arts calm me.
I don't know how and why, but it just did.

According to Nicole E, (2010), she stated that art is an expression of thoughts and feelings, as well as an outlet for creativity. It is well known that mental illness fuels creativity, and being artistic can be a great therapy.
The arts can be used as a natural way of calming the mind, and can contributes towards improving the state of your mental health.

Being creative can be an outlet for anger and frustration. It is the same as when you express what you're feeling towards a friend about the stress of life; this is how it feels after expressing these emotions artistically. Indulging your creative side can also help with mental health problems such as anxiety and being artistic provides a successful distraction.

You can choose whatever method to express yourself.

You can choose from watercolours, oils, poetry or even playing an instrument.
Then you can choose a method of creativity that is easily accessible for you.
Don't worry about getting it perfect, just enjoy yourself :)

Here's me trying to kill the time while waiting for Him to come back home.
I paint a mural on the left edge of my mirror.
Something to get me out of the boredom-zone of doing nothing.

See, my work ain't that perfect, but I did have fun :)
Well, good night ya'll.

Kot ya pun nak cantik...

tak perlu la menyeksa diri. Haha.

Hello pimples ;)
Selamat Hari Ahad.

Tau tak apa itu wedges? Heels? Platform?
Yes, itu adalah nama-nama kasut tinggi.
Alaaa, yang model-model, orang bekerjaya, datin-datin, anak-anak muda dan juga budak sekolah pakai tuh.
Sekarang kan dah bermacam-macam jenis, fesyen, yang ada.
Tinggal pilih mana yang berkenan jer.

Tapi kan, hari ni nak cakap yang kasut-kasut tu memang cantik, tapi kalau menyakitkan macam mana?
Haaa, begini kisah dia. Kira nak share sikit la pengalaman.
Walaupun pengalaman NI memang SEMUA orang dah lalui punnnn.

Dah tau nak jalan jauh, mengapa gatal pakai kasut tinggi-tinggi?
Walaupun Abah dah pesan, sakit lutut nanti.
Degil. Nak bergaya punya pasal. Apadahal?

Kalau bergaya bertempat macam kenduri-kendara ke, takpe lah jugak.
Ni tak, jalan kat IKEA okay!
Tau kan IKEA tuh BESAR mane??
Haihhhhh. Cukup satu bulatan, kaki dah melecet. Perghhh.
Takpelah. Demi nampak vogue, aku gagahkan juga. Haha. (Muka sangatlah perasan)

Tapi dah sampai kat market place bawah tuh, dah tak boleh tahan dah.
Suruh cousin-cousin sekalian percepatkan proses membeli barang, terus cari flats untuk tukar.
Untung aja kat IPC sebelah ada BRANDS OUTLET.
Kenapa saya cakap untung?

Sebab BO ni barang sangat murah dan elok peprgi bersama teman-teman.
Sebab kasut boleh dapat 2 untuk RM60.
Baju 3 boleh dapat RM50.
Kan sharing is caring :D

Jadi nasihat saya untuk anda, dan juga untuk saya, 
kalau nak juga pakai wedges/heels/platform ke tempat-tempay yang memunkin kan anda untuk banyak berjalan, silalah bawa flats mahupun selipar dalam beg anda.
In case of emergency takde duit nak beli baru or kedai kasut takde yang berdekatan. 
Apa guna beg BESAR-BESAR kalau selipar/flats tak muat nak bubuh dalam? Haha.

Cuba bayangkan saya pakai ni kt IKEA. Sakit. Sakit.

Untung BO ada jual pattern-pattern yang lawa-lawa.
Jadi bawalah flats mahupun selipar dalam beg anda jika kaki anda dah mula rasa nak tercabut. Haha.

Muka tahan sakit sebenarnya nihhh -____-"

Okay, lepas ni saya elakkan pakai kasut sebegini bila berjalan jauh. Haha :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

Communication is important in...

 a relationship, but often overlooked.

Hello pimples ;)
Happy Friday the 13th ! Rawrr. Haha.

Communication in relationship. 

What is the first thing that comes in your mind?
Is it the way you speak?
Or the content of what you speak?
People say, in relationship, one must know how to communicate or disaster will occur.

Have you ever noticed that there are too many tips on how to communicate to make your relationship lasts longer? Too many I say. You can just simply type in google and thousands will come out. 
But, too many tips will not work if you can't really understand the simplest thing.

Don't ever think that communication is a small thing, but if you ever think that way, you are putting your relationship at the end of the edge. Don't ever think that, once you've had the person you desire, there's no more reason to communicate like you used too. Don't be surprised if someone else, got his/her attention.

Do act now ! Go brush up you skills or go find MORE tips so that you wont lose the one you love. 
DON'T ever say that, "Hey, he's already mine, so what's the point of sweet talks?" or "She's my girlfriend and she will listen to whatever I said."
Bad move guys. You'll end up in pains.

Let me share with you some of the simplest way to maintain your relationship.
For advance tips, go find it yourself ! Haha.

Intimate Question
(Pertanyaan yang mesra lahhhh)

Do you always wish on your partner? 
An example, might be saying, "Good morning, have you eaten your breakfast?" or even "Good night my love." 
Coupled with a warm and affectionate call. Sounds cheesy right?
But, these little things are the MOST important that people usually neglect.
You don't need to be as romantic as Romeo to be cheesy. Just be yourself.
Don't ever give excuse like, "I'm Busy." ! Screw you.

Communication help in solving problem 

When you're mad, angry, upset or any emotion that related, you tend to spit out all those horrible words without noticing it. But remember, once you've spit it out, you're not going to lick it back. 
Sooo, before any bad thing happens, we must first learn how to control it. 
First thing first, don't ever, I repeat,  DON'T EVER let your emotion control you. 
No matter who start it first.
If you still not satisfied, try to confront your partner slowly. Using sooth and calm words. 
Disaster usually happens when one of you started to raise their voice.
Don't ever be the fire towards a fire. Be the water.

Communication when dealing in situation

What I meant here, is when an unplanned situation occurred.
For example, your partner is sick, sad, moody or maybe having problems.
By now, you must know that your partners need you. But usually you don't know how to handle it right?
What you can do is by giving him positive support and strength. 
Don't ever said that, "I'm already have to much problem. Don't push it."
You'll never noticed that, this will make your partner more disappointed than before.
Soo watch your words. She/He might not be around when you need them next time.

Well, that's for now. Sources are legit. Hope this is helpful :)