Saturday, September 26, 2009

3rd of Raya

On 22nd of September 2009,

Woke up around 9.30 am and took my bath. Had my breakfast with my cousins after that. Then, prepared the table for guests to come in the evening.

My mum made spaghetti and chicken rice for those who came that day. I washed the dishes and put it on the table in the living room. Then, the guests came and they ate the foods and chat with my grandmother. My grandmother is already 70 years old but she still can celebrate Hari Raya even she couldn't walk all the time. She couldn't barely stand for so long.

Then, like always, I cleaned the dining table with my cousins. She washed the dishes while I swept the floor.

It was quite boring that day because there were not much people came and most of my cousins were on their other village. So, you can imagine how bored I was.

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