Saturday, September 26, 2009

4th of Raya

On 23rd of September 2009,

Today, is the last day I spent my Hari Raya holiday at my grandparents' house because at night, we will depart from here to our home.

I had my breakfast on Soto which was very delicious. Then, watched TV for a while. Captured some photos with my little cousins at the backyard. Then, some guests came from my grandmother's side. Ok, there were quite number of people. I wished it was like this from the first day of Raya -_-'

Then, about one hour, they left. I , then, played PS2 with my cousins. While I was playing, the oldest from the siblings wanted to play, so, I had to give her the game console. Never mind, I prefer hear her laughing than crying.

At night, I watched CSI until it was 1.00 am in the morning. Then, we packed our things and put it in the car and departed after saying goodbye to all of my cousins and relatives.

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