Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Trip to Perlis (Day Two)

On our second day at Perlis, woke up a little late as our journey may start late as stated the night before. Had a wonderful kampung style breakfast which was Nasi Lemak but due to the lateness, there's only left rice and sambal. I sigh but then again, it was enough for me.


Our first stop was Pasar Nat. A long stretch of market by the roadside and also in the forest. Yup, you read it right. The stretch might be around 2 to 3km if I'm not mistaken. Ranging from clothes to fruits, small plants to IKEA products, and also vintage products and freshly ground coffee.

The name Pasar Nat comes from the word 'Penat' which means tired, as it is a long stretch and in a forest, people can easily be tired. I was amazed only by the coffee and the vintage stuffs. Bought some coffee home but until now, daddy didn't taste it yet. I guess, Kampung's coffee is not really for anyone above 50. Haha. I bet my late grandpa might loved it.

Done here, we head to all time (other people, not me) favourite spot - The Zon Duty Free. I've been here twice already and couldn't seem to find what is all the fuss about, except for those chocolate freaks I guess. I bought one and only one - Ritter Sports chocolate. Cik Atul bought her favourite munchin' M&Ms.

Just beside The Zon is where Arked Niaga Padang Besar situated. This is similar to Pasar Payang in Terengganu, minus the wet area. Unfortunately, we came around public holidays and weekends, people are flooding ! I have only one thing in mind on what to buy here, just one jersey that represent Perlis, but then again, I couldn't find it. Or maybe Perlis doesn't has their own jersey. I don't know. So I bought German's instead.

Lunch time in Perlis, Restoran Sarang Burung is what I always recommend to family and friends if they ever go to Perlis. That one dish called Kengsom really make smy mouth water while just typing it's name. It's something like Singgang or Tomyam. Lighty clear soup with fish in it. And also their Ikan Bakar is a must to try here,

After eating two plates of rice (or should I say more, hihi), as people say, you need to walk to lower down the carbo and all the calories, so we head down to Perlis' Taman Herba or Herb Garden. There's varieties of herbs grown here, and even weed. Eherher. No lah, just kidding.

By end of the day, Abang Jamil brought us to see the sunset by the Masjid Terapung or Floating Mosque near Jetty Kuala Perlis. I do agree, that the sunset view over here is surely beautiful. Had a little snack called Udang Sanggul - shrimp, fish and calamari wrap in a pastry shell, but sadly I couldn't even taste the shrimp.

For dinner we head back to the homestay and off to bed. Good night.