Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday went out with NIK and AMY and TINI and FAIYUM and AMMAR and AMIRIL. He2

We headed off around 9am. Pick up NIK and went to Putra with train. Of course, we had to stand first, after the KL Sentral station then we sat. After one hour in the train, we reached Putra station. We had to wait for a while for other members to arrived.

When all of them had arrived, we went to PWTC. The place was ok. There were a lot of booths. Then we head to other section like warehouse sale. Didn't fing anything though because I'm not really good at shopping. On the other hand, AMY was really a shop-a-holic :D

Then we went for lunch at McD. We had a lot of fun laughing and chatting on anything. Then, TINI had to go back early because AMMAR will be moving to his new home tomorrow, so, say bye-bye to TINI and AMMAR.

Then, AMY decided to go to midvalley since it was too early to go back home. We took the train and head off. Again, AMY bought something. Tsk3.

Around 6pm we head back home. But something happened to me and NIK. The train to Shah Alam broke down and we had to take the bus. The awful part was, both of us had to STAND all the way to our home. I mean our legs was like nak tercabut dah! It was tiring kot.

So, it was a very memorable memory to spend with my friends :)

Monday, May 24, 2010


I have a lot of comics, which I intend to sell it.

Just one problem. I don't know how.

I ask some people and the answer :

1. Open table at Pasar Malam.
2. Sell it on FB ( but, how about the payment? )
3. Sell it back to Karangkraf people. ( Maybe )
4. Sell it to second-hand book stores ( but, where? )

Hmmmmm. I need to search more ideas on how to sell those comics. I need money, man.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

burfday partaaaayyyyyy

Yesterday, we had a party for Aqilah's 11th birthday. Just celebrating with her fellow classmates. Sang birthday songs for her. Ate some delicious cake : carrot cake with cheese topping ( yumm ) and chocolate cake with chocolate topping plus M&M chocolate.

Made fried mee hoon but the kids barely touched it because they were craving for nuggets, hot dogs, and chicken drummets. In just a second, there were all gone. Hahaha.

Then, the kids went off to the park, but before that, I , literally force them to clean the place up. I asked them to pick up the rubbish, pile up the chairs and fold the table. After that, I allowed them to go to the park. Am I being to cruel? Nah, I'm just being a sistah XD *wink wink*

Friday, May 21, 2010


Is it me or FB and MS get boring every day?

I'm not really sure.

Maybe because I didn't have anything to do.

How about games?

Nahhh, had finished it all and still get bored.



All the sreaming and yelling, with the loud music. I felt like my eardrums gonna exploded ! Haha.

Better find something to do.

Well, off to bed now. Nyte2.

one dress for me please?

Hey, it's me again! Holla!

This morning, I was really lazy to wake up. Then, my maid pegi kacau, so, like it or not. Kna bangun-lah. Had breakfast and went out for a quick jogg and had the chance to play my skipping rope after a long time. Btw, I just bought it yesterday. hahahaha.

Went out for a while with my maid after dropping off my sister to school. I was in a feeling of having a dress. So, I walked and walked and walked, and saw there was a bazaar ( I think ) outside of SACC mall. So, decided to stop and browsed things around. Found a lot of dresses and shawls.

Luckily, I found one dress and for me it's cute and I can fit in it! :D I bought it for RM20. Cheap eh?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

out of words?

Things that I've missed here were, Mother's Day and Teacher's Day.

First thing first, Mother's Day was celebrated around the world on 9th of May every year. I did not managed to buy my mother anything, despite my lack of ideas. I too, didn't have much time to make her a wonderful card since it was my final week. I only managed to wish her on that day, after I had arrived home.

Well, here's a late wish, again, Happy Mother's Day, Mummy :)

Second, for Teacher's Day, I managed to celebrate a little by going to my former secondary school, which was not in my plan-of-the-day. It was an invitation by a friend. So I went there and met a couples of teachers, some students and did watch teachers and students played some games and some sort of GIG performance. Not surprisingly, seeing my brother up there, playing the guitar. I know he love to do this kind of thing.

Even I'm with my friend, my classmates, there always a feeling inside me that make me an outsider between them. This always happens when I'm with my schoolmates friends. I'm not sure whether it was me, or them. I did try to blend in, but maybe I didn't blend well with them.

Well, teachers, Happy Teacher's Day from your oh-so-naughty student XD

Went home straight after that because of the hot weather, just couldn't stand it.

out of ideas

Now its May 20, and you can see how lazy I am to update my blog. It's just that I'm not feeling to happy on updating my blog. There's too many things going on that sometimes I forget that I HAVE A BLOG to update.

Ok, semester break had just started on 9th of May and since then, my butt had stuck at home. Haha. Not literally. I did go out sometimes, or maybe you can say it every-single-day! With whom you might ask? With my maid-lah. Sape lagi. XD

I just couldn't stand seeing the car park like that, since I'm at home. So, I HAVE to give her a ride once in a while :) Even for just a short while like picking up and dropping off my sister to school.

You just couldn't stay at home 24/7. Because that's when you started to eat more than you should do, you sleep more than you should do, you watch TV more than you should do ( wait! is there a limit in watching TV?! ) . You have to go out, at least once in a while.