Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hello people :)

I have safely arrived in Malacca and I did rent a house with my friends. Last weekend I hang at my old college with Hanem and Farah. We watched some movies, then on the next day, we went to TESCO for some shopping.

By Monday I'm back at my house and the classes had already started. On Monday, I had Flash class PUB351. Our individual assesment was quite chalenging as we have to invent mini websites for a local films. Any local film. Tak sabar nak cuba :D

This morning, I cooked Sardin and Fried Egg. ye lah, dah dok umah takkan tak nak masak kowt. Tapi slack nyer MASIN. hahahah. Pape je lah. K bye.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


You just don't know,
To laugh or to cry XD

A Lie Told by Everyone Online..

Haha. So true XD

It's True!

Don't believe ah? Try watching it again larh XD

Teksi Durjana

Nasib baik teksi mcm ni takde kat Malaysia. Haa.
Memang kena saman la hari2. Haha.
Saman ker? Ntah2 polis pown tak dpt kejar / tak terkejar XD

Garbage man.

Don't you ever block a garbage man's WAY !
Unless you wanna be like him XD


Haha. I've never knew WTF stands for
Welcome To Facebook !
I only knew WTF stands for What The F**k. Hahaha XD

Mari Sertai Blog Pilihan Malaysia

See the title? I got it from Kak Bey .

According to him, he found out some competition between bloggers. Just between us bloggers. As, if you do not owned a blog, then how must you compete? Okay, this segment is basically, if I'm not mistaken, to attract more people to join by having a blog. In this prticular blog, it does mention about blog tutorial, and famous blog according to voters.

The blog is called Blog Pilihan Malaysia. You can click it to find out.

I'm thinking of joining it just for fun. Since, it's not that fun, if you have a blog but don't have many people reading it. That's just like writing it in your own diary :D It's good to have people reading your blog.

As for what I've known there are about 7 catogories for blogs :
  • Blog Personal Lelaki Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Suami Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Wanita Pilihan
  • Blog Personal Isteri Pilihan
  • Blog Masakan Pilihan
  • Blog Lawak Pilihan
  • Blog Tutorial Pilihan
I choose to be in the "Blog Personal Wanita Pilihan". Ye lah, takkan nak pilih yang Isteri kowt, chek belum kahwin nooo. Nak plih yang lawak, rsenyer tak setanding la dengan Maharaja Lawak. Haha. I'm not quite sure about the presents as it does not stated. But as I said earlier. Just for fun :)

I'm not a hardcore blogger who writes about politics, not a chef to write about foods and wine, not even a professional writing about experiments. I'm just me, writing about me and my events on a particular day.

My blogs usually involve my feelings, my addicted, my desire, my memories, and myself ( obviously ).

Those who have blogs can easily join this competition. By just clicking at the link above, and there you go. Easy right?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Result Uitm

Result dah kuar.

I've got 3.23 and it's enough for me. Though I've got C+ for my Advertsing. Haiyaaa tu la main byk sgt mse midterm. Kn da ilang markah kt situ. Yg lain sume okay saja.

Ntahlah. Tapi bila melihat orang lain, lagi2 bestfriend sendiri dpt DL, jeles jgk. Tipu lah klau ekau tak jeles tgk kwn sndiri. Haha. Well, tu adalah lumrah hidup. Nak buat mcm mne kn.

Banyak kali dah btau dri sndri jgn byk main, tp degil jgk. Ish3. Tu kn, bila result dh kuar, frust. Tp xd la smpai menonggeng tuh. Haha. Frust biasa2 jer. Frust mcm mne tuh? Frust mcm ni.

Bernafas sedalam-dalamnyer dan melepaskannya perlahan-lahan. Haha. Pastu, senyum sorang-sorang. Elok tuuu. Cuba try :D

Well, usually yg dpt DL tuh mmg dah konfem2 usaha diorg. Tp yg xd usaha tbe2 dpt DL, haha, NO COMMENT. Malas nk cari gaduh lg. Tak tentu psl ada yg btul2 menonggeng kang.

La, dah DL tu mg la usaha diorg Asilah oooiiiiii. Tak macam ekau, sndiri tak usaha, sibuk psl org lain. *Fine -____-*

Okay okay, pada yg DL, congrats. Pada yg masih lg 3 pointer, tahniah. Pada yg kurang, usaha lagi. Masih jauh perjalanan. Bukannya berhenti di sini. Anda hanya akn berhenti pabila anda sudah tiada di bumi nyata ini. Remeber that? Is not the end of the world.

Saya masih geram psl Advert, C+ mcm truk sgt jer. Adoyai. Nmpknyer, attendance, report, assesment, final, projek suma xmembantu langsung. Huhu. Penat jer pulun. Tapi takpe lah Ini yg dinamakan TAKDIR.

Barangsiapa yang menyesali dengan apa yang telah terjadi, Maka dia tidak bersyukur dengan apa yang Tuhan telah tentukan.

Astaghfirullahalazim. Bersyukur Asilah, bersyukur. Okay itu je lah untuk hari ini :D

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Outing lagi :)

I'm going koo-koo over you. Haha XD

Went for a movie of Nur Kasih the Movie. Ala, movie yang semua orang suka tuh. Yang aku tak tengok pown boleh tau sikit2. Haha. Went with hanem again :)

Unfortunately, sedihnya, Tini Tinut sama Farahbellalalala couldn't make it again! Huhu. Sabar. Sabar. Farah is following her family to Kelantan as her sister/brother is going to UiTM Kelantan while Tini got relatives coming over her house. So, yeah, two of us again.

We booked the ticket at 1.20pm, and went for luch after that. We ate at Station Kopitiam but suddenlt the price was a little bit high than we expected. As, in Malacca the prices are a little bit lower. Damn, there's go my RM20.

After that, we when for the movie. The thing that made me confused, as I'm not following the series of Nur Kasih, was the appearence of a female with only black dress. Which made me a little bit confused, so kami sikit-sikit cakap, siapa dia, malaikat ker? nenek sihir ke? Haha. Overall, the movie was a good movie and a good choice to see.

Then we head to Asian Avenue as Cik Anem needed new handbag. So, she bought one. Me? Don't ask.

While it was still early, we decided to eat some Japanese food called Takoyaki. It's like a meatball but without the meat. Instead, you can choose between chicken & cheese, octopus, prawn or abalone. The cook will cook it first and then served with mayonaise and a lot of fish flakes. It costs about RM4.50 for 3 balls. Okay lahhh.

Haha. We even had sushi. But not the Sushi King or Sushi Tei, we just ate ala sushi yang murah2 kat Jusco tuhh. Hehe.

We did hang, laugh on books at the Popular bookstores. Looking on simple recipes, that MAYBE we might try. Hehe.

Owh yaa, before we head back home, we went for prices surveys for Ice Skating and Sunway Lagoon. For ice skating is about Rm30 and SUnway Lagoon is; Adults is RM80 while children is RM65. Haiyaaa, quite expensive loorrhhh. Memang betul2 kna simpan duit klau nk main benda2 nih.

Before sending Cik Anem back to her house, we hang a while at the Skate park to enjoy our J.CO donuts :)

Wanna know what Tini Tinut send us a msg while we were in Sunway? It went something like this,
"Jealousnya :( klau makan sushi, igtlah kte sepanjang masa dlm setiap kunyah. Jgn main ice skating sbb kte takde nk tgk korg jatuh n nk tolong gelakkan. Jgn masuk cotton on sbb nnt teringat kt kte pastu takkan belikan pape utk kte. Forever 21 pown sme. Jgn mkn Takoyaki, nnt sotong tu menyanyi nama kte, nyesal korg mkn. Jgn mkn BK, naik sem kna ukur peha ( ekin tak boleh join, dia menang tanpa bertanding ). Oh, amik gmbr korg utk kte, then update kt blog :) miss u guys. Mmuah muah! Have a great time muntots sekalian :-) love, yg amat berhormat terlebih terhormat datin paduka sri baginda toh puan cik sari TINI anggun. ;)"

You know what Tini, we did everything you stated here, except for the Cotton On and Forever 21. We couldn't find it. Owh yaa, we ate Marshmellow :D Sorry.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meatballs IKEA

In my 20 years of living, this is my first time eating Meatballs in IKEA.

IT WAS GOOD, SCRUMPTIOUS, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING, ahhhh semuanya lah. Sedap gilerrr!!!

I met with Lily, my bestfriend from school, after 3 years of leaving school, baru dpt jumpa dia. Haiyaaa. Lama betul tak jumpa dia. We made plan to go out today, but don't know where to go. So she decided to have lunch at IKEA. Where the speciality is Meatballs.

I let Lily take all the order, as I don't have a clue how to. So, this is how it went.

First, we take the trolley.

Then, we put the tray. Owh ya, this trolley can put 3 trays maaa.

Then, pick your order and put it on the tray. Haha.
Then, u pay pay laaa.

This is the Meatballs.

This is Chicken Wings.

This is DAIM cake.
Then, makan makan laaa. Takkan tengok jer.

Owh yaa, ni la LILY :)

After that, we head for movies. I decided to watch Kongsi. A malay comedy/action movie. Stars by Shaheizy Sam, Piee, Intan Ladyana and many more.

The movie was funny which I liked it. I wonder why people said the movie was bad. Nvmind, for what ever reason, if you want to judge it, go and see it first. Then you can judge, okay :)

While waiting for the movie to start, we wonder around four shopping malls ; IKEA, IKANO, CURVE and CINEPLEX ( I think ). Nice day to spend with.


Okay, for the last 2 weeks, I've been cleaning my room for recycling any old books and magazines. So that I have more space for my clothes. Haha. No lah, just kidding. It's just Abah was in the mood for cleaning all those stuff and Abah said we can sell it to the scraper. When we say SELL, means Ka-ching Ka-ching. HAHA.

So, I started to clean my own room. All those old school textbooks which may not be used anymore since textbooks will be renewed every 5 years. So no need lah tu simpan-simpan.

The interesting part was finding something you missed the most. Like, our secret diary with ALL your secrets in it. Your old school's magazine. Your high school pictures and even your primary ones. I've know, I found mine and it was HILLARIOUS! Looking at your face about 10 years back! Haha.

You can see how scattered were my things. I had sooo many things to be recycled. Owh ya, I've even found my offer letter from many colleges and universities when I was in form 5.

Then, I found a book which I know most of you probably had when you were little. Don't lie ahh. A book which contans pictures of clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and whatever you want to buy when you are grown up and have enough money. Haha. I have mine :)

Can you see all those BERANGAN thingy-thingy? Haha. Biasalah budak kecik mmg suka berangan :D

The End.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to prevent Constipation a.k.a Sembelit

I've got an interesting info from someone about what juice that can clean the Colon of Old Fecal Matter. Too saintific eh? Okay, I'm saying about your POOP-sicles. Haha. Yeah, your old poop-sicles in your body that haven't been flushed out.

Some can easily flushed it out.

Some needed medication to help flush it out.

Some may don't even care to flush it out. When it is time, it will come out.

But, don't you think that it may cause you constipation? and can even lead to Colon Cancer too.

So, here are some of the Juices that can help you on removing your old-unwanted poop-sicles :D

I've read that a human body can carry about 5 to 7 lbs of caked fecalwaste in their intestinel tracks. Believe it or not, the best JUICE to cleanse your colon is WATER!

When it comes to vegetables, the best vegetables to cleanse your colon is those that have YIN or COOLING ABILITY. As, constipation indicates your body is hot.

First, you need to look at your lifesyle. You need to eliminate as many processed foods as you can. These foods have no fibers and get stuck in body.

Second, realize the bowels need moisture to work properly. You can have all the fiber in the world, but if you don't have moisture in the bowels, then the fiber can't do very much. So you need to make sure you are drinking lots of water. As for juice, tea, coffee, sodas, - do not constitute as water. You need water and water by itself. Although tea has water in it, once you turn it into tea, the constitution has changed and the body no longer recognizes the tea as water. This same rule applies to juice, sodas, etc.

Third, foods that are high in YANG or HOT ENERGY will naturally burn the moisture from the body. So even if you drink lots of water, if you have too much yang energy, then the water is burned up by the yang energy. Foods that are high in yang energy include but are not limited to deep fried foods, BBQ / grilled foods, alcohol and other foods like green peppers, garlic, ginger, spicy foods and etc.

Taking all of this into account. What you need is to ensure you are drinking lots of water, getting sufficient fiber by eating whole foods and/or even taking a fiber supplement. Not eating too many YANG foods while having foods that are slightly more YIN (cooling) so the moisture stays in the bowels. But if you have too much yin energy then instead of constipation, you will have loose bowel movements and even bowel movements that appear diarrhea like in nature.

So, youo have to be balance.

More than juice, what you need to do is think of some foods to eat to help cleanse the bowels. apple juice, watermelon juice, papaya juice are some fruits that come to mind to help cleanse the bowels. Papaya is a great cleanser but I wouldn't have it all the time because papaya can also create too much dampness in the body.

Drink green tea instead of coffee. Green tea has a slight cooling effect on the body whereas coffee is a factor in constipation.

Eat vegetables like carrot, corn, squash, bamboo shoot juice and definitely eat some zucchini juice (or any squash for that matter), one of the best natural cleansers is zucchini though. Beets can really help to purge the bowels of old fecal matter but don't be surprised if your bowel movements or urine turn red after eating beets. But I would focus less on juicing and more on the foods you eat because that way you get fiber too.

Sure, the vegetables you juice will have an impact, but it's diet and lifestyle that will have the biggest impact on constipation, cleaning and preventing fecal matter from compacting within the colon. Also, it's worth noting that cold drinks and cold foods can lead to constipation.

Believe it or not, but cold drinks and foods make your body hot. Thus burning up moisture in the body. The reason why is because when you have something cold, while it may be refreshing to your mouth, as soon as it lands in your stomach, your stomach needs to warm the food or drink. To do this, the body pushes lots blood to your stomach. Of course, this then robs other parts of your body of blood. But it also robs your body of moisture. Cold foods and drinks should be avoided.

Please also remember that the colon is a muscle. When you have old fecal matter stuck in your colon, it becomes like cement along your colon wall. It prevents the colon muscle from squeezing. In turn, this contributes to a lazy (weak) colon which in turn makes the constipation issue worse.

So we want to ensure we are drinking enough water because that's what really begins to allow the old fecal matter to be removed. It's not a quick process to clean out the colon, but it is not a difficult thing to do either.

Constipation is more of a lifestyle issue. Juice has an impact, but if you fail to fix the lifestyle, the constipation will just continue. Just make some of the minor changes / adjustments above and I am sure you will notice a huge difference.

One last thought, try to get to sleep early, at around 10 PM is good. 11 PM is acceptable, but any time you go to sleep after midnight, you make your body hot by stressing the hormones and adrenal glands, meaning you burn more moisture in the body.

Colon cancer is one of the easiest cancers to prevent!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Owh ya, I love Google new, whatever they called it as.

BK w Hanem :)

Hanem Anuar :)
My beloved junior in DAN 1311.
We met for a lunch in Burger King at 13.
Sadly, Farahbellalalalal and Tini Tinut couldn't make it.
Awww...so sad.. :'(
Next time maybe?

I pick her up at the KTM station and went to BK. We sat and hink what to eat. I ordered Whooper. U know the big big one ah. So big, I was a little bit suprised as the last time I remember, Whooper was not that big. Nah, maybe it's just my imagination. Hanem bought chicken kind of burger.

See how big is the Whooper?

We talked, then suddenly we saw a delivery motorcycle with a box at the back named PHD.
We were like,

Me : "Ada jual PHD ker?"
Her : "Ntah."
Me : "PHD as in yg after Master tu ker?"
Her : "Takkan ada delivery kowt? Giler lah dalam box tu bergulung2 sijil. Hahaha."

We were laughing so happily. Suddenly, I remembered that behind BK was Pizza Hut Delivery.


OMG! The PHD stands for Pizza Hut Delivery!!

Damn! It was totally funny, I told you. It sounds so stupid at that time. Hahaha.

But as people said, If you're never be stupid, than you're not human. Okay, this is lame. It's just me saying this quote :D

Smiley Smiley :D