Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What I am grateful of


This morning, I stumbled upon a video made by Aida Azlin, am not sure how did I ever find her, but her video seems to come up at the right moment that I need the most.

It was a simple video of what are the things she grateful of from her 5 years of marriage. It started with on how she shares who is her in-laws, and how her in-laws are so good and nice to her. She has been married to her Moroccan husband for 5 years and did not have children, at the moment.

In her video, she said that, despite people in her surrounding saying that it might not be her rezeki yet to have children, she always said that, "No, Allah has been giving me the best rezeki so far - great in-laws, loving husband, good friends and successful business."

She also added, "Why would we concern on things that are not yet happen, or maybe not even meant for you to have it, rather than cherishing things that are happening around us, things that are in front of us, the ones that we got too see everyday?"

These words, really had effects on me. Imagine me waking up and going through my phone for Facebook and got my eyes glued to this videos and it got me thinking -

"I have good family, although I have been slightly (most of the time) emotional, moody and keep on swearing harsh words just coz I'm easily pissed off on small things,"

"I have good friends, though the circle might be small, but it is surely enough,"

"I have a huge amount numbers of cats, though I kinda have a limit of playtime with them,"

"I met a wonderful guy, and it has been a wonderful 2 years of knowing him,"

"I managed to have my own place to bake my desserts,"

and I guess the lists goes on..

My little heart might not admit it, but I am grateful of these rezeki for me by Allah.

Monday, October 02, 2017

So Gusto ran away


I have a total of 20 cats with me. Big and small cats. Some had already met The Maker and some still living breathing healthily here.

Recently, one of my big cat named Gusto, has always have a bulging below her stomach at the belly area. Since it was still a kitten, I did bring him to the vet and they said that nothing is need to worry about the bulging and it turns out suddenly two days ago, my dad noticed that the bulging seems to be like it been tore open or maybe he hit on something sharp that may have been cut him at the bulging area.

So, I wanted to bring him to the vet for a check-up. Didn't know that he was THAT nervous for going to the vet, that I didn't managed to properly secure the carrier. Didn't notice that the door of the carrier was malfunction and he managed to escape as I have just reached the Vet. Imagine had to run to catch him, crossing the roads and into a drain. The first attempt of him running away was a failure, as I managed to catch him back.

As I reached the Vet's door, he managed to escape again! I was already holding him so tight! Locking all his four legs but he still managed to escape! I am starting to piss off already, so I ran again and this time he went under a car and inside the engine parts. After all the running and now I have to, how to say, lay down on the hot tar road just to get him and yup, I scratch my knee. Both my knees. I pray and pray that things will be better in handling him and alhamdulillah I managed to get him with the help of a nearby brother, who happens to know the owner of the car.

Waited in the vet for almost 1 hour for our turn to be called, and Gusto was bleeding heavily due to the cut. After being examined by the vet, he said that, he also don't know what is the thing bulging at his tummy and suggested that I went for an x-ray at an another Vet near Subang Jaya. So that they may know what is inside Gusto's bulging.

I was carrying him in a small cage because my carrier was malfunction before, and as soon as I get to my car, he escaped AGAIN !!! Now the cage is malfunction too. Urgh. And this time, I couldn't see where he went, and I'm already tired of catching, that I finally had it. I won't be looking for him and just pray that Allah will take care of him, wherever he may be.

I went home, after a tiring morning session of catch and run, explain to my dad and he responded with, "We will look for him later at the vet's area." but my mom was the other way around, she responded with, "How can you be so careless of not checking the carrier if it has a malfunction door?! How can you not hold him by the neck to paralyzed him from running away?"

And this is why I rarely tell stories to my mum, because she always assume that I was the cause for everything. Not even listening to the stories till the end, she already had assumptions and knowing why it happened. I am tired, my legs hurt and got scolded for the things that I didn't even wanted for in the first place. She assumed that I willingly let Gusto ran away. And, why would I want that?

It did really kill the mood.