Friday, September 18, 2009

Crabby Crab Crabs

I had a night chat with Marissa, Farah and Kak Sya before I went to bed. Woke up again for ‘Sahur’ around 4.30 am. I am quite sleepy and I was too lazy to wake up. Woke up my family and went downstairs. We had fried rice with fried sambal chicken. A good meal to make me awake :)

Then, watched TV to relax myself. But, there was no good and entertaining movies to watch. So, decided to went back to my room to sleep. With the air-cond and the fan, imagine how I sleep. Noting can disturbed me.

The Sun rises and the shines hit me right in the eyes. I have no choiced but to wake up. Before having my bath, I had to help my mom cleaned the kitchen. My mum had just been to the morning market and you can imagine all of the chickens, crabs, squids and beef that have to be cleaned.

So, me, my mum and my maid worked our butts off to clean those. After that, I took my bath. Had a feeling to hair-dry my hair fo no reason. I am quite satisfied with the result eventhough it was my first time after so long.

We had crabs and tofu for dinner. It was very tasty and mouth-watering. I love crabs. I really do. I ate it with full of emotion. Haha. Imagine that.

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