Friday, March 27, 2015

Panda Pet House Cafe, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

Cafe with cute animals included is starting to make a place in the F&B businesses. As we all know, cats and cafes combined together can only be found in Japan. But not to forget there are also some in Setapak - The Country Cat Cafe and SS15 - Coffee Cottage Cat Cafe. But not sure whether these cafes still exist. Here in Shah Alam, there is one. Recently opened three months ago.

I have found this cafe through a friend of mine who did the murals for them. So I decided to went there this morning. It was located at the same row of the Cotton Craft cafe. Just turn right and there located the Panda Pet House Cafe. According to their instagram @pandapethouse it seems that it may have been a pet centre at first and gradually change to a small cafe with new instagram account @pandapethousecafe

The banner of the cafe needs to be improved a bit as it does not seem inviting enough. But the murals starting at their glass door was pleasant enough to barge in. I know it has only opened three months ago, but the place inside doesn't look inviting. Too quiet I guess and maybe a bit too small. I think if its not about the luxury of playing with cats while eating, they have to do some major promotions to get people in.

I know that our culture is not that keen on eating while having cats around, but fret not. They have a private room for you to play with and eat with if you like, for a minimum payment of RM10 on F&B. The servings are not that heavy - potato lasagna, cakes, puddings and drinks from the chiller. No kitchen.

To be note - CATS only available on 1 pm onwards. As I've reached around 11.30 am, there are no cats. Its a bit sad though. So there will be no pictures of cats for this blog on the time being. I'll just share on the deco and murals okay.

The window of the pet cafe.

The front door. The detail works really amazed me. Kudos Syikin !

The interior view. 

The private room to play with the cats while eating.

Potato beef lasagna - RM8
Air kotak - RM1.50

The beautiful murals done by my friend Syikin Abdullah.

Also done by her.

Panda Pet House Cafe
Blok 2, Presint Alami, Persiaran Akuatik,
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah alam, Selangor
Open from 11 am till 7 pm
Closed every Sunday
Instagram @pandapethousecafe