Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fishy and cheesy :D

Good evening peeps.
Who's here a major fans of fish and chips?
And also CHEESE ?
I know I am.

Here I am typing after indulging myself with Manhattan Fish Market new menu.


There's a lot you can choose from this group of menu.
They got the Cheese platter, Fish and chips, cheese fries and much more.

For me and my family, we tried the Flaming Cheese Platter.
It consist of Fish and chips ( of course ! ), fried calamari, fried mushroom, cajun chicken and butter rice.
One word. Delicioso ! I think in Spanish it sound way better. Haha. 

It was surely an experience.
The cheese were awesome. Why?
Because when it comes to cheese, some cheese tend to make us feel nausea.
But here, the cheese was good enough.
I think it is almost like KFC's cheezy wedges.

Thank you mummy and abah :D 

Tempted enough? XD

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dinner time

Hello pimples ;)

Have you guys had your dinner yet?
I know I have.

Dinner and lunch would be the time where I have to cramp out on what to cook,
when my maid is out for another side-job.
Is either I think and think and think,
or I just can google it.
As for nowadays, you can just google anything.

For me, I usually just type in what I want, like "Resepi Ayam Kung Pau",
or "Resipi Ayam Halia".
Well, that was easy right?
Tinggg ! You've got your recipe and  now you can cook.

Tonight's dinner I did Ayam masak halia or Chicken cook ginger?
Haha. So much for direct translation.

As I was cooking, I'd really hope that my family liked it.
Especially my dad, because he really liked this food.
Whenever we go to any restaurant, he will order it.

In the kitchen,

Mummy : "What is this? Tauchu?"
Me : "No lahh, Its ayam masak halia."
Mummy : "Owhhhh"

Me : "Abah, I made your favs." *big smile*
Abah : *sipping the food* "Ermm, not thick enough, the taste of ginger need to be stronger."
Me : -____-" *I need to practice more*

My version of Ayam masak halia.