Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My Trip to Perlis (Day One)

Well, hello there ! I have just got back from Perlis for my trip during the Harum Manis mango season. This particular type of mango can only be get once a year and only in Perlis. Thank you to Abang Jamil from Railway Tourism Association Malaysia (RTAM) for inviting me to tag along with the group which majority are Malaysia's Travel Agents.


From Krabi to Penang and Melaka, so where to next?
Departed from home on Saturday at an early morning, 7.30am to be exact, but the train came at 8.10am. Its always half minute gap for KTM on weekends. Manage to bring along one of my bestfriend and also my freelance photographer, Cik Atul, for this trip.

Say hello to Cik Atul :D
She is really enjoying the view
I wonder what was so funny?
For Rm 9 you can get one meal and a hot drink
As the trip was from RTAM, our official transport was the ETS train KL to Padang Besar, but we stopped at Arau station as we will be staying at Homestay Kampung Paya Guring, Arau, Perlis.

The view at Sungai Petani, Kedah
We were at the state of exhaustion
The journey took about 5 hours and we were only mesmerized by the view when we reached Kedah, especially Sungai Petani, as we get to see some of the green view of the paddy field. Cik Atul was the one who was really overjoyed about it. Hehe.

We reached Arau, around 3.30 in the evening and two buses had already waiting for us. after 20 minutes, we reached the homestay. Greeted warmly by the locals of Homestay Kampung Paya Guring and being served delicious Pulut Mangga, as soon as we arrived.

Left - Tuan Haji Romlee, Right - Abang Jamil (RTAM)
A short speech given by the head of Homestay Kampung Paya Guring, Tuan Haji Romlee bin Haji Hassan, and all of us were given some time to check ourselves in. The homestay-chalet here was built somewhere around last year and have a total of 34 chalets.

The outlook of the chalet
Consists of one queen bed and
one single bed.

For whoever that stayed here, one of the activities provided is the Kampung Tour, where we walked through the village, looking on the Harum Manis field, chicken passing by, quick photoshoot at the rubber tree, playing with the winds at the paddy field and more picture-taking. Hehe.

Harum Manis field

Sadly, no paddy. Haha.

65 of us really enjoyed with the tour and after maghrib prayer, we had our dinner done by the locals of the homestay. I did have a really full tummy when it comes to delicious kampung foods. Some of it I have never eaten in KL like Sambal Belacan Machang and the ulams which was Cik Atul's favourite dish. (pstt she even ate two plates of rice)

Two plates of this. I'm full.
By the end of the day, before everyone is off to their beds, one of the travel agent came up with a game called Mystery Songs, where you need to choose one number and that number will represent the page that you need to sing to. Obviously, I was one of the victims. Haha. I had the "This Old Man He Played One" song. Its one of the songs where, I bet everyone used to sing when we were all kids.

A cup of kampung coffee was prepared with a lot of french toast for our supper. What a way to end the night. Goodnight peeps. On to next day !