Saturday, September 26, 2009

6th of Raya

On 25th of September 2009,

I woke up early because today was the day where I followed my friends for Raya. I took my bath and got dressed on my blue ‘baju kurung’. Wore it with my new ‘selendang’. Then, had my breakfast on ‘roti canai’ bought by my dad. Then, I waited and waited for about on ehour until my friend came to pick me up.

We departed and went to Bahau, Negeri Sembilan to celebrate Raya at Amy’s house. After 2 hours++ drive, we reached her home. I say, the road to reach her home was like a snake. We where turning right and left up the hill. Luckily, I wasn’t ‘mabuk kereta’. If not, I would be vomited in her car. Haha.

Then, we greet her family and had Bakso for our lunch. Second round was, rice with ‘Ikan Keli Cili Api’. I say, it was very hot and spicy. I like hot and spicy :) I ate two and a half of it. It was soooo tasty. Then, we decided to depart and went to send Qiss back to her home in Rawang. We said thank you and goodbye to Amy’s family.

Qiss’s house was too far away then we imagined it. She was like living at the end of the world. Hehe. About 0ne hour ++, we reached her house. Then, we off to Tini’s house. I switched car from Fatin’s to Tini’s. Just to accompany Tini with Ammar.

We drove and drove until we reached Tini’s house. We chat on many things in the car. Including stupid jokes from us. I was so happy to be friends with all of them. We ‘salam’ Tini’s parents and her mum made lasagna for us. I ate it with Nandos’ hot peri-peri sauce. Yumm :)

Tini has three lovely cats. I looooovvvveeeee cats! I do. I palyed with her cats. Her cats were so cute and fluffy. Then, we decided to go to Lola’s house because it was getting late. And if we late departed from Tini’s house, then, of course, we will be late arriving at Lola’s house. We drove from Sg. Buloh to go to Lola’s house and we used the back road. There was a sign saying about Kayangan Heights opening. We followed it until we reached the Guard house.

We asked for direction and he stated it that we just had to followed the road. So, we followed. The road was very dark and spooky. I was shiverring at the back seat. It was so quiet and cold. The road was very long and we just couldn’t stop saying, “Are we there yet?”, “Where are the others cars?” and “Where are the people who lives here?”

It was really scary. After a while, we reached another gourd house and we asked them to take us to Lola’s house instead of driving alone. At last, we reached her home. We greet and had some foods to eat. We then snapped some pictures for memory and went back home.

Tini drove me back home and I was sooooo happy with today’s venue :)

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