Wednesday, September 09, 2009

food coming out from the nose was the wrong way to laugh :p

The title told you everything. Haha. We were having our sahur for the first time together at 4.30 am. Usually, Aida will be sleeping at the time me and Chut had our sahur. And Lola will always sleep back after sahur. WE had never talked or laughed in th early morning. But today, we did it! Aida wasn't sleeping until morning because she was toooooooo buuuussssssyyyyyy talking at her phone :) I woke up Lola and we had our sahur on fried rice.

We were talking and laughing about UiTM students, mostly....ehem...ehem... *wink wink* secret ma. Cannot tell you who was the victim. Wakakak. We talked about her and him, and we laugh out very laud and I say, Lola's voice can woke up everybody that were sleeping in the whole block! She just couldn't hold it.

We were laughing so hard that suddenly, 'someone' laugh so hard that a small piece of food came out from her nose and located right at Chut's tight. We were stunned and LAUGH very very very very loud. I really mean it. LOUD!!!

Then, we went back to sleep due to the tiredness of laughing. *yawning*


I have received my CSC 134 test result. I've got 37/43 equivalent to 6.07%. Alhamdulillah. I tell you, it wasn't easy to score this paper.

I woke up damn late. Around 10.20 am and my class started at 10.30 am! I quickly rushed for my bath and ran down the stairs to reach the CSC lab. But wait! I have to go to Sunshine cafe to print out my assignment for CSC. I forgot to print it yesterday. I am really in a rush! Luckily, there were not many people at the cafe. I print my assignment and went upstairs to the lab.

As I reached the class, Madam had already started the class. At least I didn't miss much. I checked my result and update my blog.

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