Sunday, February 16, 2014

Troll Troll Trolly

Yesterday was supposed to be a classmates gathering since Amani is here already but no luck this time. Most of our classmates already had planned. Nevermind, next time :) So ended up me and only Amani. So both of us decided at first to watch movie and go find something to eat. But the time fly so fast, so we only had time for eat as watching movie sound fun if we have like 4-5 friends. So went to giant first to find some stuffs for Amani, and then went to SCM to find more. Then when it is time to eat, I have difficulties finding something to full my tummy. Though at SCM have a lot of restaurant and snacks bar, still don't know what to eat.

So we thought of heading to Subang as it has a lot of foods restaurants and cafe. First we head to Upstairs cafe, but as it was weekends, obviously, there were no seats available. Then, we go on a cafe hunt, as one Ejat had tweeted a new cafe in Subang, The Bearded Lady, we found it but sadly the kitchen already closed. and they only had drinks. Nope. I'm already hungry and a drink couldn't make me full.

You know where we end up eating? McDonalds section 7 ! Haha. Rasa macam kena troll je semalam.

It's in da house !

Thank you again Alief from Meteora Cafe for the fluffy pancakes ! And the hot mocha. It was nice meeting you and get to know how you managed to open the cafe at a young age of 23. I'll be stopping by next time for your pasta and cakes. Good luck and may your cafe bloom ! :D 

As always, Hot Mocha - RM 8.90
I think next time I should try the cold beverages plak. 

Pancakes with Maple syrup - RM9.90
They also sell Pancakes with churros, Pancakes with bacon, and much more !

Meet the owner - Alief Nurudin.
Thank you again :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A year older. Almost in the 50's group.

Happy birthday to my dearest mummy ! It's her 49th birthday actually. Well, it is almost to the 50's. Hehe. A year older and a year wiser. Didn't managed to bring the whole family out for dinner celebration like I used too with Abah's birthday last January. Maybe next time. Abah being a helpful father bought some pizza for dinner and me and my little sister bake some chocolate cake and design it ourselves. Obviously it would not looks as pretty as when mummy did it. Glad that mummy loves it. Happy 49th Birthday Mummy ! XOXO

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bert's Cafe, U12 Shah Alam

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy Meringue Sundae. 
And it's kind of a same thing :D

New cafe in town ! Thank you Aimi Nordin for introducing me to this cafe. Okay, the cafe is situated at U12, behind Restoran Isa Maju. You can just waze it. Later I'll give the link. As I reached the place, the sign is really big enough to not miss it. As it only had been open for 2 weeks, the deco is simple yet welcoming. It is a self-service kind of cafe. Means that you have to order at the counter first and pay for it, before seating. Some new cafes nowadays are using this kind of service. Pay before you eat.

When I arrived there were no customers yet. So it was kinda of awkward walking alone in a cafe. Haha. Luckily, the staff were very friendly. Welcoming me with a smile and introducing the new menu that they've got at the moment. I was lucky to have meatball bologna as they had just prepared it today. And my usual hot mocha.

Sitting in the cafe was like living in the overseas. And I don't know why I'm imagining me with my mittens on and a scarf around my neck, sipping through the drinks while enjoying reading my book. With a glance of sun shining through the window as sunset is happening. The environment was not too hot nor too cold. Fefeling overseas betul. Haha. In short, do come by and enjoy the ambiance.

The signboard. The cafe is situated on the side and not really at the back.

The self-service counter when you walk in. Loving the lights. They used mason jar.

The view from where I'm sitting. They also have seats on the outside.

My dinner for the night.
Spagethi Meatball Bolognaise RM 9.90
Hot Mocha RM 8.00

The delicious Meringue Sundae RM 8.90
If you're not in an appetite to eat heavy foods, try indulge in this baby, it will surely make you full.
They also have it in big size, called Super Meringue Sundae RM 12.90.
Where you can eat it up to four persons. 

Bert's Cafe
36, Jalan Selasih K U12/K, Seksyen U12
Taman Cahaya Alam, 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia

Tuesday - Sunday
11.00 am - 10.00 pm

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Churros Royale anybody?

I first fell in love with churros is when I tried my first bite at The Sumbs - a local cafe where you can find desserts by Dato' Fazley. But then I tried at Meteora, Subang and it tasted better ! with a dash of cinnamon and icing sugar with caramel dipping, just heaven.

But this time, I found Churros Royale at One City Mall, Subang. Where they have the best view at 10th floor known as Skypark Garden. Okay, back to churros. Basically it is a doughnut-kinda snack. Thought of buying churros with fillings in it, but sadly, they haven't sold yet. So bought the original flavor. What amazed me was, the way they make it. I did not know, they have a big machine to make churros. All I though was the small plastic pipe to make it.

Here you can see, the machine being pipe directly in the hot oil and walaaaah, your churros is ready. 

6 sticks for RM6.00

Little White Cafe

The title pretty much sums it all. The cafe is little and its white and obviously a cafe ! How do I bumped into this lovely cafe? Well, at first it was supposed to be a one way trip finding SBU's new store in bangi. After finding that particular place, and we needed some titbits to munch. Once, I saw the owner of SBU went to a cafe around Bandar Baru Bangi, so I thought to myself, why not I gave it a try. Waze is currently my everyday GPS for any new places. Try it, you've gonna love the apps.

As we reached there, the front view of the cafe really looks like a English-kinda-vacation-home design. You know, with the vines tree creeping out, not in a creepy way of course. (I did not find any suitable words to replaced 'creep'). First thing as you step at the hallway of the cafe, you eyes will eventually stuck at a small window of pastries and cakes. That will make you stop and stare and let's just say, grab your attention. Well, that's what happened to me and my sister. We went straight to the menu piece by the door.

Getting into the cafe was like entering another world, well like entering another state. Because the deco was to die for. Though it may seems a bit cluttered as it has so many frames on the wall, too many books on the shelf and the tables might not support big groups of guests. We were seated at the back as we came by two and at first glance of the table cloth, well, it is very..vintage. The menu were given by this one waiter and after glanced it through, we decided to try Apple Pie, Panna Cota, Baked Mac n' Cheese, Choices of Berry and Mocha.

Before ordering any of these, I asked the waiters about this one drink - Warm Cinnamon Milk, as good as it sounds, I deliberately asked how does it taste and she give me "the" look and said, "It taste like milk with a dash of cinnamon." Hmm. I was expecting a little bit more of explanation like a personal point of
view, you know, like you want them to persuade you to buy that drink though it may just be milk. But since, I did not get that answer, I choose Mocha instead, my save choice. Another is, the drink - Choices of Berry. I asked what kind of berry will she be using, and she just pointed at the menu and said, "Anything you want. You know the menu is kinda straight forward and I don't understand why customers like to ask questions like this."

I mean, this is our first time here. Not a regular. SO how should we know what to choose? Even when I say I want the menu to be left for a while at the table, she questioned why. I'm sorry, but I do have the rights to asked for the menu to be there. Urgh. But gladly, as soon the foods and drinks arrived, I've cooled down. I'll break down a bit about the price - it's a little bit pricey on some foods that seems unrealistic.

The scrumptious Apple pie, the one that got my eyes and fall in love instantly.

Panna Cota. A delicious milky-custard with bits of strawberry in it. 

Choice of Berry. My sister went with Rasberry and it taste sweet and yummy.

Baked Mac n' Cheese.
Luckyly, it tasted good. And my sister can move this out of her checklist. Haha.

My save choice, Hot Mocha. But I prefer Mcd's or Meteora, Subang better.

 I do sure write a longgggg review. Haha. Well, I'm still learning. Do stop by at this cafe if you're nearby Bangi. Enjoy !

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Felt craft

Have you ever heard of felt craft? It's like a paper but softer like cloth, just a bit. Crafter usually use it for their artwork let say like keychain cartoon or maybe handphone straper. You know, those kind of things. Urgh, I'm bad at describing. Nvmd. I'll show you some pictures.

As you can see, this is one of the examples of felt craft, which by the way, my cousin is selling it. Try searching for "amj collection" in instagram and facebook. You may buy there. I bought two of these and the pink one is from yours truly. I bought it but insist of making it own my own with her teaching me how. My it was harder than it looks ! 

First you have to trace the template to the felt paper/fabric. Then sew it and lastly put come cotton/wool in it to make it puffy like the one below. Cute huh?

This one, I decided to just hang it in my car while the other one is on my car keys. Ching. Ching. Ching. *the sounds of the small bell on my keys* Haha

I'm seeing double

Nah. I'm not that crazy. Basically just wanna say Happy Birthday to my two friends who shares the same date on 4th February. One is a girl and the other one is a boy. Nope there not twins, the're just sibling from different parents. Haha. No lahh. The're not related at all.

When it comes to birthdays, I always feel excited. Though it is not my birthday. I like to plan for like surprised parties or even baked a cake or just a dinner treat. If non of it I can achieved I might just watsapp/tweet/instagram or even call and sing the cliche Happy Birthday song.

For this one person, I only managed to watsapp, tweet and instagram on wishing her as she is going for an interview for her coming internship. So two good things happened at one time for her. Good for you, my friend :)

The other one, finally, after along time, we managed to go out on a dinner treat from yours truly. He's kinda guy that is very committed with his work. From what I know lahh. So he's quite busy and does not have many free time to spend. So luckily, on his birthday, he is free. Lucky you. I took him at Grafa since that is the only place I can think of when it comes to western as he suddenly had craving for chicken chop. I proposed going to The Sumbs, but think back again, sometimes their menu can be sold out even though the closing time is not yet near. So to avoid any disappointments, I Just took him to Subang. We ordered Pasta Alla Arabiata and Parmesan Cheese. But sadly, the taste is not the same as I used to eat. Maybe the cook is already tired I assumed.

We ate and talked. It has been a while since I last saw him and there were so many thing we talked about. It was informative yet interesting. Glad that he's quite talkative. Haha. But, due to his unwell condition and having ulcers, he can't enjoy the food very much. He only ate just to fulfill his hunger and not being able to really enjoy the foods. Nvmd. I'll take youout again next time, or you take me out plak. Since, my birthday is just around the corner. Yes, mine will be one day before internship. Nice.

So, Happy Birthday again you too :) Now you are 23 !

Monday, February 03, 2014

Let's make some smoothies !

As reading my title, does your throat suddenly needs of a good smoothies? If the answer is yes, then come on board to the "My way of making smoothies." Recently I just bought a smoothies blender with a detachable bottle. Yes, detachable ! Ain't it cool yaw? You blend it, and you can take out the bottle with you. So convenient. No need to blend and then pour it in a glass.

Mine got no proper brand. I just bought it at Try search "smoothies blender" and walaah ! a whole list of blenders that you can choose from. So, continuing on the smoothies. Since the blender had just arrived this evening, I thought of giving it a whirl. Bought some fruits at Giant like strawberries, bananas, kiwis and thought of getting one fiber veges like spinach. But what I did not know was, I pick the wrong veges to start with. I just look at the price sign saying "Spinach Red" and instantly I thought it was the right veges. But after paying it at the cashier, suddenly the tag change to SAWI. I mean SAWI? I wanted BAYAM. Owh my, there's go my green smoothies. But, nvmd. move on.

So, to find the perfect recipes, you can just google it. Don't be lazy my friends. If google is not that interesting, try pinterest. They have some good pictures that might just made your mouth watered, and the links is very useful. I found my recipes there, btw. 

Okay here are some example of my smoothies. I just used three fruits and milk. As I am still experimenting with the flavors. Owh yes, one more trick that might just ease you on preparing the ingredients for smoothies. I found it on pinterest that, it is better to prepare like a week's ingredients for smoothies. Just to make it easy for you, if you're like "on-the-go kinda person". Pack it in a zip-lock bag and chill it in the freezer for that instant cold. 

Okay, let's start. First you cut and divided the fruits according to the recipes or you may alter it later. Then put it in the blender and give it a whirl and tadaaa ! your own smoothies. No need to go to Juice or any other juice stalls that might just burn a hole in your pocket. Trust me, buying the ingredients is way more cheaper than buying it ready-made.

This is where the fruits being chopped and as you can see, I packed it and labelled it by date.

Here is the new blender, as you can see it looks like a bottle which might just be convinient for me as I'm going for my internship in March and this might just give me the morning energy I need.

You make me twirl, whirl and swirl. 

Change the blade top to a proper sipping bottle top and you're ready to go. Enjoy ! :)

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hello again

A year has past, addition to my current age. Which I'll be turning 23 soon. 2013 has left us and came 2014. Resolution you may ask? What resolution? It seems that my 2013's resolutions have not yet be fulfilled, and why must I have a 2014 's? Owh yes, we Malaysians have this kind of habits that we only made resolutions like in the end of December and we'll be like, "By next year, I want to be skinny.", or "I'll be more motivated in my assignments in next sem.", or maybe this one, "I'll work hard to earn every penny that the world has prepared for me."

Tell me, who has already achieved their goals and dreams and whatever BS? To those who DID really well and achieved it, kudos my friend. But for those who are not, like your truly here, well, there are still months to go before 2015. 

But 2013 has been good actually. Though obviously has it's ups and downs. But I do cherish moments of knowing new friends like my Degree classmates. we're only 10 in a class. 10 jokers that have our own unique-ness and characteristics but after 3 sems being together, we're good. We're bonds like brother and sisters. Well, actually sisters and one brother. Haha. 

But one thing in Degree's life that I surely not liking it that much was, not being able to hang or see with your own bffs. Though we may in one faculty but getting the right time to see or having meal together was hard like we were in a different state. I'm here and she's there. I'm free and she's not. Despite all of it, that I can managed, but the part where she cancelled the date that I was supposed to make her a surprised birthday party was the icing of my ice-cream before it melts. Everything that I had planned - ruined. It was already hard to see her and I had to make an appointment just to meet her for lunch. Yes, appointment. Somehow life in Degree can surely messed-up a person's life.

I'll brag more later on. I just got back my mood for writing and hopefully this mood will stay - at least for a while. As I miss writing.