Thursday, January 29, 2015

Macaroni Food & Coffee, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

 Food has always been a crave for a foodie like me. I bet most of us do. But we know, pricey foods may sometimes be in a way that bar us from buying and enjoying the foods. For me, once in a month might not hurt. I guess. Haha.

Strolling down with my car around seksyen 9 and I've noticed a new cafe is opening. Named simply as Macaroni Food & Coffee, really caught my eyes. As the signage was really big, you simply can't missed it.

With the warm and friendly gestures of the staff as I enter the place, shows that this place might just be a good place to eat while bonding with your family and friends.

A good choice of choosing rustic and wood theme for interior, gives the customers a feeling of comfort with big glass windows allowing the rays of the sunset shines through.

Okay enough about the interior. Lets talk about what should have been in the first place. Food.

I would recommend you their signature Pumpkin Soup in homemade Bread (RM 15). Trust me worth the penny. Creamy pumpkin soup with just the right amount of thickness and taste does makes you feel full. Do not underestimate the small portion.

Next would be their 10-inch homemade pizza. By 'homemade' , I mean their dough. Made freshly when ordered. I decided to try their cheapest pizza, called Pizza Margharita (RM 12). Topped with fresh tomatoes, oregano leaves,  mozarella cheese and tomato sauce. It is really quite a simple dish that you can dine with your friends. Not too heavy. The thickness of the dough were thin enough to be eaten. Carbo control. Haha.

What better than ending a meal with dessert? I've tried their Creme Brulee with blueberry (RM 9). Suprisingly this is the best creme brulee I have ever taste ! The burnt of sugar on top were perfectly torch as it can be simply burnt and you would not want that on your dessert. They torch it perfectly to blend in with the taste of the custard below. I could not have enough of it. If I were not that full, I might just order for second.

Thank you to Ms Rachel and Ms Yvonne for their assistant on choosing the foods and sharing a bit about the cafe. So how bout giving this cafe a try?

Macaroni Food & Coffee
Lot B3, Plaza Masalam,
Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.
03 - 5518 1688