Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What I am grateful of


This morning, I stumbled upon a video made by Aida Azlin, am not sure how did I ever find her, but her video seems to come up at the right moment that I need the most.

It was a simple video of what are the things she grateful of from her 5 years of marriage. It started with on how she shares who is her in-laws, and how her in-laws are so good and nice to her. She has been married to her Moroccan husband for 5 years and did not have children, at the moment.

In her video, she said that, despite people in her surrounding saying that it might not be her rezeki yet to have children, she always said that, "No, Allah has been giving me the best rezeki so far - great in-laws, loving husband, good friends and successful business."

She also added, "Why would we concern on things that are not yet happen, or maybe not even meant for you to have it, rather than cherishing things that are happening around us, things that are in front of us, the ones that we got too see everyday?"

These words, really had effects on me. Imagine me waking up and going through my phone for Facebook and got my eyes glued to this videos and it got me thinking -

"I have good family, although I have been slightly (most of the time) emotional, moody and keep on swearing harsh words just coz I'm easily pissed off on small things,"

"I have good friends, though the circle might be small, but it is surely enough,"

"I have a huge amount numbers of cats, though I kinda have a limit of playtime with them,"

"I met a wonderful guy, and it has been a wonderful 2 years of knowing him,"

"I managed to have my own place to bake my desserts,"

and I guess the lists goes on..

My little heart might not admit it, but I am grateful of these rezeki for me by Allah.

Monday, October 02, 2017

So Gusto ran away


I have a total of 20 cats with me. Big and small cats. Some had already met The Maker and some still living breathing healthily here.

Recently, one of my big cat named Gusto, has always have a bulging below her stomach at the belly area. Since it was still a kitten, I did bring him to the vet and they said that nothing is need to worry about the bulging and it turns out suddenly two days ago, my dad noticed that the bulging seems to be like it been tore open or maybe he hit on something sharp that may have been cut him at the bulging area.

So, I wanted to bring him to the vet for a check-up. Didn't know that he was THAT nervous for going to the vet, that I didn't managed to properly secure the carrier. Didn't notice that the door of the carrier was malfunction and he managed to escape as I have just reached the Vet. Imagine had to run to catch him, crossing the roads and into a drain. The first attempt of him running away was a failure, as I managed to catch him back.

As I reached the Vet's door, he managed to escape again! I was already holding him so tight! Locking all his four legs but he still managed to escape! I am starting to piss off already, so I ran again and this time he went under a car and inside the engine parts. After all the running and now I have to, how to say, lay down on the hot tar road just to get him and yup, I scratch my knee. Both my knees. I pray and pray that things will be better in handling him and alhamdulillah I managed to get him with the help of a nearby brother, who happens to know the owner of the car.

Waited in the vet for almost 1 hour for our turn to be called, and Gusto was bleeding heavily due to the cut. After being examined by the vet, he said that, he also don't know what is the thing bulging at his tummy and suggested that I went for an x-ray at an another Vet near Subang Jaya. So that they may know what is inside Gusto's bulging.

I was carrying him in a small cage because my carrier was malfunction before, and as soon as I get to my car, he escaped AGAIN !!! Now the cage is malfunction too. Urgh. And this time, I couldn't see where he went, and I'm already tired of catching, that I finally had it. I won't be looking for him and just pray that Allah will take care of him, wherever he may be.

I went home, after a tiring morning session of catch and run, explain to my dad and he responded with, "We will look for him later at the vet's area." but my mom was the other way around, she responded with, "How can you be so careless of not checking the carrier if it has a malfunction door?! How can you not hold him by the neck to paralyzed him from running away?"

And this is why I rarely tell stories to my mum, because she always assume that I was the cause for everything. Not even listening to the stories till the end, she already had assumptions and knowing why it happened. I am tired, my legs hurt and got scolded for the things that I didn't even wanted for in the first place. She assumed that I willingly let Gusto ran away. And, why would I want that?

It did really kill the mood.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mini Pavlova, Shah Alam


The title looks like a new place/cafe that I might make a review of right? Nah, this is just me trying to expand my business by using my blog in hoping that it may stumble upon customers who are more on googling things rather than finding on socmed.

Here I am, selling mini pavlova and also bite-size mini pavlova. I also do delivery within Selangor, KL, Putrajaya and Cyberjaya with delivery charges of course. Hehe. Do understand, that I do not hire any runner services, I make my own delivery thus the charges includes - my time, energy, petrol gas and tol. Thank you for your understanding :)

Here are the prices -



To order, you know what to do - whatsapp 0126714589 :)

Much Love,

Baking Class with Nurul Desserts


This story was about a class I had a few months back. Located at Gombak, near my grandparent's house. I was so in love with how she made her square cakes, and the way she decorates it. And by chance, she's having a class on a certain dates, and it turns out I'm available and have an extra cash to join in the class.

I learnt about 5 recipes in total - 

Nutella Fudge Chocolate cake

Lemon Coconut cake

Pandan Gula Melaka cake

Banana Salted Caramel cake

Carrot Walnut cake

The ingredients shares was easy enough to learn and the cream recipes were altered to make it just enough for one cake. No balance to keep in the fridge. 

A lot of tips and tricks that I've gathered through out the learning process, for example making the perfect consistency of caramel sauce. I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn on making it. As, by the past few years, my caramel sauce has never been good to me. Haha. 

The class took about roughly 5 hours and we also had lunch prepared by them. We get to bring back 15 slices consists of each flavours and luckily, Mr K is living nearby, so he had the chance to taste it first with me!

If you guys are looking for some affordable and delicious desserts, do give your girl a holla aite !

Whatsapp 0126714589

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Cakes That I Should Decline


Wow, the headline sounds like something wrong right? Don't worry. Nothing is ever wrong but it's more of like a quick note for my future references. I was browsing through Pinterest this morning on finding some ideas on everything that comes through my mind, and I came upon a pin called "Avoid This Cake Orders In Your Business". It sounds intriguing so I click.

 A blog post by Cake & Success stating that, we as baker should consider some guidelines or rules in our businesses, don't just go for the money without knowing a thing or two or because of money, everything can maaa. Nope, not like that.

She said that there are some orders that we should really decline in order to gain some stress-free environment and a well-succeed business. As I go through her post, I noticed that some of it really does relates to me. Here are the cakes that I, or maybe we, should decline:-


I once saw a post from one of the baker that I followed on Instagram, and noticed that she caters for vegetarian/allergy/dietary desserts, that somehow makes me things "Eyy, it would be cool if I can make it too. As those niche market can also be good sales target."

Then, I had a customer DMed me if I ever make these kind of cakes. But then again, would I really want to jeopardize my business for the sake of chasing the sales? It's better to say NO than messing with other people's lives while pretending that you MIGHT know what you are doing.

If Allergy/Dietary isn't something you familiar with, it's best to put that spatula down and step away from the mixing bowl. Plus, I wouldn't want to be held liable and go all viral and what not.

Do yourself a favour, and don't go there.


I hate it when customers requested cakes that I'm not skill enough to make, it's just makes me feel like I'm a total failure. Haha okay exaggerate much.

But, by telling customers you can make it, seriously putting a lot pressure into it. I remembered a cake that I accept, I had just finished a class on making flower buttercream, and this customer immediately order a cake from me. Deep down, I know I am not yet capable of doing it, but I was so happy that there is someone out there that would order from me.

She gave me a picture to follow, but I don't know why I didn't focus on it and by the time the cake had finished being decorated, then I've noticed it doesn't look the same at all! I am panicking and all I can say was, I never heard from that customer again. Haha.

In another case, fondant cakes. Nope, not yet in that line of business.


It's the same as above. It is surely kinda of hard to replicate cakes done by other professionals. I mean, I can make it as an inspirations but not 100% the same. I need to considered the tools used, the ingredients, the humidity all in all, there are just too many differences between my works and the other.

Plus, what if the cake doesn't resemble at all like the picture given? Yup, you guess it. If a customer do requests something like this or that, I would totally said that, I might able to make it, but it will be my own imaginations and creativity. A more originality from my line of work.


Haha. I think I have encounter some of it. It might not be as crazy as bridezillas, but some sure do give me some temper.

If a customer is a pain in the butt, it is surely not worth the money. Your energy is being drained, you are annoyed at the customer, and trust me it really affects your sales.

Simply tells the customers that you aren't the best fit and decline the request. You will be 100% glad you did!

Instead of trying to avoid budget clients and cakes you don't want to make, choose to build your cake business with having a clear, defined strategy to double your cake orders and attract clients who WANT the cakes you want to book!

Want to order some desserts or maybe cakes?
Whatsapp me at 0126714589 :)
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