Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya in campus

This happened on Monday ( 28th of September 2009 ),

All of us had to wear 'baju raya' for our classes today. I didn't wear my 'baju raya' because I forgot to iron it and ended up wearing my usual 'baju kurung'.


Most of us, wore pink and purple. Luckily, I wore pink :) Then, some of them wore green and blue. Such a colorful class.

The guys wore full dress including 'songkok' and 'samping'. It was like were having a 'Hari Raya' Dinner. All of the eyes were at us, when we were walking inside the campus. It's like we were the center of attention ( yeah, right ) *eyes rolling* Hehe.

Pictures will be uploading soon.

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