Friday, January 25, 2013

I made this for my friend's birthday.

Rainbow cupcake.
Well, rainbow should have 7 colors in it. Mine got 4. 
Topping it with cream cheese and sprinkle some colored sugar.

I wanna put some pictures. 
But it seems the uploader its bit cranky.
Jealous much? Haha.

Later I'll post.

I'm back. I think?

It's been a while since I last post.
Suddenly I've lost interest in writing. 
A lot to post but not in the mood.
Too many things happened.
Let's just list out on what have you been missing out.

I fall in love unexpectedly.
I got new phone.
I sold cornflakes meringues for occupying my semester break.
My cousin got engaged. Congrats.
My relationship end. Long story. 
Fasting month came. 
I lost weight. Drastically. Haha. Gila.
Been in a lot of fight. Over emotional.
Raya came. Didn't get a lot duit raya, though. Haha.
I didn't get in APB.
I apply back in Masscomm.
Degree years has started. I'm in Publishing.
My diploma convocation. With CGPA of 3.46. I know, sikit ja lagi.
But still thankful.
Basically, I think that's it.