Thursday, September 10, 2009

Saying "Hai!" doesn't mean anything.

Weird things happened to me today.

I was walking to my class and I saw Aliff ( remember the Aizat's brother? ) standing outside the class. He said "Hi!" and I said the same back. Then he said, "I came up to you first, right?" and I said, "Yes". It was kind of awkward for me because we have never ever talked with each other even saying a simple word like "Hi!".

For me, it was like he's been hiding something from me or even he had something behind our little conversation. I think he's just being him. Nevermind. Asilah, don't think about it. It's not even worth it.

I managed to answer all of BBM 111 mid-term exams yesterday. We combined 4 classes in a big hall. And it was not that hard, but still, the questions were very challenging to answer. I was the fourth person to leave the hall and suprisingly, Aida was the FIRST one to leave the hall.

Now, I'm falling in love with Git Fresh-Blow Me A Kiss :)

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