Monday, February 27, 2012

Ancasa Resort Day 2

Hello pimples ;)
Sorrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy lama tak update apa-apa.
Sangat2 lah buzy.
Almaklumlahh pelajar semester akhir kannn. Haha.
Banyak sangat nk update ni.
gambar dah banyak.
Cerita je belum publish.

So, jom sambung cerita beberapa bulan lepas. Haha.


We went for a picninc by the beach. 
For one whole day at the beach.
Thank God, the weather was just fine.
Cool windy breeze with a pinch of hot sunny shine.

Remeber the tent that we rent?
This is how it looks like after being occupied with many things.

This is me walking to the canoe.
We're going for a ride.
I look like the people in BAYWATCH right?
Hahaha. But without bikini and hot body XD

Bon Voyage !

Our breakfast of the day.
Baked beans with burger patty.

Scrambled eggs.

With toast, of course.

We're enjoying out breakfast by the beach.
What a nice meal to start a day with.
So healthy.

Next, is our lunch.
Mee Goreng Udang Mummy's style !
First we marinated the shrimps with flour and eggs and a pinch of salt.

Then, we fried.

Then, we sleep. haha. No larh. That's just me being so sleepy.


Okay, let's go for anotehr ride.
And this one is called Banana Split !

Oops ! Sorry. It's Banana Boat XD

This is me enjoying my lunch after the ride.

This is our ala-ala Tea Time. 
Cengkodok Mummy is superb!

Well, that's is for today.
I'm in the library.
Supposedly doing BBM translation. 
Haha. See you later :D