Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sikit Atas Restaurant, Ramadhan Buffet

The Holy month of Ramadhan is just around the corner and Sikit Atas Restaurant embraces this auspicious month for the Muslims with its Ramadhan Special Buffet. The menu director for Sikit Atas, Mr. Silva, has diligently come up with a delectable dishes for the diners!

Owner of Sikit Atas Restaurant - Mr Silva
The Ramadhan Special Buffet consists of delicious breads, including Naan and Appam, plus varieties of delicious dishes ranging from appetizer to main course and dessert. The extensive daily buffet offers a festive atmosphere best to share with your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues.

Picture credit to Foong Chee
Picture credit to Foong Chee
Picture credit to Foong Chee
This Holy Month, Sikit Atas Restaurant is ready to host your gathering with its Ramadhan Special Buffet, which available from 8th June 2016 to 4th July 2016, 7pm till 9pm (excwpt Sundays).

Savour the exquisite dishes such as Daging Dendeng, Sambal Sotong, Curry Laksa, Lontong Sayur, Kuah Kacang, Ketuoat, Chicken Makhanwala, Vegetable Pakora, Dates, Assorted Salads, Chocolate Brownies, Assorted Malay Kuih and many more.

Delicious Grilled Chicken
Makhanwala Chicken
Chocolate Brownies
Grill Fish with Chef's special sauce
Tradisional Kuih
Naan Bread
Experience the long-awaited breakfasting feast at a reasonable price of RM65 ++ per person. For those who reserve before 1st June 2016, can enjoy the early promotion at RM55 ++ per person.

Wanting to leave their diners happy after breaking their fast, Sikit Atas Restaurant does not believe in having the same menu all year round, thus, the foods created for you is certainly worth every cent.

For reservations and information, please call +693 2094 2489 or access http://www.tableapp.com/restaurant/sikitatas-damansara

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Go for Dettol Gold for your family!

Malaysian mums can now give her family 100% better protection against germs! Considered the gold standard in germ protection, Dettol has further strengthened its line of innovative products with the addition of Dettol Gold.

Formulated to deliver 100% better protection versus other antibacterial body wash*, this new range of body cleansing products cleanses without stripping away skin's natural moisture. It comprises body wash, bar soap and liquid had wash in two exciting variants - Classic Clean and Daily Clean.

From left - Mr. Matias, Scha Alyahya and Serena C.
Speaking at Dettol Gold media launch, Mr. Matias Caride, Marketing Director of RB Malaysia and Singapore, said, "For many Malaysian, Dettol brings back memories of childhood when our mothers would dab the amber-hued antiseptic liquid on scrapes and cuts, or mix it in water to clean surfaces, making the house safer, healthier place to live in.

Dettol is a world leader in germ protection; it's also the #1 Germ Protection Brand in Malaysia** that is proven to effectively kill bacteria. With the launch of Dettol Gold, this new range of body cleansers represents the brand's biggest innovation to date."

"As the saying goes, 'mother knows best' - every mom wants only the best for their family and to protect them at all time. At Dettol, we value our partnership with mums across the world to look after their family's health, ans we always strive to deliver better personal hygiene and cleaning solutions to keep her home and family healthy.

We believe that everyone deserves the protection that Dettol Gold can provide. With 100% better protection*, mums can have a peace of mind. They can also be assured that all members of the family receive the same amount of anti-bacterial protection, be it before or after meals, after sports or for daily care," said Caride.

Just like every modern mum, celebrity Scha Alyahya understands the importance of keeping her family happy and healthy. The actress, entrepreneur and mother to 2-year-old Lara Alana juggles many roles in a day. "Attending shoots, interviews and events, and meeting people every other day are part and parcel of my life.

Spending a lot of time in public spaces puts me in contact with germs and bacteria. When I get home, I want to spend as much time with Lara as possible, and I want to be able to play and interact with her without worrying about spreading germs to her. Children's health is more fragile than ours, so I really have to be careful," she said.

With the using of lemongrass Oil fragrance, making it like living in the spa! It smells and feels luxurious on one's skin and it will gives the best-of-class anti-bacterial protection while enjoying the shower moment. Ahaks.

The Dettol Gold products comes in two (2) variants - Classic Clean (Gold) and Daily Clean (Green). The range consists of Dettol Gold Body Wash, Dettol Gold Bar Soap and Dettol Gold Liquid Hand Wash. Get it at your nearest supermarkets.

*as tested against indicator organism
**based on Retail Index Service for Personal Wash for 12 months ending February 2016 from the Total Peninsular Malaysia (Copyright 2016 The Nielson Company)

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Top Things To Do In Penang

Pulau Pinang or some people prefer Penang, has been the place that people choose to enjoy foods and beautiful scenery. A trip to this wonderful place might just be your next getaway. Let me break down on where to stay, where to eat and what to do.

Where to stay - Wassup Youth Hostel

This is more of like a budget hostel but very comfortable. Situated behind the Komtar tower it is more than convinient. One thing I need to tell you is, this hostel do not have private parking but has public parking at the back for RM10 overnight. You can read more about it here.

Where to eat ?

Roti Canai Transfer Road

Roti Canai Transfer Road
This is where the magic happens when the sun rises ! This is the place where you can have one delicious Roti Bakar Telur Goyang (Toast with runny eggs) and Roti Canai with Chicken Curry. But do bear that the place is literally besides a busy road and don't forget your parking coupun.

Hussain Pasembur Padang Kota Lama

A plate of happiness!

Foods taste better when you share it :D
One of the famous place to hunt for Penang's pasembur where customers will be spoilt on varieties of choices. Do prepare to stand in a long line if you come during dinner time. I wish I was in Penang right nowwww.

Nasi Dalca Jalan Hutton

Nasi Dalca on point!
When we first arrived at this small stall, we had the Toasted bread and Nasi Dalca and was wondering what is it. As our menu arrived, the Nasi dalca was literally Nasi (Rice) and Kuah Dalca (lentils gravy). Feeling like eating on a wedding ceremony. Haha.

Teo Chew Cendol Jalan Penang

DO try all of their selections
Never knew the restaurant situated at a shopping mall near Jalan Penang. We were hoping it would be on of the vintage/rustic stalls or any hipster-worthy picture places. The joke was on us. But luckily the foods were delicious!

Ais Kepal

Grape flavor shaved ice
Shaved ice and roll it like a ball ! It is still a phenomenon and a must in Penang. You can find it along the penang street art. One ball is better to be shared as it is big! Suck it and twist. Repeat.

What to do ?

Penang Bendera Hill

Tickets and trains and views

The skywalk view

Really loving the background

Is that haze or just cold?
Wanna see how Penang looks like from above? All you have to do is stop by here and buy the ticket and ride the train uphill. Enjoy the skyview, or ysing the pay-per-view binoculars. After that you can walk a little bit further and you can hang at the locks's place like the Korea's.

Penang Street Art

Little sister having so much fun ey
Four of us having the best ride through the busy roads
One you must not forget to put in the list. You can choose to walk or rent a bicycle and please bring a hat and shades with you. The weather can be hot and sunny.

Sightseeing + Photography

Try walking around and find something interesting
Friends by the beach
I wanna be in Penang right nowwww
Looking for something different to do? Why not buy some flowers from a local flea market and go to the beach from some photo shoots!

Lexis Hibiscus Hotel, Port Dickson

Lexis Hibiscus Hotel, Port Dickson | Being built along the coast of Pasir Panjang Beach, this hotel is under the big group of Lexis Group. Location in Port Dickson same as the Grand Lexis, Lexis Hibiscus provides different environment than her sister.

Lobby Area
Top View of Lexis Hibiscus
Beach Area
Buggy and bicycle walkaway
With number of rooms of 639 rooms consisting of Tower Rooms and Water Villas, me and my friend were given a chance to enjoy the Water Villa room. By now all of you might know about the hotels unique attractions - pool in the room.

This is what known as "Petals"
But for Lexis Hibiscus, the pool is more of a skinny dip minus the skinny part. Haha. As the size is a bit smaller than Grand Lexis and same goes as the room. But I am thankful for the sauna room though.

Sauna Room
Water villas have a few parts along the stretch like Leaves, Petals, Pistil and Stigma. Our rooms were located along the Pistil (known as the Panorama Pool Villa) of the flower diagram, where 2 sides can be chosen either Sea View or Fountain View.

I do recommend the Fountain View as you can see a 400 feet of fountain water with colorful lights at night.

Fountain View
2 sets of King Bed, flat screen tv, hairdryer, mini pool, bathtub, sauna room iron and iron board, bathrob has been quite enough for a wonderful stay.

Panorama Pool Villa Room
1.2 meter deep pool
Bathtub Luxury
Outdoor Seating
Overview of the sea
During the stay at Lexis Hibiscus, we were fortunate enough to try on their Lexis Spa Massage and we get to choose 1 from 3 types of oils - balancing, refreshing and relaxing. The service was top notch.

Massage Room
Other than that, huge public swimming pool, riding the bicycle and segway as well as karaoke and water activities can be done during the stay at this hotel.

Public Pool
Kids Playing Area
Buggy services
Buggy ride is one of the accommodations provided for guest who are staying at the Water Villa. Do let me know if my sharing help you guys :)