Friday, November 12, 2010


As far as I know, all of you have been to i-City, right?

I've heard about it. In my definition, i-City is a place full of colors and lights. It's just a big, wide place full of LIGHTS.

After all this months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, finally, I get to see this place called i-City.

Went there just now with Arep and her ex-gf ( I think. ) Nape la dia bawak orang lain. Baru je nak lepak2 ngan dia. Hmmmm.

The place was awesome! The dripping-like lights, was the one thing that mesmerized me as I reached there. It was sooo nice like I was in another place. Then we went on Icy Cold, a place kononnya nak buat macam kat North Pole gitu. Haha. Sejuk memang sejuk, tapi aircond lahh.

After then we took a walk around the gorgeous place. The trees were all made from electrical, fake flowers, lights. But, still, it was nice to be there. I felt a little bit relieved after being there. I mean, Ive been dying to be here, but there was nobody to ask to. Luckily, ada Arep. Tapi dia tak la selalu free.

Ni Arep n Neyna :)

Don't treat your friends like PLASTIC BAGS.
Once you use it, you throw it.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

no idea

I'm in the middle of a frustration situation. I couldn't answer the paper just now. The objectives was ok, but the essay part was a little bit difficult.

I manage to remember where I wrote it in my notes but the words on it seems to be lost. I couldn't even think of any words, I can just only remember where.


Saturday, November 06, 2010

pening pening

Journalism Paper is tomorrow. Wish me luck people.

Oh, pagi- pagi dah kena jawab exam. hari ahad plak tuh -_______-"

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Selamat Malam

Biarkan berlalu
Semua kepedihanmu
Lelapkan matamu
Biarkan mimpi membawamu
Ke mana kau mahu
Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku
Siang kan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Biarkan berlabuh tirai kisah semalam
Yang indah itu ada padamu
Dengan setiap impian dan harapan
Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku
Siangkan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Kan ku menjadi arjuna dalam mimpi-mimpimu
Kan ku panah tepat ke jiwamu atas nama cintaku
Pari-pari ku utus bawa kau ke sini lagi
Terhapus semua air mata dengan senyuman

Selamat malam sayang
Selamat malam kasih
Selamat malam sayang

Selamat malam sayang
Selamat malam kasih
Selamat malam sayang
Tidurlah sayangku
Siangkan tiba bercahaya
Bermula baru semua untukmu

Selamat malam
Tidurlah sayangku

Rafeze :)


Ok, just now, dating with JOURN Rafeze, was ok lah. 4 chapters in a row. Later at night, continue again for 5 more chapters. Bare with me ok :)

To MOHD SHAHIR, anda gila, bangang, setan, tak guna, tak faham bahasa, pervert, saya xsuka anda. noktah.

Can't wait.

Ahmad JOURN Rafeze, welcome to my life. I'll be studying you later. SO, wait for me okay?

Hope you can easily get into my head, so that I can remember you till the day of the exam.

Don't be hard on me. I'm fragile :)

U left ur PSYCHO-ness in me :)

This is what happened when Mr PSYCHO-licious left me.
Haha. Plus, ANIS tido plak sebelah ni.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

a date with Ahmad JOURN Rafeze.

Today, I'm officially NOT yours anymore, Mr. PSYCHO-licious!

I don't want to read you.
I don't want to memorize you.
I don't want to see you.
I don't want to have any relationship with you.

Argh. Psycho paper was hard! Apa yang dibaca, xberapa sgt la nk masuk. Sedih. Sedih.

I sat next to Anis, man, her essay was as long as the A4 paper. Mine? Separuh jer.

After that I went to my lecturer's room to check for my PR's carry marks. I got the lowest marks which was 29.2/50. I'm not that surprised because I know I didn't do well in quizzes and mid-term. So, there's go my marks out the window. Like it or not, I really need to struggle on my PR paper to cover up my overall marks.

Thanks again to ANIS for teaching me PSYCHO, even though it was a last minute request. FATIN NAJLAA, good luck to you on the next paper :)

No more Mr.PSYCHO-licious.

Say hello to Ahmad JOURN Rafeze :)