Sunday, January 30, 2011

If you don't mind..


If you don't mind, I would like to say something.
I know, I'm not brave enough to speak in front of you.

If you don't mind, I would like to be independent for a while.
Not forever, but on some situation.

If you don't mind, I would like to know how hard to get a train at night.
I just wanna know. If what you say is true.

If you don't mind, I would like to hang with my friends without curfew.
I mean, when will I get to hang? Because I've never hang and I don't have many friends as you know.

If you don't mind, I would like to come home late if I must have a curfew.
Because I obviously never come home late unless I'm with the cousins.

If you don't mind, I would like to go to places I've never been.
Because, I feel like such an idiot for not knowing some places.

If you don't mind, I would like to go on what my friends suggest, like late movies for example.
Takkan la ila kna selfish semata-mata ila tak boleh tgk movie yg lewat.

If you don't mind, I would like to buy things I love or I need, without you saying, I wasted your money.
If it's not yours than whose money I'm gonna used? Since you are the main producer of money.

If you don't mind, I would like you to listen on what I'm saying about my siblings.
Because you never were, even though I gave you lot of hints.

If you don't mind, please be fair among me and my siblings.
Because I used to be caned or scolded angrily and even my phone being taken by you.

If you don't mind, I would like to eat what I want, without you saying that I'm geting fat.
I mean, it hurts when it came from you. I just want to eat. I know the limits.

If you don't mind, I would like to tell you that I have a boyfriend without you say anything for a moment.
Because you will always nagged and said that I'm too young to fall in love but let me make some mistake that basically I will learnt from it. Yes, I know the limits.

If you don't mind, I would like to share stories with you. Even though I know that will not happen.
As, you will shut me down from the first sentence I said. I know, it always happens.

If you don't mind, please encourage me when I'm about to do something I like, or maybe congrats me when I achieved something.
Rather than just said,"I told you so." or "Kalau tak banyak main mesti boleh achieved lagi baik." That's not what I waited for to hear.

If you don't mind, let me be a defensive person when it comes to Ucu.
Because I don't have time anymore to hear her lame promises.

If you don't mind, please don't blame me on fights between the siblings below me.
You know I'm not in it.

If you don't mind, please let me go out without having to bring Aqilah with me.
It's just I want a "me" time.

If you don't mind, I would like to apologize, if my words here are a little bit harsh for you.
I didn't mean to hurt you, it's just I need to let out some things.

But, I would like you to not to ask me questions directly after you have read this.
I want it to be a normal conversation as a normal normal normal situations.

Green Hornet :D

Just finished watching movie with my friends. We watched The Green Hornet in 3D yaww! It was awesome. Basically, it was my first time watching movie in 3D. Totally a good weekend to spend with.

Go and watch the movie lah for those yang belum tgk. Movie tu klakar :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011


How would you feel if you were in my position?

Situation 1 :


Me : "Class, besok tolong bawak validation k! Jangan lupa! hantar dalam kelas ECO. Jangan lambat sebab I nk anta ker coordinator."

Class : "Okay!"

Situation 2 :

Today. Dalam kelas.

Me : "Class, I need u guys nye validation."

Some of them did pass it to me. Some of them,

Mereka : "Asilah, I'll pass it to you later k. I tak print lg la. I anta masa kelas BRO k."

Really? I'm so pissed off man. I dah btau awal2, but still u guys tak boleh nk anta jgk ke???!!!

Me : "Okay, I'll wait for u guys in the library around 1.30pm until 2pm."

Mereka : "Sure."

Situation 3 :

I went to Alor Gajah for a while accompanied Mas to buy tickets for her friends. Suddenly i got a called from S**M.

Me : "Hello."

S**M : "Asilah kt mne?"

Me : "Kat Alor Gajah jp. Nape?"

S**M : "Asal kt Alor Gajah?! Orang nk anta validation ni!" ( dengan nada marah. )

Me : "Chill la! Baru pukul 1pm. Orang janji kn pukul 1.30pm. Tunggu je lah."

I feel like slapping that guy, LITERALLY. Korang tak boleh tggu ke? Aku boleh je tggu korang, bila kutip duit. Aku boleh je tggu korang nk kutip validation. Even sanggup nk buat 'appointment' bagai. Jumpa kt library. BUT, korang xmampu ke nk tggu 10 minit ha?!??

Dude, appreciate la, atleast say sorry ke, apa ke, klau tak kerana saya, sapa nk buat? How bout, next time, u guys plak TRY! Even, P***I knows how to say SORRY. For those yg ada alasan munasabah xpe. Ni bg mereka yg buat2 lambat, tolonglah, dgr ckp lps ni.

So, again, the question, how would you feel if you were in my situation?

A. Pissed Off.
B. Annoyed.
C. Angry.
D. All Of The Above.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chubby is eating Crackers with Tuna :D

Hey! Watcha doing? Hehe.

Most of you would probably sleep by now. Not for me. I'm still eating. Crackers and tuna. Yumm. Eventhough I had already eaten Nasi, Tomyam Ayam and Telur Dadar. I'm still hungry. So what? If you want to say, this is how I get my 'body-licious' body, SCREW YOU. I'm happy with my body and it does not affects yours :D

Fat people, or let's be nice, chubby people are always been neglected or been the target to make fun of. It's just rude to see them being humiliated. It's painful. Believe me, I've been there -__-"

For some reason, these chubby people are always the one being picked and not the skinny like oh-I-am-so-fabolous-kind-of-person. It's just not fair. Some chubby people can basicaly do whatever ( or maybe some of them ) which the skinnies could do.

I hate being the person who some would take advantage off. Like, you'll be my friend when it comes to FOOD. You'll be my friend when it comes to STUDY. You'll be my friend when it comes to CAR. You'll be my friends when I have a ROCKING MAID. You'll be my friend when I'm what you think I'm good at things you weren't.

Sometimes, I wish I could do the same to you. But, I wouldn't, because I'm NOT YOU.

Some may even torture you with 'nice' words. Such as, "Eh,ko makin gemuk la skang.", "Pergh, baju ko dah sendat la weyh." and so much more words that can really FLATTERED you. Pfft. Why must these kind of words exists? Why must these words meant for chubby girls like me for example. Why?

Even relatives too doesn't have the feelings when it comes to these words. Some may feel like the were joking. If it was once a lifetime, it's okay. But if it was repeated again and again when you see them? Isn't it annoying? Oh my! I feel like SMACKING the words back to their faces!

Hmm. This is me, a big-fat-chubby-girl whom my family, friends and beloved loved me from the bottom of their hearts. Thanks for really accept me for who I am and not judge me by the way I look or HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE. For those who pick people by standards,

REMEMBER this, standards may help you now, but when it comes to your downfall, standards won't bring you anywhere.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Induction Masscomm 2011

Just now was Induction for Masscomm Part 1 students. So far, it was ok. But the amount number of freshies were very dissapointed. Not many part 1 students came eventhough they know that INDUCTION was IMPORTANT for them.

What I like the most on induc day, were the SKETSA or DRAMA by BUBU and HAIKAL. I got the video but need a really good connection of internet to download them. And anotehr were the games. The games were AWESOME. Macam2 ada!

There was game called MENCARI CINTA. Basically this game consits of 1 besen, full with water, a lot of ICE, apples, eggs, ballons filled with water and ping pong balls. So, the aim is to take the apples or eggs with your mouth out of the besen. Cool right?

Then, we ususally had this game when we were kids, CARI GULA DALAM TEPUNG. But, this time, instead of TEPUNG, the MT's used, SERBUK TEH and GARAM KASAR. Sungguh masin! :/

Owh ya! I like the last part of the event, which is a "PHOTOGRAPHY" session with the SENIORS. Which obviously meant BALING TEPUNG SAMA ITU JUNIORSS!!!!

Sangat BEST :D

p/s : Pictures will be upload later.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Wanna see my company logo for pUB252 assignment?
I made it myself with the help of Adel and Mastura.

Tapi, biasalah klau xperfect. Baru belajar. Hehe.

Happy Birthday Zila :)

Today is Azzila Suzzette's Birthday!

Last night, approximately around 11.00pm, me and Tini made birthday card for her. Wanna see?Tini made this. Cute kn?

I made this.
My main idea was a present box, so basically it looks like a present.
But, instead it's a card :)


saya bawak bekal :D

Okay, I think I've spent much that I should consider on buying anything else after this. Even for lunch I would think again and again whether I should buy food or not. I don't want my money to flow like water. Sekejap je dah abes. Bahaya nanti.

So, I decided to eat sandwhich only in room and even brought it to class. Macam dah kt sekolah lah..Huhu..

Mummy, don't worry, the money still there. Cume saya kena jaga2 on guna duit. Hehe.

Saya dan Bekal saya :D


It was Zaini's birthday. So after Miss Azura's class, we, as in me, Fatin, Zeera, Kimi, Iwan, Wanie, Fahim and Zaini went to Dataran Pahlawan to celebrate his birthday.

Obviously, Zaini didn't know ANYTHING about it. That's why we called it as a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY! Haha.

Kimi had already booked a room and they sang first. Me and Faten went out for a while to pick up the cake. Faten choosed Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence, cost rm10 per person.

So, we then surprised Zaini in the room and it looks like he wanted to cry. Awwwww.

We ate and we sang a lot of songs. Sebut je lagu per, Rock? Balada? Sedih? Klakar? Semua kami bedal. Hehe.

It was fun celebrating friend's birthday. I wish mine could be a little bit like him :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

McD with Proposal.

Kami TERUJA makan McD!

Adel AYU sungguh! XD

Meet the VAMPIRE with THREE salty tooth XD

Mas, lagi picit jerawat ya?

Okay, this is my dinner. Anyone ENVY with me?

Right now, I'm havin my dinner at McD Ayer Keroh with Mastura and Adel :D

What I ate, 1 Double Chesse Burger, 2 Fries, 1 Curly Fries and 1 Coke. Great. I'll be getting fatter and fatter each day. Haha.

The main purpose of going here was to do Modern Issues assignment on Khalwat. Why we choosed this topic? It's because nobody would. Haha.

Quite difficult though to find info about this issue. Some info are soooo not useable. Damn those people who make it more difficult.

Wireless at McD was suuuppppeerrrbbbbb lah! I can download lots of song which I couldn't if I used my broadband. Now, I can express my feeling through music.

Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day..

It's Friday and no class. Although I have no class on this paricular day, it sounds more boring when I don't have any plans for today. I don't know what to do and where to go, since assignments takde lagi.

The wheather for the past few days affected my health. My body will be hot and cold just like Katy Perry's song "Hot and Cold". Haha. Sometimes I had flu and headache. Oh my..

Mummy, my skin problem getting worse, I kept on feeling pain, itch, the skin are turning into flakes and kept falling down. Owh, the pain..the pain.. For now, I'm using VASELINE INTENSIVE CARE. I don't know weather the 'INTENSIVE CARE' would work on my problems. Hopefully I will survive until I come back home.

Later maybe I will go to McD Ayer Keroh with my groupmates to do our proposal. Jauhnyer, nk wat proposal. Takpe lah, dari tak buat langsung kn?

It's still raining here, and I don't know what to do. Ok lah, saya pergi basuh baju ye. Toodles.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sunday Market people!

Saya dan Tini kuar lagi for the next day. Seronok weyh!

Jalan sana, jalan sini, wah! Kami jumpa Fuad! Haha. Fuad hensem XD

Ok Ok. Jalan sana, jalan sini, saya beli blouse 2, inner 1, tube 1 and baju tido. Hehe.

Around tgahari, pulang ke rumah.

malam pulang semula ke Melaka, separuh jalan Abah bawak, then saya bawak pulak. Sebab abah dah ngantok. Time saya bwk pulak, bole pulak salah simpang. Saya rasa itu simpangnya nk ke Alor Gajah, tp entah macam mne masuk simpang kt Air Pa'abas. Pergh!

Itulah jalan yang Fatin ckp agak SCARY! ada kubur bagai, jln simpang -siur, jauh giler, sunyi sepi, gelap, kurang lampu jalan. Fuh!! Mau berpeluh saya bawak kreta. Dalam hati tak berhenti2 baca Ayat Kursi. Ye lah, anything could happen. So, mintaklah pertolongan dari yang maha Esa.

Akhirnya, alhamdulillah, sampai juga di Melaka.


After a long session of PERSUADING by TINI COLETTE, saya akhirnya kalah untuk pulang bersama beliau. Haha.

So, for last Friday I went back home secretly, without telling my parents. I just want to make a surprise entrance.

From melaka, me and Tine and Fuad tumpang Mok to KTM Seremban. Since Mok didn't use the common road, we had to sit in his car for almost 2 hours++ and our back and buttock were already in PAIN. I tell you, in PAIN!!

We reached KTM Seremban later, then we bought out tickets for our own destination then off we go.

In the train there were so many kinds of people, needless to say. You've been on a train right? So, you might know, how it was :)

Reached home around 10pm something, and mummy was a little bit shocked and of course, kena bebel tu adalah. Dah nama pown PARENTS kn, biasa lah.



Yea, tarikh itu merupakan, hari kelima klas saya bermula untuk minggu pertama. Sry x udpate. Ada hal.

So, for Thrusday classes, it started with Sir Idham's class which is ECO101 at 12.30 until 2.30, continued with BRO213 with Mr Fakrulnizam.

In this class, he said that we will learn about TV breoadcasting, radio broadcasting and etc. We only had to learn about it manually. No practical assignment, that will be in sem 5.

Owh ya, time ni, sy demam -___-"

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Continue from previous post..

Just now was my LIB202 class which is Issues in Modern Malaysia, thought by Miss Linda. She's single even though her looks may look like she's married. In this subject, I will learnt about the current issues in Malaysia like baby dumping, BN and PKR, human trafikking and etc.

We ended the class early at 6.30pm where it was supposed to end at 9.00pm. Basically, maybe because it was our first LIB class, so lecturer pown paham2 je lah. he2.

Had my dinner just now, alone, because he was too busy handling the counter, taking order and stuff. Maybe next time la makan dengan dia.

Nak mandi. Toodles.

Third day of class

My first class for today started at 12.30pm, which is ECO101 by Sir Mohd Idham. He was funny and soft. Something I wouldn't expect from an ECO lecturer. ye lah, ECONOMY kn bosssaaannnnnn -____-"

But, suprisingly the way he explained really did open our eyes and made us fall in LOVE to study ECO. before he became a lecturer, he was a fashion designer in Milan, if I'm not mistaken. No wonder he was soft and look smart.

Then I had class with Miss Fatimah Yazmin. A very HOT and STYLE lecturer. She wore this nice baju kebaya and a VERY VERY HOT HEELS, owh and a shade. She taught us for ADV241 which is advertising. She did explained for this semester we had to do a radio advertisement including with JINGGLES and so on. HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO DO THIS??

Still have one more class later at 5.30pm.

Off to shower. Toodles.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Second Day Of Freshiesss :)

Just got back from early dinner with my beloved. We chat and laugh after not seeing each other for one and a half month. Owh how much I miss him :')

Ok, back to my second day of class. Started at 2.30pm and I overslept until 1.30pm. Gosh! Nasib baik sempat, klau tak.... So, woke up a little bit late and I've got the headache. Actually, I already had the headache since I came here. I think because the change of weather. I think I'm gonna be sick -____-"

Again, my class and the only class for Tuesday is PUB252 which is Publishing and Media taught by Puan Shida. She was ok, funny but strict.

She explained about what we gonna learn in her class. Then we seperated in groups for our group assignment. We have to go outside and find and interview the people in Publishing Company such as Karangkraf, Blue Inc and etc. Pick one lah, not all.

The class lasted for 3 hours. Then I headed to Pasar Malam with Mas.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow :)

Fresh New Day :D

Yesterday was my first day for semester 4.

No Monday Blues for me, because I was excited to meet my classmates after a long break. My first and only class for Monday is PUB252 which is Publication Production and will be teach by Miss Noorazura bt Durani. She was our lecture for COM265 ( Graphic and Design) in semester 3.

She was strong enough to teach us again. Why I said this? Because our class is one of the high-listed class for noisy, stubborn and like to make the lectures annoyed. So, mostly our former lectures WOULDN'T want to teach us again. So, she is STRONG enough to teach us again. But, I can see by the look on her face that she is not that happy on teaching us.

She said that this subject might not required her to teach us a lot because we had already learnt the basics on last semester. She will not answer any stupid questions from us. Then, she said we might design a magazine cover. Anything related to publication. The class supposedly end after 3 hours, but since we wended early, she required us to go to the library and listed down 10 books. Any books and wrote down the title and the serial number. This assignment showed us wy some books were hard cover and some were soft cover. She wanted us to know the differences between international books and local books. So that this will helps us on our future assignments.

That's all for my first class. Toodles.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

1 Jan 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEEPS! May this wonderful year will help u achieve all your goals :)