Saturday, September 12, 2009

me and the chicken was the best thing ever.

I spent my time on this beautiful Saturday morning with tons of movies. Such as, Next, Night at Museum 2, Eagle Eye, and You Got Served. Ok, well that's not equally to tons but it is more than one right?

Around 3.00 pm, I went back to my room to study Socio. I was supposed to study Socio in the morning, but ended up watching movies with my friend. Haish. I had a woundeful Socio 'teacher' named Anis. She is a very talkative person and very sweet. I think you guys know who she is. I post a picture of her in July or August. Somewhere around there. She can easily explain things because she can play with her thought and try creatively to make us understand.

I was listening to her lecture when suddenly, I just doozed off. I just can help no more but sleep. It was so hot and I was very tired all of the sudden. I slept after the third chapter was over.

Then, woke up again to go to the 'bazaar' to buy foods. I bought this Chicken Fied Rice which was very tasty. But the owner of the stall wasn't that friendly to all of her customer. It was a good thing that her food was delicious enough that most of her customer didn't care if she was friendly or not.

After having my dinner, went back to my room but before that, I went to my friend's room infront. I heard them talking, and I wanted to join them. But, I ended up talking alone and just sit there. Nevermind, maybe I was not the right person to hear it.

Went back to my room to pray my prayer. Lola came after 10 minutes later, quite miss her even we're in the same room. She just can't sit down. She is funny :)

Ok, that's all for today. I have to study hard and study smart for my Socio exam tomorrow evening. Wish me luck k.

p/s : Good Luck to those who are taking LIB 101 exam tomorrow.

WORD OF THE DAY : Forfeiture (noun) the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc.

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