Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm in comp class right now. Still have nothing to do. My lecturer isn't here right now. maybe she late because of something to do. Yesterday, I went for my co-curiculum at the marching field and say hello to your Komander Kesatris W! *wink wink, I'm not even selected yet* :)

There will be some activities for those who sign up for the Komander. Only about 80 people will be selected for the real Komander Kesatria. Those activities maybe similar to the army types.

I'm quite bored. I can't go back this weekend because we had Kesatria marching on Sunday morning -__-"

Hm, Shah is at home right now because his IKM also closed because of the H1N1 situation.

Argh, so many pig flue.

In the afternoon, I only had maggi for lunch. Want some proof? Here goes.

Tini's 18 th birthday.

Last Sunday, me and my friend, Chut, celebrated Tini's birthday in our room. We asked her to come to our room after she had reached her college from home. After she had arrived, we wished her happy birthday and make her blow a BIG candle. It was Chut's idea of blowing that big candle. Then, i gave her a handmade card and two kit-kat chocolates. She was very happy and nearly cried. Before that she was very unhappy because her boyfriend didn't even celebrate her birthday. He only buys cheezy wedges from KFC for her. What kind of BF is that? So, this was what we did to cheer her up.

There were pictures where she was laughing because we said that her big-yellow-spongebob pants was really cute. She bought it with the sizes that was 2 times bigger than her size. She bought it because she just love the cute printed spongbob face. Owh Tini :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Old days 3...

Some of you may have post about on Father's Day. This is me trying to post it after so long. Hahaha.
Happy Father's Day to Mr. Bakri bin Jusoh :)

I wished my father this and made him a card. Look! Look!

Nice huh? :)

Old days 2...

These pictures were taken at my mum's school. They were having a meeting about their school's reunion. I was a little bit bored at first. So, this was what i did. This was also a long time ago. I think in march. These pictures have been in my phone for so long that it was time to let it go. So I would like to post it here and say hello to new pictures:)

Old days...

This is what happened when girls meet the mirror in the bathroom XD

All of these pictures were taken at a hotel for my mum's school reunion. It was a long time ago but still I wanted to post it so that I can review it back whenever I want. We had a lot of delicious food there. I ate a lot of fish tempura. They had ice-cream and we can decorate it with whatever we like ; sprinkles, nuts, chocolates. Then afer finishing all the foos, we went to the nearest Sogo complex for some shopping before I went to University. It was sale that time and we can expect that ther will be a lot of people. It's a good thing that I didn't wear my heels. Instead of that, I wore sneakers.

Can you see the people there? It was like tiny ants looking from above. So many people.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today,I followed my maid to my neighbour's house for clean up. I asked Marissa weather I can download some songs from step up 2 the streets. She said yes. So, I waited and waited but the processing was forever. So, I told her that I will copy the songs tomorrow. Then we watched some of her school's cheer move and mine.

In the evening, my dad drop me off to a CC for me to finish my assignment which I must send by next Monday. Luckily I managed to finish it all and print it. I took about 2 hours to finish all of this. This assignments made me hungry while I was finishing it in CC. I had already eaten before I went to the CC but still, looking a the screen for 2 hours really does make me dizzy and hungry. Instead of buying something to eat, I decided to eat at home where the foods are delicious and I didn't have to use my money.

Afterwards, I hangout at the park where I used to with my maid and my sister. There was nothing much to do since the UiTM close for a week. I didn't go out much because I didn't know with who I would like to go with. Since all of them are quite busy with their stuff. So, toodles for now. See you guys next time :)