Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mysterious Riddles

I've just watched National Treasure : The Book Of Secrets with my family and it was awesome. It was like I was with them on the search of The City of Gold. The movie was about when a missing page from the diary of John Wilkes Booth surfaces, Treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates' (Nicolas Cage) great-great grandfather is suddenly implicated as a key conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's death. Determined to prove his ancestor's innocence, Ben follows an international chain of clues that takes him on a chase from Paris to London and ultimately back to America. This journey leads Ben and his crew not only to surprising revelations - but to the trail of the world's most treasured secrets. And I tell you again,it was awesome. This movie makes my heart beats faster by the minutes. Why? Because it makes me curious about the riddles in it. I want it to be solve faster. The scenery and the place where the movie sets was amazing and incredieble. If I have the chance,i would love to go there. Unfortunately,it was just a dream. Hahahaha. Some of the pictures,

I know I'm kinda lame to see this movie know. But I don't care as long as I get to watch this movie rather then somebody untill now doesn't get the chance to see it :)

IPTA things

Yesterday,I've decided to register for IPt athrough online. So,I on the laptpo,browse the inthernet and tadaa. I've found the page. So,I registered it and I've to choose a wide variety of courses. Of course,I'm confused. I asked my parents for their opinions. At last,this is what I've choosen.

E2130 Diploma Komunikasi dan Media
C2810 Diploma Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi
E2240 Diploma Pengurusah Hotel
E2241 Diploma Pengurusan Perlancongan
D2231 Diploma Pengurusan Sumber Manusia
D2801 Diploma Teknologi Maklumat
D2802 Diploma Teknologi Maklumat (Multimedia)
D2150 Diploma TESL
Yes,I know. All of it involves communication but what can I do? I'm tottally in communication right now. I love to write and sometimes I love to talk. Like my Mum used to say,"Let her take courses which involve communications. She's likes to talk." And My Dad asked me to choose D2231 because it involves something between humans especially in communicatios. I agree with him. Thanks a lot to my parents for helping me choose the right course.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Exams

Today,I'm having my writing and listening exams. It was hard for the listening exam because we didn't have any multiple choice questions like last month. This month we had to fill in the blanks with the answers. So,I had to listen to the conversation very hard and I had to stay focused on it. For writing exam it's ok for me because I love to write. Thanks God I can finished it :) I still have another 2 exams on the following Monday. Wish me luck!

Just now I found something very interesting on someone's page about someone's blog. I have waited for this person's blog and now I have it. Hurray! What's it? Hehe it's a secret.

Currently watching Raja Lawak season 3. For me this isn't a good show for me but show like 'Lu pikir La Sendiri' this one suits me :) I like Nabil. He's idea on the funny things was like spontaneous. He can have so many increadible and amazing ideas to entertain the viewers. I like how he communicates with the viewers and also don't forget Zizan.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainy day with an Iranian Boy.

Today is a very wonderful day for me. Why? Because I can't stop laughing to this one Iranian boy who is really cute! Hahaha. No no. I'm just kidding. The reason is because when he says some words it usually have some Iranian slang in it. For example,the word 'true' , he will pronounce it as 'turuuu'. Then for 'clever' , he will pronounce it as 'kilever'. Lastly,for words like 'professor' , he will pronounce it like this 'porofessor'. Seriously,it was hillarious. Because of him,I can't stop laughing. I laugh so excitedly that my teacher asked me, "Asilah,why are you laughing?" And I just couldn't answered her because I just can't stop! I took me a while to recover from the laughing probs. Do you know that the Iranian boy was actually sitting beside me? And he went like this, "Why?". I said nothing :) He's just 19 y/o whose has a height of 191cm. Imagined that!

Next,theres a funny story happened when my teacher went for his lunch. This is how he told us the story.

'He was having his lunch when he noticed a couple sitting two tables away from him. Something make him curious was the partner of that couple was she or he a boy or a girl. While eating,he take a quick look at that person for like every 20 seconds I think. So,he has to eat his lunch very slowly,really slowly. Why? because he wanted to pay the same time as the couple to solve his curiosity. By the time the couple had finished eating their lunch,he had also finished his lunch. So they paid together and he Q exactly behind the couple. The interesting part was when the 'person' talks.

This was the conversation, that 'person' talks like this, " Erm,Teh O Ais Limau dan Air Kosong." But se was saying it with a guy's voice. That what suprised him. That person was actually a girl and he really acted like a boy! So,the curiosity problem has been solved and now it's time for him to pay and he did something that shocked the couple. He said to the cashier, "Fried Rice and Teh O Ais" using a girl's voice! Hahahahahaha. That couple was embarresed and he just smiled and walked away. This was like the pengkid situation.

That evening it was raining heavily and I didn't bring any umbrella. So,i have to wait for about 1/2 an hour for the rain to stop. But it didn't. Then,I went to the nearest mamak stall which I have lunch for like everyday to ask the owner wheather he has an umbrella. Luckily, he has. So. I asked if he can lend it to me and I said that I will returned it the next day. He said yes. I took his umbrella and went off to the KTM. When I was walking, there were so many water puddles on the road. Because of the rain,My shoes were wet. So,I just play with the water. Stepping here and there. Like I was a kid again. It is like a person said,"Kecik-kecik kurang bahagia." Suddenly without a noticed,Theres this one car just speeds up and splashed all the water to me. I know he did it on purpose because when he had done that he stopped his car and just went off after that. I am so pissed off!!
Really I do.

This is the story for today And I'm sorry if it's too long. Enjoy :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Promises hadn't been fulfill

Went to school like always --everyday. Having Nasi Lemak for breakfast and off to school. Today, the train wasn't that 'sempit' like a can of tuna. But still,I have to stand =.= As I reached school, I ran as fast as iI can to my class. Why? To stand exactly below the air-cond. It was hot and my body was sweating. I know it's disgusting. But everyone experienced it right? I started my class with a oh-so-boring SSP class. The teacher is not that good and I don't know why. She couldn't explained some of the question that being asked by the students and sometimes she makes me confused on some simple sentences or examples. I wonder why she couldn't explained it. She makes us do so much homework but when we hand in tomorrow morning and if we had any mistakes, she doesn't corrected it or told us this was wrong. She just cross it out and hand it out again to us. I missed my SSP teacher for last month. She explained it very clearly and corrected our mistakes. She was the best!

Today and again this Arabic boy still annoyed everyone including me and Sin Hui ( my chinese friend : she's a Malaysian ok ) This guy is very energetic and he couldn't stop talking. Just now he had to sit next to me because theres only have one empty sit beside me. Oh my! I wished everyday that he wouldn't be my groupmates in any presentation or any group discussion. I just can't stand him.

Currently,I'm doing my homework on writing an essay. I love to write. I'm writing this essay while listening to Taylor Swift : Love Story. I found that this song is very nice to hear and she is very pretty :)

Romeo take me
Somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting
All that's to do is run
You be the prince
And I'll be the princess
It's a love story
Baby just say yes
I continued on doing my home work right now and luckily the homework was easy. Last time it was hard and I've got a lot of mistakes. Mostly.
Somehow,suddenly I feel like changing my hair style or just colouring it with red maybe,just one strike or do some rebonding? I don't know. This things cost some money and right now I don't have much. Theres so many things I want for right now but for me it's just a dream. I still remember someone ( which is a she ) promised me to take me somewhere and do something after I have finished my SPM exams and I'm still waiting for that person to fulfill her promises to me. My maid also know who she is plus my family.
To that person, please fulfill your promises to me as soon as possible or you can just tell me you don't want to fulfill it. Please dont make me waiting because it's been 3 months already!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mumsie's Birthday

Just now we went to a TomYam Restaurant at sec7. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it sounds like 'Wishuda' something. I couldn't recalled it. We have so many food for dinner and of course for my mummy's birthday celebration. We ate a lot! Haha for only once a year. That's ok with me. Mine is upcoming :) I had snapped some pictures on that dinner.

ignore the eyes

Riding two bikes

Today I went back early because it is Friday the 13. Haha. No seriously it is because it's friday and only Friday we can go back early. After reaching home,I went straigh to the bathroom to take my bath. Then I followed Kak Rosy to send Aqilah to school on the evening. Later then,we went back home to take our bikes to play around sec18,sec19 and sec20. It tooks us 2 hours to complete our mission. Haha. Futhermore,since we are too lazy to go for jogg,we prefer riding bicycle instead. This activity is quite fun. Yup! We were laughing on silly sentences and we managed to snap some pictures :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Becoming Birthday,Mummy!

From us,your children.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Animals

Today,I started my class with LTC and afterwards my SSP class. Something happened when I entered the class. Theres this one person named Khalid and he really annoys me. Why? Because I was talking with my friends about my homework and suddenly he came to us and said, "Oh! Somebody didn't do their homework." I was like what's wrong with him. It is not that I haven't finished my homework,it just that i want to ask some questions to my friend.

Then he started singing in the class. An English song. He sang the same song everyday. I mean EVERYDAY!!! He really can just sing the song infront of someone's face. Seriously! Don't you think that it is very irritating? For me,yes. And for my new SSP teacher,I couldn't understand what she was teaching because sometimes I couldn't understand what she was saying. It was a little bit difficult and she wasn't that friendly either. Her class was boring but I have to study in her class or I fail the exams. I have to blend in with her style of teaching. I have to! She gave us a lot of homework to improve our English and it does consits marks on our final exams. Like it or not,we have to finished it by Thursday.

My conversation class was about animal : Special Animals. Theres examples on this topic such as a dog named Tango and a cat named Oscar. They have some abilities that a re unbelievable. The cat can sense death. The cat stays in a hospital with it's owner. The cat will stay with people who have only 24 hours to live and she will wounder around the patients to pay sympathy to the patients. Then theres Tango. It's ability is he can detected cancer cells in one's body trough the smell of their urines. I think that animals are extremely helpful to humans because they have such amazing sense of smell that humans cannot detect and sometimes their action are unpredictable. That's why some people says that animals are the closets to God.

Oh reading and writing class. This level is hard. I've pass my last month exams with credit and now I went up one level. And of course the exams will be hard. Today I have learnt how to write essays on problems and solutions. I tell you it was hard. My group have to do a presentation on 'Overpopulation' and have to tell everybody about the couses,effects and solution to overcome this problem. Hard,hard but I will try my best!

Monday, February 09, 2009


This is what I made with my maid on the last day of january. I know it was late. Sry for the late posting but I just want to post it ^.^

Blue Splash

Farah Farizah bt Ishak!! Orang dah beli nail colour baru. Warna biru ; Blue Splash. Cantek :) Try la beli.

Western plus Hawker

Just now I went for my early dinner with my family excluding Bazli and Kak Rosy at sec 7 at Bintang Side Walk cafe. I had had Chicken Chop and Fresh Carrot juice. My dad had Mee Goreng Thai and Roti Boom and Fresh Watermelon juice. In the other hand,my mom had Salmon and Asam Boi juice.

our juices

daddy's Roti Boom

That Chicken Chop is mine

also daddy's

mommy's Salmon

2 movies in one day :)

Yesterday,we went for a movie in the afternoon at Sunway Pyramid. We i mean me,my sister,Aqilah,my brother,Bazli and my maid,Kak Rosy. We departed at 2.00 pm and reached there about 2.30 pm. We reached at the cinema and the line was so looooooooong! Seriously! Luckily,I've already booked the tickets on the phone. But when it's my turn to buy the tickets there's thi sone chinese guy like being rude to me. He said something like this "Hey,lu pergi beratur blakang la. Org lain pown beratur." And I replied, " Apsal pulak? Saya dah sampai sini and saya dah book tiket. Npe lak nk kna pergi belakang?" Then he answered me," Hey pergi je la beratur belakang!" Owh he pissed me off! I answered back,"Hey abg kaunter dah cakap ni tempat orang dah tempah tiket,ko tak tempah x pyh bising la!" Then I just bought my tickets and went off. Then he just went to the counter I've just left! I was like what 's wrong with that man? If you just want to buy the thickets,just Q behind me. That's all. No need to make a big fuss!


Me and Aqilah watched Pink Panther 2. The movie was awesome and hillarious. My sister and I was laughing all the way through the movie. Detective Jaqueus Clouseau was very funny!

And then he's been selected for the 'dream team' for searching for the lost Pink Panther Diamond and lots of the valuable things in the world. He's been in the tea with Pepperidge from Great Britain, Vincenzo from Italy, Kenji from Japan and Sonia ( played by Aiswarya Rai) from India. They were all good. You should see it.


This movie is star by Saiful Apek as Sifu and Nabil Ahmad as Tongga. Bazli and kak rosy watched this movie. We watched 2 separated movies. They said this movie was funny. Those who like comedies should watch this 2 movies.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

For Elyaa and Shila

I found this and I think this is for you guys.
Because I think you guys always together no matter what. Seriously I know.
Eventhough I known you,Elyaa, for only 2 years but I know you are a good friend for Shila.
So, this is for you guys.


My exams just now was ok. Thanked God! I was so nervous about the exams. First I had a writing exams. there were 4 topics to be choose namely types of cars,types of communication,valentine's celebration your country and a traditional wedding in your country. And of course I had choosen the wedding because I have done it before. haha. It was arelief when I had finished the exams. I hope I pass it with flying colours. The last clas which is conversation class, I had another exams which is listening exams. This exams is we have to listen to a conversation in a radio and answer the question in a subjective paper. The question was a multiple choice question. Luckily I have so many choices :) Tomorrow I will be having two more tests. Again! For my structure and reading exams. Please do wish me luck!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nasi Lemak with Giggles

Yesterday was awesome!

Why? I'll tell you later on. I had my breakfast at Nasi Kandar Pelita sec9 with my family. I had had Nasi Lemak same with my father. My sister had Nasi Mamak for breakfast. It is amazing that Mamak stall having Nasi Mamak in the morning! Usually the would served those kinds of food in the evening. After having some breakfast,we all went back home. I was a little bit tired because I woke up early about 7.30 am!

After reaching home, I went straight to my bedroom and dooze off. Zzzzzzzz! Woke up later on about an hour later because my mom was yelling downstairs to make me find the paint brush. Oh my! My head hurts. Later on,my sister and my maid went to sleep untill 7pm. Why? Because we wanted to go to the Pasar Malam. It is our weekly activity. Haha.

Although outside theres a little bit rain but not so heavy,we went out anyway. We had our dinner there. I had had a chicken burger,my sister had had a fried bihun plus fried kuey teow and lastly my maid had had a fried chicken and fried 'hempedal' on stick. We went back home at about 10pm. Quite late though.

That night was the awesome night for me because if my maid had'nt slept in my bedroom,we all wouldn't laugh all through the night. We laugh for some silly talking like my maid said,"Good nite to all." But I heard it wrongly. It was like,"Good night B.O." I was like what with the body odour? Why she said like that? I asked her why. and she was like,"Bila mase?" After then we all laugh all the way untill 12am.