Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lunch and Dinner


For those who have been to Malacca, 
these are some of the places that is a MUST to stop by.

Pahlawan walk.
or what we called as, Hang Tuah Walk or even Dataran Walk.
This is what happened when you leave Malacca for almost 3 months.
You started to forget things and name.
Since Jonker didn't open yet, we hang here.
Adel was trying to find slipper Fipper.
Since, we're already there, we had some light munch.
Believe it or not, this is the first time I had fried steamboat.
What I used to know is they boiled it.
But this one, they fried it.
Not bad, though. 

We even bought some pizza cost about RM2 a slice.

Meet Adu :)

There's no slipper Fipper for Adel at the walk.
So, we went inside Dataran and luckily they have Fipper boutique inside.
It seems not just Adel bought the slipper, Kak Bey also. 

Pose for the camera ! XD

Let's move on to..
Jonker street. Full of wonders.
You can find anything from Baba Nyonya stuffs to local cuisine. 
What best about it was I like the crowd.
People from many places came here.
The stuffs sold is also unique.
You can't find it anywhere outside of Malacca.

Finally, dinner at Pak Putra
Here, the most famous menu are Roti Nan Cheese, Double or Triple cheese.
And a must to dine it with Tandoori Chicken. Delish!

Owh yaaaa, before we went out, Adel finally cut her hair !

Lendu :)

#nowlistening Usher - Scream

Lendu in just three days is really not enough!
I need at least one week to enjoy it all.
The reason why I came down to Malacca was because,
my old faculty is having induction for the new students.
So, since it has been 3 months that I've left Lendu, I decided to come down there.
I set the date with my friend, Adel.
Pick her up at KLIA and shoot straight to Malacca.

We reached Malacca after 1 and half hour.
As we reached there, we decided to do our clearance which is to clear our name from UiTM.
We had to get 6 signatures from our coordinator, Bendahari, library, college, cocuriculum and back to HEA.
The weather was so hot. We didn't drive to the location that were near to each other.
So, we walked. It brings back a lot of memories.
By walking there, it was like we were in part 1 again. 
Tiring and sweaty. 

Can you see how bright it is? This is our new building for our faculty.
Imagine we had to climb the stairs just to find the coordinator.

After we had done it all, it was time for dinner.
Our favorite place for dinner is BORHAN ! :D
But sadly, the boy that always served us is was no longer there.
People said that he's already married. Woah, congrats !

Meet Adel and Sayur.
Look at picture no 1, as if they were too shy to sit together. Haha.

This is Izuan, but we called him Kak Bey :)

That's all for day one.