Friday, January 29, 2010

Tomorrow is my MassComm Induction Day :D

And I'm wearing BLUE t-shirt as I'm in the BLUE group.


I quit! I quit! I quit! I quit! :D

Maybe you guys will asked me, what's this all about. Okay, here I'm going to tell you everything.

I quit being the college secretary. Why? It's because I just couldn't cope anymore with the seniors that work with me. I mean, we're in this thing together but why can't we work as one?! Why must we work with a feeling of selfishness? I know, I'm the youngest but please respect me as I respect you. What's so wrong with what I'm saying last night? You guys were the one who asked about it, but when I tried to explain, you guys couldn't accept it.

So, I made my decision, I quit. If I had to work with you guys for one freaking year, NO WAY I'm going to do that. I better quit now, then suffer later. It just give me headaches and make me stress for no reason.

Maybe if I want to be one of the MT for the college, I will try it again when I'm in part 4. So, toodles for now. I'm already feeling sleepy. Nyte2.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, Human Comm Day

Today is Tuesday and Tuesday means Human Communication Day :)

I just looooovvvvvveeeeee this class. Why? Because Miss Fara made this subject very interesting. It was quite fun learning with her.

After BEL260 class, we, one whole class, went to th elibrary for the seniors signatures. We even chase the seniors! Haha. We had to take at least 50 signatures from part 5 and part 6, and 15 signatures of the Komed's MT. For now, I had already have 63 signs for the seniors and another 8 for the MT part. Tonight, me and my friends will be continuing chase the seniors :D

The seniors said that you have to be creative to won some prizes and this kid did something unexpectedly. He ( the up one ) choose his pants to be the place where seniors had to sign on. The below one is KOPI VASLOV, one of the part 6 seniors.

Monday Blues

*Pictures were taken during the signatures time in the library.

On Monday, I had classes like usual. Nothing interesting happen.

  • CTU was okay. The lecturer was quite friendly and know how to make us listened to her.
  • BEL260 was fun :) like always.
  • COM161, we had to submit our proposal and we did our presentation about our proposal and our topic was ' The Internet - Student's Current Addcition ' . It was a good thing that Mr Fazlul like our presentation and our proposal. We just had to re-type some mistakes in the proposal and overall, everything seems fine for us and him.

Owh ya, we had to take our seniors signatures for the induction, which I couldn't make it because I will have my Team Building activity at the same day. Sigh -_____-" I really wish I can go for the induction. It sounds WAY fun than the team building thingy. But, like it or not, I don't have a choice. I have to go for the team building activity because there is no one that can replace me T.T

That night, I had my first Silat class. At around 9 pm the class started. I was so nervous because I was the only one girl that was new because most of the new girls went to Dewan Bendahara for a meeting with the TPHEP people. Yes, I skip the meeting :) The Silat class was not that bad, it was okay, for now. I had learned Type A and Type B. We ended our class at aroun 11.30 pm and by that time, I was already tired. I reached to my room, cleaned myself and went to bed.

Futsal - full of surprises

On last Saturday, we had another SUKOL game which was futsal. Again, only 4 college were participated. Lame -_____-" We won second, AGAIN!

Man, me and my friends were so frustrated watching the game. Why? Because the player seems to be not focusing on the game. Okay, if you missed one or two goal, fine. We accept that. But ELEVEN TRIES?! and still haven't goal?! That is sooooo unacceptable! So, now we know the feeling when guys watch football.

Something funny happened during the game, our player were trying to get the ball same goes to the opponent. To tackle the ball, the opponent pull our team player jersey and there was fight going on shortly after that. Haha. Because of that incident, me and my friends invent a song based on them,

"Tarik baju,
Tarik baju,
Lagi. "

It was Fun :D

But, the unfair part was, not all part 1 were they. Even part 2 were there and all of it WERE there and the seniors did nothing with the part 1 juniors that didn't come to the game. So, pilih kasih.

There was one time, when a group decided to ditch the game and I saw it. Earlier, the seniors asked us ( were it was actually force us ) to stay until the end. So, I said to my seniors, "Kak F, mana boleh diorang balik. Akak kata semua kena tunggu sampai habis. Kitorg tak nak roll call lagi. " and she did this, "Cammy, tolong panngil diorg sruh datang balik." And guess what Cammy did.

She just stared at them and walked away. I mean, WTFISH??!!!! SO, this is how they handle everything?? SO unfair man. I even asked another senior on what's her opinion, and she said that she's too confused with how the MT handled everything.

I really don't understand with them especially the high position one.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

all in one

The king of fruits had just arrived from Bahau, Negeri Sembilan to room no 1308. The strong smell can be smell [?] from across the level. There were about 4 or 5 of it. Well, it was Amy who brought it here actually. Since it will be not enough for the whole level, we share the fruits just among us as in me, Tini, Amy, Qiss, Sarah, Anis, Chut and Fatin. The fun part was how to open the pointy fruits :D

After that we had SUKOL ( sukan antara kolej ). Last night, we had netball matches behind the sports unit. Unfortunately, only 4 colleges were participated from 10 of the colleges. The more the merrier right? But, what can we do. So, we just played then. Our college got 2nd place ad that was enough for us. We lost to Dang Merduwati. 3rd place was Dang Wangi and followed by Tun Kudu on 4th.

That night, after the matched were over, we went back to our room. The YDP sent me a msg saying that I have to do a meeting at my level to tell my levelmates about tomorrow's 'gotong-royong'. Then, out of the sudden, the NYDP came upstairs and started yelling at us to come down to the court. I just hate when they yelled at us. Can't they just like say it nicely without any yelling or screaming.

So, like it or not, we went down. They separated us into two groups : the ones who went to the game and the ones that doesn't. They said that they were angry with the ones who didn't went to the game. I mean, they have their own reasons why. And at one time, the seniors did asked some stupid questions ( for me, it is stupid ).

Evidence A,

Senior ( S ) : YOU! ( saying to one junior ) Did you went to the game?
Junior ( J ) : Yes.
S : If yes, then what position does D played?
J : D played WD.

My Point of View : I mean, what kind of question is that? Hey come on lah, you can't possibly remember what position the players were. I mean, if we go for a game, of course we only shout when our group scored. Not focusing on what positions they in. Like, David for example, he's famous as a footballer but do we know what position he played? No right? Same goes to this situation.

Evidence B,

S : Why were you not at the game?
J : I had period pain and I couldn't get up.
S : Hey! Don't give me excuses! You know, L also got her period but she still can play! Don't lie to me!

My Point of View : Don't they have brains? When we say period pais, it doesn't mean that all of us had the same period pain. Some may not feel a thing, some even fainted because of the period pain. So, the seniors shouldn't compare those kind of things.

Evidence C,

S : Why do you guys went off before the game finish?!
J : *everyone silent*
S : Even the part 4 seniors can stay until the end, why can't you?!

My Point of View : Hello! You can't force someone to see the game from A to Z. Just sitting there for 2 hours. If it bored the person, then he or she have the rights to leave. So, you seniors can't say like that. And one more thing, what with this comparing seniors and juniors????!!!! If the seniors want to stay, then be it. It's their choice. We, as the juniors, not even in the same level or status as the seniors. So, when you compare us, what really do you compare?

Evidence D,

S : I'm really pissed off with you guys! Now, I want you to thank the part 1 one-by-one because they played you you guys.
J ( all of us ) : THANK YOU PART 1 !!

My Point of View : At this part, I'm really really really really pissed off!! It was like the seniors had lowered our standard in front of the juniors. I mean, we didn't even want them to play. The Sports unit were the ones who organized it. We didn't even get the chances to play any sports last sem due to the H1N1 case and still didn't get the opportunity this sem. Sigh. This sem juniors were like living in HEAVEN! Argh, whatever lah!

Friday, January 22, 2010

When it comes to work, frustration will be there..

One week had passed and everything seems tired for me. It's like every single night I had meetings with the MTs ( Majlis Tertinggi ) , with the MPP ( Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar ) , with others college's MTs, and with my own RS. My, so many meetings in just one week! I really have to squeeze in everything with the classes, assignments, meetings, rest, foods :) I'm not saying that I regret being one of the MTs, but, why can't they have the meeting like once a week or twice a month? and when they say meeting, it always have to be at 10pm. Why can't it be at 8pm? -_-'

When it comes to work or proposal, why can't they come to me a little bit earlier? Why must they come to me when they want to send the proposal? Like, today they want to send it, and about two hours before, they called me unethically asking for help! Hey2, I too have something to do okay!

Classes so far were okay. The subjects were quite easy, for now. I'm not sure for later. Human comm and public speaking, I think it's easy to understand as the lectures are very good in explaining these things. So, for now, assignments are piling up and I'm just waiting for others, so that we can do some discussion.

Last Wednesday, I joined Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Malaysia just for side activity. So, the new members had to go to Durian Tunggal for the 'ijazah'. That's was what they called. 'Ijazah' by here means, the person in charge will shake our hands and we have to repeat what he said and he will 'baca ayat-ayat suci' to us. That's all. So, classes will be starting on Monday night every week.

I hate it when I had to do all of the works! Where are you guys?! Please help me too. Don't just act like you are my seniors, and you have the right to do that. man, that's just not fair.

End of discussion.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frustration + Happy = Fruppy ?!

Good afternoon, first of all. I say, today, I'm quite happy and a little bit of frustrated.

Let's read the happy part first.

Ok, now I'm officially the new secretary for my college :) Yes, I'm really happy about it even though there will be a lot of works to do. Hopefully, these works can teach me on something. Yesterday, we, as in all of the MT college for all colleges, had this meeting with the MPP ( Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar ) at DKHEA2. First, we had to introduce ourselves to all of the committees and then, we started our discussion on problems in colleges.

We have about 14 colleges ; Dang Anum, Dang Wangi, Dang Merduwati, Tun Putih, Tun Merah, Tun Teja, Tun Kudu, Tun Senaja, Tun Puteri, Lekiu, Jebat, Lekir, Tuah and Kasturi.

We ended the meeting around 11.00pm+ and by that time, I'm already tired.

Now, let's go to the unhappy part.

I have this one called friend. At first, I didn't know what her problem was, because she kept ignoring me and sayin bad things about me behind my back, including 'jeling-jeling' in front of me. I really really annoyed with her. So, I just kept quiet about this.

This afternoon, a friend of mine told me the problem she's been acting that way. She hd been pissed off with me just because I stick a note at her door. It's just a note about "Please throw your rubbish". That's all and she's making a big fuss about it because it's only her room that got the note. It's not my fault if her room was the only room had rubbish outside. If there were others room, I, definitely stick a note too. It's not like, I LIKE to stick the note anyway. I have a lot of things to do than sticking the note.

I hope she understand the main reason I did that. FYI, I did talk to her to throw the rubbish, but, she didn't listen. So, that's when the notes take part.

Whatever laa, up to you my dear whatever you want to say.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

after some while....

It's been one week now since new year ( more than one week actually ) , and I did have wonderful days until now.

I'm already back in uitm for about one week and everything seems ok, for now. The classes were okay. I don't have any classes on wednesday, but for sure my classmates will be begging to jumble back the classes so that there will be no classes on friday. They are very good on begging ;)

I did went out with my friends last week just to get together after so long due to the sem break. I bought a cute beg and a pair of slipers like platform, you know the roxy type. Yeah, I know it's fake, and I do know that I will not and never can afford the original one. So beat it.

My classes for this sem will be a little bit tough than last sem. I had classes on writing for mass media, intro to human communication, public speaking ( which I'm afraid most -_-' ) and another mass media. These are some of the subjects for sem2 masscommers.

Luckily, all of my lectures can be negotiable. ( Get what I mean? ) I mean, they can be friendly too. Hehe. If we say, we wanted to change our classes, they can go with it, on one condition. We, as the students, must find an empty class to replace it.

About my roomies, yeah, I still have them :) My same-old-roomies. At my level, there are 4 new part 1 students and all of them are masscommers ;) Too many masscommers in one building. For sem1 only, Dang Anum has 23 student on MC110. This is not included with the seniors.

Owh ya, Tini, the french + jawa girl, changes her room from wing 2 to wing 1 and she's in the room in front of me :D yea!

I think thats all for today. See u next time, if I have the time to write. Toodles :D

p/s : I miss my family :)