Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breathing is the best way to release the anger.

I am soooooo frustrated with you. I called you my friend. I asked you to tell me the simplest thing and you didn't. What's wrong with you? If it was cancelled, say it. I wouldn't have wait for you. I better of go somewhere else than wait for you. You so-called-a-friend.

I had to find out from someone else. Owh, when you have problems, you come to me? Nice one. You didn't even appreciate me for a minute! You are as same as others. Big fat BACKSTABBER!

You are the person who was easy to forget about who was the one who talk to you in the first place and make you feel as you were at home. You were to attached with your so-called 'Drawing' contest and practices, which makes everybody sick of hearing it and seeing it everyday and everytime. But, I was happy enough to accompany you and listen to all of your stories and see all of your 'drawings'.

Then, your friend was the same as you too. Easily to forget the person who was willing to lend a hand on a bad or sad situation. I was nice to you guys, and you guys pay me with this?!

You are such a bad friend and I wonder why I still talk to you?! I know you and 'your guys' are those who are from the high class level, but what gives you the permission to look-down on people? You think because you are form the elit school, from the nicest and 'hotest' place in town, you can disrespect others? You are so wrong!

You are going to pay for it. I really mean it.

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