Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I BANG my head at the freezer's door!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

School's holiday.

2 weeks of holiday with my siblings here.

1 week went back to Uwan's house for holiday since there's nothing to do at home. Hangout, watch TV, eat, karaoke-ing, jalan2, that's all I think.

Owh ya! My cousin got into an accident with a stupid-drunk-kind-of-driver. He was sooooo stupid to BAMMM a person at a corner. I mean when you're at a corner u have to slow down right? But the driver didn't. Thank god, my cousin's injuries were not that bad. Only dislocated shoulder and hand. Pity him.


Results are already out, but I still couldn't see it.

Nvmind, I'll call the people in charge then :)


Working. A word that define as working in a place u call as office or stores or whatever place u've been working at.

For me, working is a 'thing' I understand as 'getting money'. Yup. Money.

I was given my first job by my friend's mother and I worked as a clerk for only one whole day. By tomorrow, I was gone!

My second job was at a shoe store named BATA. It was okay at first. Help the customers find the right shoes, find the shoes inside the store, gave them the shoe and help them at the counter. Guess what?! I only lasted for three days!

There is something wrong with me. Yeah. I know -__-"