Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Air Panas Gadek

Last weekend, me and my housemates were hanging out in the living room with our own laptop, when suddenly Kak Bey msg Adel about going to Air Panas Gadek. Oh my! We we're jumping up and down happily since we wanted to go there for ages. So we departed around 12 at midnight if I'm not mistaken. The place was not that far.

Then, we reached there. The price had been raised for what I've known before. Before it was rm3 and now it is rm4. Though it may only rm1 extra, but it is still money.

There were about 5 small pools and 1 big pool. The temperature for each pool is different. We dip our feet and had to hold on about 10 seconds to make us comfortable in the hot and steaming water. Haha.

Boleh kurus ni. Berpeluh kan. We hang almost one hour ++ then we head back home. While we were walking to our car, suddenly there this one man standing besides our car (While I'm already in the car), looking all creepy-ish and scary. We were like, cepat lah! cepatlah! The man not just stand, but walking around and around both of our cars. Watta?

My friends once said that she had met this guy about one year ago, so we were like, siapa dia ni? Orang gila ker? Ke penunggu kat situ? uuuuuuuu. We left since we didn't have th e courage to stay and see whta's going to happened. Na'ah! Not in a million years.

Then we went for a bite at a nearby stall and we played truth or dare. Haha. Stupid game. Around 4am, we reached home and sleep. Bye :D

Monday, June 13, 2011


How would you feel, if, for example, you and your loved ones have been so far away for a long time and finally the day for you guys to meet is today. How does it feel? How would you imagine you and your loved ones? How would it end?

How bout, you just spend 10 freaking minutes only after about 2 months you have'nt seen each other. Sad right? That's me.

I was imagining that me and him would meet up at a simple restaurant for a light supper or maybe, as what he promised, a breakfast the next day. But none of them came true. Instead we just met at his sister's house, okay, correction, at the outside of her sister's house just to chat while he bring his niece.

How am I going to have any conversation about our so called 'love-life' if his center of focus was at the cute baby? I'm not really that pissed off, but I don't see any effort here. I know I can't put any high expectation for him, but at least let me see some effort.

I need you.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Here am I, writing in my room about the chaotic things happened this morning.

According to the class schedule, today's first class was supposed to be at 10.30am. But, yesterday, at around midnight, I got a text from Adie saying that the first class will be at 8.30am! Watta hell? So, due to malam tu saya mamai, jd msg tu baca mcm nak tak nak jer lah.

Tau2 pagi2 teringat pasal msg tu. So, decided to double check in iCress and what Adie said was true! Haa, amik ko, bangun gelabah, tambah plak ngan sakit perut nyer. Sabooooo je lah.

Bila dah sampai kelas, tau2 ada kelas lain plak dlm tu. Klas LAW. Celah mne plak kelas ktorg ni?? So, text sne, call sini, tup tup, subjek nyer ada, tp lecturer xd, tmpat pown xd. Haaa baguiihhhh la.

Jadi, nmpknyer kna cari lerh. Ye lah CR lg kn -__-" Harap2 kali ini berjaya :D