Thursday, August 13, 2015

My budget trip to Johor Bahru!

It was really a short-trip planned on a really short time. I have one week to cramp everything in a 3 days 2 nights trip or make it as 2 days 2 nights trip. As we departed after work by 8pm to JB. How it all started was, an imagination /idea came up to me on Monday in the same week of departing, where my mind said, "Hey, let's go to Johor!" and of course my parents wouldn't approve of going there alone, there came Hanyss as Atul couldn't tag along. Luckily she's free.

Thank you Hanyss-san for accompanying me to Johor :D

Through out the week I have been googling on interesting/historical places, foods, and budget hotels. Not just finding it, but preparing the itinerary (includes timing) as well, as I'm trying to make the most of the time that we had over there. Since this is a on-a-budget-trip, we limit ourselves of RM300 only to spend. Yes, we have the same thought as yours. "Is it enough?" I'll let you know by the end of the journey.

Front view of MZ Hotel, Skudai.

After days of searching on Agoda, booking, and others websites, we found MZ Hotel in Skudai for our accommodation. It took us about 5 hours drive from KL. Ranging from RM68 per night, and assuming through the pictures, the hotel seems okay. I would like to emphasizes here, if you were going to spend your days in JB, please stay at Skudai. As its only 20-30 mins drive and it'll avoid you from the city's havoc and jam. Not mentioning the expansiveness price of hotels over there and the inadequate parking.

Then came Saturday, one whole day full of places from morning till late. We started of with breakfast downstairs at a nearby mamak stalls and headed to Johor Premium Outlets. It's around one and a half hour. As we did not intend to do any shopping, we couldn't buy anything, though all of it looks very tempting. 
It is very convenient to have at least 24 hours mamak stall downstairs.

Trust me all of these shops at JPO WERE REALLY TEMPTING with their sales and discounts.

The big ol' foodcourt at JPO.

Then we took another 1 hour++ towards Johor's most southern tip, Tanjung Piai National Park. I've once saw about this place in a friend's instagram and on that day onwards, I've told myself, one day I'll be there. Upon reaching there, one must pay an entry fee of RM5 for adults and RM3 for children. The place is full of mangroves tree. But, I couldn't go to the globe of the southern tip as it has been closed for almost half a year now due to cracks at the bridge. The further that I can went was to a Jetty stating Strait of Malacca.

The Jetty.

The globe of the most Southern tip.

By lunch we decided to find some lunch on a nearby local villages, as waze guide us there, but I'm not sure Johor has it ways of celebrating holidays especially Raya, but no food stalls can be found open. I guess JDT loves their holidays. Hehe. While driving, I found a Bugis-ish infrastructure of a building near Jalan Serkap. Decided to make a pit-stop and do some photo-shoot with the owner's consent of course. You can find more of it under Homestay Tanjung Piai.

Build in Memorial of Daeng Haddadek.

Since we couldn't find any food stalls, we decided to head straight to JB town and it's the same. End up we went to JBCC to eat at their foodcourt. Sigh. One thing that amazed/annoyed me a bit was, the way we pay for the foods at the foodcourt. We have to use one card, like a debit card. Topup it first, use it, balance will be returned once you've done using the card. Not sure, whether its a good thing or the other way around. This is just my two cent though.

The card that was used.

As we all known, every states have their own historical places and so does Johor. We had the chance to visit the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque and Muzium Tokoh Johor (Sunday). The mosque is very huge and the design was what bring me there. Full of dimmed chandelier inside and my mind was on an amazed-mode. For the museum, its on big square building on top of a hill, with wooden stairs and panels inside, really makes the museum looks very inviting. Plus with the historical information and artifacts.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Beautiful chandelier on the inside of the mosque

Muzium Tokoh Johor

Now, let's talk foods! This is Sunday by the way. For breakfast, I suggests, go for Kacang Pool Haji at Medan Selera Larkin, infront of Balai Bomba Larkin. For RM5,  a thick toast, one bull's eye egg, bits of onion and green chilli, plus a bowl of bean-gravy with minced meat and spices, worth the money and the long queue.

Kacang Pool Haji at Medan Selera Larkin.

Nearby at about 6 mins drive, you can head to Jalan Kuning for an early desserts but make sure be there about 12pm sharp coz it might get busy quickly. La Gourmet Desserts, if you were able to google, you'll find a gigantic abc-ish concept that is full with fruits suitable for 8-10 people. But since we were only 2, we had the Mango Mountain Hill - shaved ice, blended mango with sagu, cuts of mango, mango pudding and mango ice-cream with mango bits in it. Only RM11,90.

Mango Mountain Hill not Silent Hill.

Before leaving JB, do try on a cafe called Sea & Saw. Do come at nigh to enjoy the lights. Foods are quite nice. and pricing is cafe-type-range. You know what I mean.

One of the seating inside.

Serving counter.

What is more important in Muar if not Mee Bandung Muar right? I was hoping to try the Abu Hanifah's but it turns out I was too late upon reaching Muar because they closed at 5 pm. Then, decided to went to Mee Bandung Central, but closed too. *Reason same as I mention earlier - holidayssss* Lastly, after asking some locals, they pointed to a restaurant named Mee Bandung Muar (Yes the names rhymes with what I'm searching for literally), after the shell at Tanjung Agas. Okay lahh for RM5.50. Dari takde kan?

That is basically how my weekend at JB. Pack huh? Lets break down the budget:

Hotel for 2 nights - RM58 x 2 + (RM20 deposit) = RM136 (divide 2)
Tol from KL to JB to Muar to Melaka and back to KL = RM75.80 (divide 2)
National Park Tg Piai = RM5 per person
Food at foodcourt = RM10
Sea & Saw Cafe = RM40 (divide 2)
Kacang Pool Hj Larkin = RM5 + RM2 drinks
La Gourmet Desserts = RM11.90 (divide 2)
Mee Bandung Muar = RM5.50 + RM2 drinks
Minyak = RM100++ (I'm using Toyota Rush 1.5)

Grand TOTAL = RM261.40*

*make sure the hotel is budget, and you know where to go and what to eat and no shopping. Hehe. I'll break down the stories on the places and foods individually soon aite. 

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Cake Jalan Tiung, Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

Knowing the name Cake Jalan Tiung, I bet some of them already known about their existence back in Bukit Robinson. By that time their famous bake was Red Velvet cake and Root Beer cupcakes. Now, they have been experimenting with lots of new flavour and invention. Look at all the pictures in their instagram. Surely will make all of the followers drooling from just looking at it.

Situated above of Ani Sup Utara at seksyen 9, Shah Alam, is just a perfect spot for cakes eatery. Do come early to get a seat for you and your bae (ehem).

Walking in you'll be welcome by the friendly crew of CJT and you can asked them for suggestions on which would you indulge.

The one that caught my eyes first was their Christiung Applegate. Yup that is what its name. An apple cake with hints of cinnamon, cream cheese and top with walnut. Its very delicious.

Cristiung Applegate (RM12)
Chilli Flakes Brownies (RM4)

This is not your typical brownies, when you taste it, you can detect a hint of spice afterwards. This is what they called as Chilli Flakes Brownies. Or what I would call it. Hehe.

Have you ever had Coconut and gula melaka marshmallow? Nope? Too bad. Hehe. I got first hand on it during ramadhan last month, and quite surprised with it because who would make coconut marshmallow right? But, its worth trying. After a few bite then will you get the taste of the gula melaka.

Coconut + Gula melaka marshmallow (RM4)
Picture from their instagram.

CJT is really famous with inventing and experimenting with new recipes. Latest in the family is, which will be my favourite, will be The Taufeefah cake. Tofu + coconut, top with pomegranate seeds and drizzle with gula melaka syrup. Smooth on cut and taste awesome.

Taufeefah cake (RM10)

Or maybe if you feel a lil bit down and craving for some childhood treats, ask for their Tiung Mess. A bowl of goodness (in terms of sweet-tooth) consists of crumble choc cakes, chocolate meringue, fruits, chocolate biscuits and a small shot of cold milk. Basically its like cereal. Hehe.

Tiung Mess (RM10)

Owh don't forget their everyday freshly press juices! Different juices everyday.

Watermelon + pineapple (RM10)

Watermelon + Beetroot (RM10)

Cool interior with the blue, yellow and white birds origami floating by the counter and furnitures from LAIN & Fine Grit Studio.

No more words can describe. Please drop by to CJT soon!