Sunday, October 31, 2010

The CLASHING is starting.

Aye aye aye, PSYCHO is killing me! Got to go through all 11 chapters in 3 freaking days! Help me -___-"

Meet my new BoyFriend, Mr PSYCHO-licious :)

My notes got extension. How bout yours? :)

Me with the clashing of FINALS.

Hey again! It's me. Miss me? No? Why? Why? :/

I recomend you should. Haha.

Ok, first of all, finals has already started. First paper was BEL means English. I took it in a big hall where it consits of 10 classes, if i'm not mistaken. The test was not like any ordianry test like there's multiple choices, subjectives or any simpler ques
tions. BUT, this is subjectives and ESSAY. A 300-to-400-types-of-essay. PERGH.

It would be easy if the question asked us to write anything, but this time it asked us to write an argumentative essay berpandukan two articles in front. Man, it was hard. I have to do a proper citation and reference at the end of the essay. It's MUE
T la kan.

So far, the paper, ok la. Bole jawab. Panas gk la punggung dok dalam 3 jam. Haha.

Let's move on to paper CTU plak means agama. After all the tiny-miney-cute-color-type of notes, studying morning till night with my so-called-teacher, ANIS FARHEEN, I did managed to answer the questions required. There were 5 questions and we need to choose 3 only.

Wanna see my notes?

Cute meh? Haha.

Friday, October 22, 2010

When too many words coming out off too many mouths,
you don't know what's real anymore.
The thing that matters after that,
is who you choose to believe.

Monday, October 18, 2010

too many TOLS that I couldn't handle

driving back from malacca was a cherry on top of an ice-cream. why? i think, i'm out of luck b'cz what kind of a person lost around in highway TWICE?! -_______-"

my co-pilot ble plak tertido. sigh. sabau je la.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smile, Cliques, Firecrackers, Bombs

What I have known since the first time I've been n the UiTM.

Sem 1 : All of us were all that goody-goody stuff and sweet-talk thing. Smiles can be seen a mile away. Pictures were taken everytime break for lunch, hangouts or even while listening to the lecture's membebel.

Sem 2 : This is when cliques started to bloom like hot-fried-bananas. Her with him. Him with them. Them with me. Rich with rich. Poor with poor. Fun with stupid. Weirdo with brainiac. So whatever.

Sem 3 : Someone started to light the firecrackers and thrown them from here to there. Clashing all the titans in it. Bombs were falling from above for assignment's dateline. You MUST hand it ontime or you'll DIE. What a HELL of semester. Friends started to unmasked themselves and revealed little by little about themselves. One whole semester I had to live my life with hypocrit-ians. Sabar..sabar..lumrah hidupkn..

Sem 4, 5, 6 ? What would it be?

Can I survive? With these kind of people?

Ya Allah, Kau kuatkan la semangat hamba mu ni dalam mengharungi liku-liku hidup. Amin.

2 months missing.

It has been two months since the last time I blog. Sorry mummy for not updating much. Internet buat hal la...

So far so good. Since final is around the corner, everything since to mess up. Like, assignments' dateline were like bomb falling out the sky. You must hand it ontime or you'll DIE.

Friends started to open their masks and reveal their true face little by little. All of their true color seems to shine like glowing diamond. You can't just close your eyes, you need at least a darker shades to ignore their glowy-nest. Such hypocrit-ians.

Classes had finished and BEL is the only class left. Final test coming are photo and graphic. I haven't read anything yet. Too lazy for now.

Been browsing through people's FB and pictures. Commenting and made stupid status.

I have been eating a lot since returning from Raya's holidays. Couldn't resisit the food. My aim is to make myself slimmer but healthy, but for now I think it's not going anywhere -___-"