Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been SWEARING too much.

On this week, the Part 5 students are organizing many events in conjuction of Minggu Aspirasi Komunikasi Islam.

Yesterday was the launching of the events and there were Imam Muda Ashraff from the Imam Muda Show on Astro Oasis last year. I'm not really sure what he said on that day because I was too busy scanning people and swearing them after that with my friends. The swearing will be like this, "See, see, the girl, oh my, how thick eyeliner you have." Ok, this maybe seems normal. Okay, let's take another example, "Pergh, bajet nye ko. Poyo je lebih." This was amed to this one girl who basically annoyed me with her appearance and her attitude.

I'm sorry but you are thhiiisssss close to cross the line.

Sometimes I even swear on my very own classmates. Oh yeah, since last week I've been in a big fight with this softies. I couldn't stop saying bad things about him. I'm sorry but I just couldn't get along with you. It's like I have to show you a huge mirror in front of you, just to make you stop.

The main thing I want to say here, is that I think I have swear too much. Literally, too much. My swearing involve all the bad worst that are not include in the dictionary. You can guess it yourself since I'm not gonna write it here. I think you know better what teenagers like to say when they are pissed off. Be it the B-word or the F-word, or even any word from the A to Z.

I think I want to ty to control myself from swearing too much. Some people may say that what goes around comes around. yes, I know. I've been feeling that sometimes. Like, after I said bad things, I would encounter some bad hings. Like almost falling from the stairs, 3 times. Urgh. I think God wants to teach me a lesson for comitting crime on swearing.

Hey, nobody's perfect right?

Mummy, I think I like designing :) For now, I love my lessons on designing a bussiness card and a letter head for my imaginary company.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Afternoon people :)

Obviously the date for today is going to make everybody SICK!

OF what?

No, it's not the H1NI.
It's not the HIV / Aids.
It's not even home-sick!

Yes. It's LOVE. Say it with me L-O-V-E! :)

So, why is everybody "I'm in the mode of LOVE" ?

Let's go back to the history of this date. Once upon a time, there lived a person named Saint Valentine. According to the wikipedia, The Valentine's Day was supposedly the day where Saint Valentine died and it stated that there were no emotion are any signs of affection of LOVE on that day. So, why does people celebrate this day?

Then, there were stated that Valentine's Day was THE DAY to show your love with you partners by giving them flowers or candies or whatever in a heart-shaped design. But, for some reason, why does only on this day, you can show your love? Why not in other days? What is so special about this particular date?

I've heard that some muslims said that by celebrating this day, is a sin. I'm not saying that I agree neither I'm not. So, I've tried looking on some information and found out a little bit of info that I thought may be useful for me and for you, my readers.

You can read it from here.

This is what I think after reading it. I believe it's what you BELIEVE. Get it? B-E-L-I-E-V-E.

If you believe that you're celebrating this day for the sake of your loved ones, then it's just between you and your loved ones. If you celebrating this regarding to Saint valentine, then it's you and your believed.

What I believe? I believe that I can express my LOVE or affection or any luvey-dubey, willy-nilly emotion any day I want. Not on any particular day.

But, hey, don't take my writing personally. This is just how I express my thought. I'm not racism or any negative-whatever. So, I'm sorry if there's any misunderstanding that came across your mind.

Owh ya, our publication proposal had been approved! Wohooo! and just know we got to design a business card for our 'imaginary company' nice. I think, I'm in LOVE with all this design stuffs :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

cancel cancel stresss stresss

Great news! My class for two straight days were CANCELLED!! Again, great news! NOOOO!!!!

I was fully ready when Adie texted that Miss Shida was not that well. I was like, "Aiyaaaa...cancel kelas lagi." -_____-"

Okay, saya mengorbankan kredit saya walaupun semalam baru je topup, untuk memberitahu anda-anda sekalian tentang ini punya kes. Ppppffffftttttt. ( AKU BARU JE TOPUP!!! ) sedih sedih sedih sedih.

So, today ikut je lah Tini punya ass, haha, mne2 dia pergi. Then singgah pasar malam to buy foods for my dinner.

Now, Tini g discussion, Ekin pown g discussion, Hanem probably ada discussion gk. Saya?


Oh my holidays already over! One freakking holidays for CNY.

Here I am, in Malacca after one week of don't-know-what-to-do. I reached here on Sunday and I decided to take a walk around the UiTM. Why I walk and not jogg? Because I'm not yet fit for jogg, for now. While walking and mesmerizing the scenary around the UiTM, I got a phone called from my lecture for Monday's class, Miss Azura.

She said, "Hello Asilah. I just wondered, if it's okay if I cancel the class for tomorrow?".

I answered, "Why?."

She replied, "It's because I have unsettle things and I'm afraid if I'm not able to come on time tomorrow."

I said, "Owh okay ja."

Soo, after she hung up, I texted my classmates and these are the replies,

Adel : Ei shit laaaaa asal class cancel?!

Adie : o m g!!!

Mastura : Damn! Baek I blk Slasa..ceytt!

Funny right? Hehe.

So, for the next day, I thought of just hanging around in the room since no class lah kn. But than, abah called saying that I have to go to the Celcom Centre to settle things.

I called celcom Careline asking for where is the nearest centre in Malacca and she said it is located in Taman Melaka Raya beside MP. Iwas like, "WHAT?? TAK BOLEH LAGI JAUH KER???" Hmmm...

So nak tak nak kna lah pergi bandar. Bertemankan Mustaqim apabila sudah mendapat kereta sewa. So, alang-alang da kt bandar, jenguk-jenguk jugak lah kt MP and DP. Hehe.

Itu jer kowt. Bye.

Tunang sana sini

I spent my last weekend at my grandparent's house and went for a kenduri. Kenduri meminang to be exact. People are starting to spread their love, right? hehe

The person yang tengah tunang tu ibarat sedara-mara saya. I couldn't recall her name, all of their names. I can only remember their faces. What? Sue me then if I don't know their name.

The soon-to-be-groom family's arrived at noon. After the 'sarung cincin' ceremony by the soon-to-be-mother-in-law, they were all invited for lunch.

Th foods served were Nasi Ayam, Kuah Rebung and lots of kueh-mueh. There were these kids whom I thought were the guests, but they were too the helpers on picking up used plates and cups and washed them up and put them back. Hehe. This is what we called 2-in-1 :D

That's all.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Meet The White's

Owh, my love also flows to the White's.

The Father has red eyes and soft fluffy white fur. So loveable, manja, like to run and play catch "MY FEET". Haha.

The Mother has black eyes included with eyeliners. Even I don't know how to flick at the end of the eyeliner and she was born with it -__-" She's a bit shy sometimes and she knows how to run away and jump out of the fences. Clever.

The triplets with daddy's eyes and one of them got mummy's tail. A pinch of black. So cute :D

Meet the Father.
Look how silently he sleeps? So manja. Jantan la katakn. haha.

The Mother and the Triplets. Cuteee laahhh :D

Month of LOVE

Hey it's February and obviously it's the month of LOVE!

So, start spreading your love people. Owh! Don't forget to wear protection XD
Nah, just kidding.

My Love spreads on this month to :

1. My mum - because her birthday is on 13th February. Hopefully, there's no activities at campus so that I can go back home.

2. My friend, Mastura - her birthday falls exactly on this date! Happy Birthday, Mashi2 Maro :D

3. My twin brother from another mother, Mustaqim - his birthday too falls on this date! Again, happy Birthday Bro!

4. To my beloved maybe? - Not sure.