Friday, October 23, 2009

bored -_-'

It's Friday. And obviously, I didn't have anything to do besides collecting all of my level mates' college forms, activity cards and online college slips. I had to run here and there, back and forth, down and up the stairs to the CC to print the slip.

I was too nice enough to help them this time. But for me, it was okay when helping each other out. But, I hope by next semester, they'll give me a full commitment on what I 'll ask. I love being the head of the level.

Owh ya, last night we had to see the RS ( residents' staff ) for the 20 candidates for the new JPK for Dang Anum. I was one of them. Basically, I was forced to enter. But later after that, I try to make myself interested with this thing. This can be my platform on being whatever I want in the future. I hope that this thing can help me manage my time better and how to interact with people.

The votes were out, but Madam didn't give us the answers yet. She said that she'll informed us in one or two days. My classes were over. Yesterday was the last day of my class because starting by next week, I will be having my finals. So, wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quite tired right now...

Today's weather was so hot. It was really really hot. I slept around 3 am last night because of Sociology report and ended up waking at 9.30 am. Obviously, I missed my CTU class for today. Sigh -__-'

Had my breakfast with a box of milk and went off for BBM class. Today were having 2 groups presenting their presentation. First one was on 'ucapan' and the second one was on 'taklimat'. Both of the groups were very entertaining. They were very creative ; they provide us with oranges each and Bubu's group had models wearing the traditional Malay's wedding clothes. See how creative they were? It was their way of attracting the audiences (which was us) and to gain extra points from Madam.

Owh yes, my couples assignment got 9 out of 10! How wonderful! Me and Anna were sooooo happy. My individual assignment got 8 out of 10. So, hopefully i can do my best for finals since my mid-term was not that good.

After that, I headed back to my room to have my lunch which I bought earlier with Mastura and Wanie. But, because I already had my milk, I couldn't finish my food. This was my first time, I couldn't eat it all. Good one, maybe I can reduce my weight :) I've gained a lot since I've been here.

In the evening, went for BEL class and Madam didn't come. So, we had to do past year paper individually. Luckily, the paper wasn't that hard. But still, I'm quite afraid about the finals, because my mid-term grammar paper was not that satisfying. I only get 18 and a half out of 25.

It was time for CoCuriculum and I'm soo happy. Why? Because this is the last day for CoCuriculum! Yea!!! No more strict orders form strict seniors. No more stupid yelling from the seniors. And, mostly no more, Mr Sahak :) We had to fill in a form on changing Cocuriculum. I choose 'Senitari Traditonal' while Tini chooses 'Drama and Theater'.

Now, I'm at the library but not inside, just below one level for group discussion. I have already finished my part on Sociology report. Thank God. I just can't wait for this to finish. It really burden me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

MassCom Dean's List and Raya Dinner

Yesterday, it was the day where MassComm did an event on Dean's List and Hari Raya dinner. Located at the marching field on 7.30 pm until 11.00 pm. The place was quite bright with all of the spotlights at every corner of the field. I reached there around 8.00 pm with Mastura, after taking about one hour to prepare. Haha.

I wore my blue 'baju kurung' while Mastura wore purple 'baju kebaya'. She looks very beautiful in that. Want to know something? I wore wedges :) :) :) It surely helps me look taller even just a little bit :D By the time we reached there, the place was already crowded with people. We sat at the very back with her bf and her bf's friends. My, they wore the same color of attire. Awwww how sweet.

The event started with some speech from the coordinator himself, Mr. Ralph. Then followed by the Dean, and other important people related to MassComm. Then, continued with the Dean's List appreciation to the students who get pointer above than 3.5 GPA. After wards, a dance performance by the MassComm students while we all took our foods at the nearby tents.

While eating, we were entertained by a singing performance by my own classmates Iki. He sang one Raya song which I didn't remember what was the title. But, he sure can sing. Then, there was a musical theater performance by the part 1 students. It was okay but not better, never mind, at least they were brave enough to perform. Then, it was Bubu's turned to performed. He and his friends did a traditional dance called 'Zapin'.

Lastly, there were seniors or lectures, I'm not quite sure which one, but they did a singing performance. It was quite an entertaining thing to watch. Before returning back to college, we did snapped a lot of pictures. I really mean A LOT!! But for now, there will be no pictures to upload because of the slow internet coverage.

Maybe when I'm free enough, and have a lot of time to wait for the pictures to upload, I will upload the pictures for you all, as the viewers, to see :) Toodles.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eye contact, please!

Yesterday, me and my groupmates for BBM 111 had a group presentation on 'taklimat'. After our CTU class was over, we went straight to LL4 for our BBM 111 class. CTU was really boring because the Ustaz kept on asking questions again and again. I didn't get to answer the question, and I didn't get any marks.

We reached LL4 and all of my groupmates wore Baju Batik UiTM. We were soooo into UitM. Hahahaha. We were the first group tp present yesterday. But if according to all the groups, we were the third group. The last two groups had already presented their presentations last week.

Ok, our group started our 'taklimat' presentation. Starting with Kimi, Anna, me, Ani and lastly Shila. By the time it was my turn, I was obviously a little bit nervous. But I managed to overcome it a little bit. Just a few paragraph that I need to read. The marks were given depending on out intonation, body gestures, hand gestures, eye contact and the text itself.

Then, it was the next group to present. After that group had finished present, Madam gave us our marks. Both of the groups received 16/20. Good huh? We were soooo happy because it was not easy to obtain that marks. As you all know, Madam is a very demanding person.

Events in AG were awesome!!

This story was on 10th of October 2009.

According to MassComm's calendar, today and tomorrow, they will be having an events organised by part 6 MassComm students at AG ( Alor Gajah ). Starting at 10 am until 11 pm. I had planned to go on this day and tomorrow a week before.

I departed at 10 am and waited at the bus stop for about one 0ur until a bus arrived. The weather was so hot and I had to wait a the busstop. Sigh -_-' Never mind, for MassComm, I willing to sacrifice a little bit. He3 I went there with a friend. Since, my closests friend went to another place. So, I decided to ask him to accompany me to AG.

In that early, there were not many people yet. So, me and him took a tour around AG just to browse things around the booths. They had approximately around 40 booths. For example, Remaja, Mangga, Skop Productions, Anak Wayang, Fire Fly, Xfm, Air Asia, Tom Tom Bak, and many more.

We met Serina from ROda-roda Kuala Lumpur and the 'Gerak Khas' actors :) Owh not forgetting Bio-Nik actor. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO CCCCUUUUTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

In the afternoon, they had show on Tom Tom Bak contestants. There were children dancing and singing. There was this one child who has the voice of a star! She sang a song which I didn't know what song was it. But, I say, she can hit the high notes!!

Then, around in the evening, the campus manager came along with the AG important person. My friend, Firdaus aka Bubu, was one of the person who accompanied the VVIP all the way to their seat. Then, he performed a malay dance using Siti Nurhaliza's song ; Kurik-Kundi. He was very talented. Ya lah, he's from Istana Budaya. Of course he was talented. His hand moves very gracefully like a girl :)

I stayed there until around 10.00 pm because I was waiting for the short film and clip videos done by MassComm students part 6. I watched 'Dara Pujaan' and it was really funny. They were very creative on doing the short film. The clip videos were okey. Good enough to entertain the audience but not better. There were no 'sparks' in the videos that can make the audience go "woooow!"

Owh yes, my friend, Adam, got to be the MC for the day. Not the whole day, but that day. He was lucky enough to be selected among all the part 1 MassComm students. Congrats to you, Adam! That's all for today.


This one is on 11th of October 2009.

I went to AG again with Tini and Anis. We rode the UiTM shuttle bus to AG. As we reached there, we browsed all the booths and stopped at the tV3 booth. They were having audition for the news reader. Anis and Tini joined excluding me. I'm still not brave enough to join.

Luckily, there were booth for news reader aundition because early that afternoon, there were news reading competition from Bernama Astro. By the time we reached the stage, the competition was over. Unlucky for Anis and Tini.

The weather was freaking hot at that time, that we decided to went back. But before that, we stopped by at KFC to buy our lunch. On the way back to our college, I had a little mouth fight with Anis. She was very rude. She thought that what she said was a joke, but for me, it wasn't. Lastly, we ended up not talking with each other -_-'

Around 4pm, I went back to AG with Bubu. Again I repeat! To support my classmates on karaoke competition. Bubu and Sohael joined that thing. One thing that most of our classmates didn't know was that Suhael can sing! He even sang Faizal Tahir's Sampai Syurga. You know that Faizal's songs are not easy to sing, right? But he managed to. Me and his roommate were stunned hearing and seeing his performance on stage. He won 2nd place and Bubu won first place. Yes, besides dancing, Bubu too can sing.

By the time it was evening, I was already tired. So, we went back to our campus.

Cycle round the UiTM

This was on 9th of October 2009.

It's Friday people, and that means NO CLASS! Haha.

Woke up early because there will be an event similar to 'Le Tour de Langkawi'. Organized by UiTM Johor. The cyclist will be cycling starting from Johor and around Malaysia excluding Sabah and Sarawak. So, today, they will be cycling around UiTM melaka for 2 rounds. My college, Dang Anum, had sent about 10 supporters to support them. So, me, Tini and Amy, woke up early to support them.

But first, we went for a jogg around the UiTM while waiting for then to start. It's 7.45 in the morning and the cyclist haven't started yet. We waited and waited until it was 8.00 am. Disappointing with the situation, we decided to head back to our college. I could see us the only supporters. Another 7, I don't know.

We had our breakfast on gardenia's anchovy bread and soya milk. After wards, all of us went to bed until the Sun was already high.

karaoke with Tampin

It happend on 7th of October 2009.

Had CSC 134 and BEL 120 classes today. CSC class was always boring but, like it or not, I have to enter it. Madam gave us two assignments. One was individual and another one was group. I was in group with Bubu and Adi. Doing on ICT in Communication.

After the 2 classes were over, me and my classmates went for our lunch at the 'Medan Selera' right outside the UiTM. We ate until we're full. Then, me and Wani went to the nearest topup shop to buy topup, of course.

On the way back, I met Bubu, Z, Sohael, Kimi, Fatin and Zeera. They were waiting for a bus to AG. To buy tickets. So, they asked me whether I would like to join them. At first I said I don't want to join them. Then, after I think back, I wouldn't miss anything by joining them. So, I followed them to AG.

As we reached AG, they bought their tickets and went to KFC for lunch. As I say earlier that I already had my lunch, I just bought one cheesy wedges and a drink. Then, Fatin suddenly had this idea of going to a karaoke. Unfortunately, there were no signs of karaoke available here in AG. We, then asked the bus drivers about where is the nearest karaoke place.

The funny part was, we were undercover as a student doing a research on entertainment places and we decided to interview all the staffs working at that place. The driver bought our stories and he said that the nearest was at Tampin. A 12 km ride using a bus. So, we rode that bus.

About 1/2 an hour later, we reached there. My, the city was like a ghost town. Not literally, but still the building was quite old and dirty. The stores were packed with things. It was like a sardin can. We reached the bus stop and asked the people there about the karaoke place. They said it located at the top floor of the bus station. Sp, we went up there and walked and walked. But still we couldn't find it. We asked another person and he said it was located at the middle of the building. We turn back and luckily, we found it.

The place offered us RM10 for 10 songs and get 3 songs for free. We took it and managed to sang almost 39 songs! I only sang about 3 songs only. The rest was their turn. Quite enjoyable and I'm very happy. When it started to get dark, we decided to get back to campus. For me, it's a wonderful experience.