Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm feeling Yellow.

Hello pimples ;)
Hey hey.

Yesterday, SK Seksyen 19 was handling an event known as Riadhahthon.
An event for that school for every 3 years.
For this particular event, they were trying to collect some amount of donation from parents, teachers and people for painting the building with new colours and building a new roof for the place for the student to assembled.
The school provide a Magic Show by a Magician which I was busy enough to check it out. Haha.
Then, they got Rumah Hantu Kak Limah. Just to divide the students into two groups.
As, the magic show couldn't squeeze all the 400 students in one hall.
The YDP of PIBG told us that the students were shaking right after they got out of the haunted house. Haha.

Okay, I want to tell you that I've open a booth at this event.
Just something for fun :D
I sold titbits which is Cornflakes Meringue and some Nasi Lemak Kukus.
Sold it for 50 cent a piece.

 This is the Cornflakes Meringue that I sold.
And made it for almost 3 days.
A total of 4kg of cornflakes.

These are the students.

 This is me trying to cope with the customers. Nampak tak ke-gelabah-an aku? Haha

 Me with my booth.

My favourite teacher when I was in Primary school.
Teacher Ho of the Music Subject.

 I found her while she was eating with her fiancĂ©.
Haha. It has been 3 years since I last saw her.
Meet Syikin my ex-school mates.

 The Headmaster of the school.

 Me trying to chase people around asking ( oh may I say FORCING them ) to taste the cornflakes. HAHA.
Which I did LITERALLY chase a student XD

I brought like a box of the cornflakes, and this is the last RINGGIT MALAYSIA of the day.

I'm trying on new colour - Yellow :D

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I follow you, You follow back.

Hello pimples ;)

Topik ari ni : 

Saya buhsan laaaa, asyik "I follow you, you follow back."
Kowt ye pown tinggal lah komen-komen yang best ker.
(Wah demand nampak?)
Apa-apa je lahhhhhhh.
Something interesting kerrr?
Hahahahah XD

Segmen : Lyssa Faizureen Ajak Kenali Blogger

Hello pimples ;)
Today's segment is from Miss Lyssa.

My Background :
Asilah B.
Already 20 y/o. Sigh. No more teen-teen.
A proud student of Masscomm in Uitm Lendu, Melaka.
Like to munch, chew and swallow.
From Shah Alam.

Why I choose to blog? :
First of all, I would like to thank Leyaa Mazlan.
As, she was the one who introduce me on blogging.
I used my blog as a diary of me expressing what I feel.
As a place where I can pin-down my wonderful memory.
A hotspot to clear my mind.
And a great destination that does not cost any money :D

Who inspires me on blogging? :
I would say, Leyaa :)
It was my SPM trial week where Leyaa introduce me on blogging.
After having to think on whether I want to blog or not,
I choose to blog. I browse around my friends' blog and found it interesting to have a blog.
So, that's how my blog is born.

How about you?
Shared some secrets.
Come and join by clicking Here.

Drink for Health

Hello pimples ;)

Wahh banyak kan entri aku ari ni.
*wink wink*

Saja gatal.
Nak bagitau yang aku baru first time rasa ini minuman.
Owhhhhh sedapnyaaaaa :D

Tu jeee nk btau XD

A Visit to The Old School

Hello pimples ;)
Owh rajinnya aku bangun pagi-pagi semata-mata nak update blog.
*Yeah right*

Just now, I went to my old school SK SEKSYEN 19.
To settle some things with the teacher.
So, went there a little early around 7.15am.
Owhh paginyaaaaaa -___-"

So, waited about 1 hour to meet the teacher.
Seeing those building brings back all the memories of my school life.
Too many changers being done to the school.
The once was my class, are now a room for the teacher's lounge.
The building should be paint with new colour, as the paint on the wall can be peel off.

While waiting...

This is before the 7.30am bell.
The kids can be found scattered all around the place.

After the 7.30am bell.
This moment were kinda funny for me.
Follow this conversation...

Cikgu A : "Assalammualaikum."
Murid2 : "Waalaikummussalam."
Cikgu A : "Beratue la betul-betul. Takkan tu pun nak ajar!"

Suddenly, got this one teacher start screaming without using the microphone okay.

Cikgu B : "Hey! Angkat tangan semua! Jangan jatuh. 
Tak dengar lagi ker? Tak paham lagi ker? Dah loceng pun tak reti nak beratur ke ha?"

And all the students raised their hand.
Like, "Put your hands in the air, shake your body down slow.
Gonna bring it, bring it back, like you've never did it before.
Keep your hands in the air, why you're dropping down low.
Let me see you working out, like a striper on the pole."

Haha. Maybe the last line wouldn't be appropriate XD

Okay, back to the screaming part.
As you all know, this particular teacher had been screaming for all this years. 
Since I'm in standard 1.
SO, almost 17 years ++.
She has been the most fierce/scary/unpredictable teacher of the school.
She's in the discipline area, and she handles all the bad boys and the bad girls.

Tipu laaahhh klau siapa sekolah situ, tak kenal cikgu ni.
Okay, siapa cikgu ni?
Ni lah dia CIKGU YATI.

Muka namapak innocent je kan?
Tapi ni lah cikgu paling garang/scary/tegas nak mampus.
Yang paling ditakuti oleh semua murid-murid. He2

 Ni plak, cikgu math. Okay2 laaaah.
Kebetulan anak dia kawan aku.

 Owh! Teacher English paaaalliiiiinnnnnggggg BEST!
Terbaik woook!

 Yang ni cikgu Sains.
Masa dolu-dolu, sronok tau buat experiment.
Excited giler kalau kelas Sains.

 Ustazah Agama yang boleh tahan gak la garangnya.
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

 Owh ni mak Mubin.
Dulu satu kelas. Rasanyer laahh.
Lupa plak.
Cikgu ni dia ajaaarr...English kowt.
Lupa lah..

Ni cikgu Math paling best.
Uishh. Di apunya mengajar igt owh sampai skang.
Memang strict abes laaah.

Soo, amacam memories sewaktu sekolah anda?

I've been sued for posting too many pictures of foods

Hello pimples ;)
Okay, first of all.
For those who haven't eat breakfast yet.
I suggest you go and chew on something before you read this post.

WARNING : This post may contain to many pictures of FOODS.

I went to my auntie's house yesterday and this was our dinner of the day.
Enjoy :D

Can you see the Popcorn poping?
No? Too bad.

 Our first attempt of doing the Popcorn.

Ohooo, Durian yang sangat-sangat dah masak.

Our second attempt. And both, FAIL. Haha.

The dough for karipap.

The final dish. Menu : Chicken Black Pepper Baked. Hot dog and Tuna Pizza.

The Karipap.

Told yaaaa, this post contains a lot of foods.
Mengundang tak? Haha.