Monday, August 03, 2009

Outing :)

<------ Ain't she cute ? :)

*Roller coaster ride :)

Yesterday, I went out for outing for the first time. I woke up about 9.30 am and took my bath and had my breakfast which was Fried Mee. It was quite delicious :) Then I got dress with a simple t-shirt and jeans and my big-giordano bag.

The people who joined me were, Tini, Lola, Anis, Amy and Mel. All of us departed at about 1.00 pm. We have to wait for the bus at the front gate of the UiTM. About 10 mins later, the bus came. Wow! So fast. Lucky us, that we didn't have to wait for so long. I sat beside Tini, Anis with Amy and Lola with Mel.

We ride the bus about 15 mins, then we reached the ALor Gajah station. We have to switch bus to go to Melaka Central. After waited about 10 mins I think, the bus came. But the bus was in the bad condition. We all could heard the sound of the engine as if it was going to die! Anis wanted to ride the ar-cond type bus, but then Amy said, "Hey! Time is money!". All of us laughed and we took that dying bus. By the time we sat in the bus, the air-cond type bus that Anis was dying for to ride, came. Anis was so frustrated and we all just smile. Oh my Godness! As the bus started to move, it was like we were riding the roller coaster!! It was like were jumping up and down non-stop. When the bust turned left, all of us went right. Same goes to the right. Imagine riding that bus for one hour?! Yes, it took us about that time to reach Melaka Central (MC).

Then, we reached MC and it was fregging HOT! You can feel the heat through your skin. We walked and walked until we found the bus to Dataran Pahlawan (DP). At last, after walking through the busy station, we found the bus we're looking for. We took that bus and about 1/2 an hour, we reached DP. The first thing we look for was AIR-COND! Hahahahahahaha. Then, we all went window shoppping for a while because we were undecided on what to buy. We entered all of the shops. Such as MNG, P&Co., and much more.

Most of them bought something. For me, I didn't know what to buy. SO, I just watched. By the time they were finish shopping, for that time, everyone was hungry. First we all decided to eat BK, but suddenly they changed to McD. Because it was way nearer than BK. SO all of us went there for our lunch.

Then, me and my friends went back inside looking for F.O.S and others shops for what? Shopping again! -__-'

Girls..girls.. We shop and shop until we drop :)

It was 7.20pm, when Amy said that we had to take a taxi to go back to UiTM because at this time there were no busses. So, 6 of us have to take a cab. We asked the taxi driver about how much will it cost to go to UiTM? and he said RM40 at first. Then, because there were 6 of us, he raised to RM50. So, like it or not, we had to take it. All of us were very exhausted in the cab. We were very quiet until we reached the UitM.

We reached there about one hour, I think. After saying thank you to the cab driver, we all went to our own rooms but Lola and Anis had some sort of drama pratice to go to. So, that's all for yesterday story.

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