Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Fasting!

Afternoon everybody!

I didn't sleep for one night yesterday because I just couldn't sleep. So, I filled my times watching the TV with varieties of channel. I watched House, musics clip video, and some DVD movies.

Then, I ate fried rice for my sahur with my family and my cousins. Yes, I'm at my grandparents' house. I slept after that and woke up again with the sound of my mother's voice saying that we need to go to Giant t buy things for house and UiTM.

I woke up and took my bath and got dressed. After bought so many thing at th eGiant, we went back home and I say, I missed my family so much. I missed my bed, the foods and the TV.


p/s : 2 more days till Merdeka!

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