Friday, August 07, 2009

5th of August 2009

I woke up a little bit late today because my class started at 10.30 am. I took my bath and had my breakfast. then, i got dressed up. I was walking to Anna's room, when suddenly, I got a message from Shila, saying that computer class has been cancelled due to the heavy rain. Yes, it was raining heavily. I was a little bit annoyed because the news came late. So,I have nothing to do besides waiting for my English class at 12.30 pm.

While waiting for my next class, I did a handmade card for Nia's birthday. I scribbled here and there, then I did some vine prints on the card and lastly, I wrote some saying and did my signatures. I inlcuded with Chut's and Tini's signatures.

At the evening, I didn't do anything for my free time. I did washed my cloth and hang them in my room because we weren't allowed to h ang our undergarments outside because everyone will see it. So, I tied a long rope on the edge of both bed, and hang my cloth there. It was a good thtng that my mum prepared me with the plastic rope. If it wasn't for her, i couldn't bring it myself. Because I will not think of that.

Then, i went for my Englisg class and my lecturer said that there will be a news reading contest for the English week. I decided to join the competition with Kiki. I have never been to any competition and since I'm now in the Mass Comm field, I have to involve myself in this type of competition. The competition was held at 4.30 pm and my script had just done written by me with the help of my lecturer in English class. I was not really prepared at that time. So, did Kiki. After that, we went to DK 1 ( DK stands for Dewan Kuliah ) to register our names on the competition.

We were so nervoous. We were the last group to perform. First, they started off with the individuals group. All of them were very good, mostly MassCommers. But some of them, pretend to be good in English where thay did this slang like they were from America or France. And for me, it was not really good to hear. After about 1 hour later, the individual group was over. It was time for the grouping part then. We watched all of the groups and they were really amazing! I was totally amazed by their groups. All of the audienced clapped nad laught with their performance. There where this group telling about Mawi's house been broken into and they did live video about it and it was really hillarious. Why? Because they used UiTM campus as Mawi's house! Then, at the studio, they had MJ fan and his video clip. Where his video clip was done by one of the members dancing live inside the 'dewan'. They were fantastic. Most of them did really good. Lastly, by the time it was my group, all the audience were really quiet because our presentation was not as good as them. We were bad. We just read the articles and finished. Then my friend, Bubu, said that it was ok. At least, we can learn something. It's better to learn from the bottom.

I was climbing down the stairs, when I saw a flyer said about audition casting. I told my friends and they aggreed to join but not for me. That night, I followed, Chut, Tini and Amalina for thier casting. They were given a script and had to act according to that script. Then, they had to do a spontaneous act infront of the camera. All of them were really great and really good in acting. Tini got a part of a mother scolding her child not to married an ex-prostitute. While, Chut and Amalina had the same part which is to be hooker.

Then the spontaneous part for tini was, she had to be a crazy woman who had just lost her child. In Malay we called it as 'Gila Meroyan'. Tini screamed and laughed her heart out. She was really loud. Amalina's part was, she had to be a mute woman asking for help. And I say she was really funny but her face was full of sadness. Lastly, Chut had to act as if she was killing somebody. We were standing outside and couldn't stop laughing becasue she was acting like a robot. After she had finished acting, we said to her, "Did they asked you to act like killing a cockroach?". And she said, "No. I had to kill a human!". We all laughed because she was trying to hard to kill a human.

That night was supposed to have a 'Malam JPM' ( JPM means Jawatankuasa Penggerak Masjid ). But instead of going there, we went for casting. After the casting was over, we went to the mosque for the student's chop. We, as a student, from part 1 until part4, had to collect at least 5 chops from class' activities or college's activities to make sure we have place in the college for next semester. For now, I had one. Then, all of us went back to our college for a deep sleep.

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