Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12th of August 2009.


Yup! I woke up about 8.00 am because I will be having breakfast with my friend at 9.oo am. I took my bath and got dressed. I waited for him to be done. While waiting for him, I had a cup of hot Milo and listened to my favorite songs such as Bounce by Timbaland and Oh Baby by Cinta Laura.

Then, he texted me saying that he will wait for me at the Temenggong dining hall. So, I got out off my room and walked to the dining hall. There, he was, waiting for me. We decided, yesterday, to eat 'Nasi Lemak' there because some says that the foods there were very delicious.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached the counter, there were no 'Nasi Lemak' left because the Campus Manager wanted all of the 'Nasi Lemak' to be placed on the meeting table by 10.00 am. So, we ate Fried Mee instead with a cup of cold Sarsi. We ate and talked on so many things. I like talking with him.

Then, about 10.15 am, he walked me to my class and we separated. I went to my computer class while he went to his 'Agama' class. Now, I'm in CSC class.

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