Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm in comp class right now. Still have nothing to do. My lecturer isn't here right now. maybe she late because of something to do. Yesterday, I went for my co-curiculum at the marching field and say hello to your Komander Kesatris W! *wink wink, I'm not even selected yet* :)

There will be some activities for those who sign up for the Komander. Only about 80 people will be selected for the real Komander Kesatria. Those activities maybe similar to the army types.

I'm quite bored. I can't go back this weekend because we had Kesatria marching on Sunday morning -__-"

Hm, Shah is at home right now because his IKM also closed because of the H1N1 situation.

Argh, so many pig flue.

In the afternoon, I only had maggi for lunch. Want some proof? Here goes.

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